Saturday , 27 December 2014
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Editorial | Is Christmas postponed?

A SOMBRE economic atmosphere has made Zimbabwe a subdued nation. There is no celebratory mood to embrace the coming of Christmas. December used to be characterised by public gatherings and public entertainment. “Bonus” was a buzzword that used to excite many. In the current economic environment, it has since become a nostalgic word. It appears cash-strapped Zimbabweans may have to ... Read More »

Editorial | A sense of déjà vu

THERE is an air of melancholy pervading despondent Zimbabweans, and this is not without reason. The country went through its worst economic meltdown in history, characterised by runaway inflation, commodity shortages and much more. The years 2000 to 2008 were therefore the most difficult period for Zimbabwe in its economic history. Now, there is a foreboding sense of déjà vu, ... Read More »

Editorial | Politics shuns young people

THE ZANU-PF 6th People’s National Conference came with promises for big surprises yet there were no new revelations. What Zimbabweans knew before the congress is what they left the congress knowing. President Robert Mugabe was declared as the party’s sole candidate for the 2018 national elections. But where are the young people in all of this?  Looking back to the ... Read More »

Editorial | Thanks for the coins but …

THE Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) recently unveiled bond coins to the public in line with its announcement made in the Monetary Policy Statement of August. When RBZ governor John Mangudya first announced the plan to introduce the special coins, we applauded. Mangudya indicated when he announced the plan that he wanted to tame the mindset against huge dollar figures ... Read More »

Editorial | After congress, then what?

THE road to the 6th ZANU-PF National People’s Congress has been long and bumpy with several senior members of the party having failed to make it into the party’s policy-making body, the Central Committee.  Notable figures have been accused of trying to topple President Robert Mugabe. The internal power crisis in ZANU-PF has been turned into a national problem. Now ... Read More »

Editorial | Budget retards economy

FINANCE Minister Patrick Chinamasa last week presented his much-awaited 2015 national budget. It gave no hope and demonstrated the crisis besetting the country, which has been in crisis mode for nearly 14 years. The only interruption to this economic crisis was the false turnaround of between 2009 and 2011. This was false because it was predicated precisely on the country ... Read More »

Editorial | Fairness in fuel pricing

ZIMBABWE Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera), which regulates the country’s energy sector, has launched an audit on fuel firms to establish the pricing of fuel. This appears to have been triggered by the fact that despite international oil prices easing by about 30 percent since June, fuel prices have in fact increased in the country. Zera now fears the fuel companies ... Read More »

Editorial | Lessons from SA media

THE Mail & Guardian’s publication of the Khampepe report on Zimbabwe’s contentious 2002 elections is a significant and historical moment that should be celebrated by local media. The Zimbabwean media, as the Fourth Estate in the country, must collectively learn from this. Instead of pandering to the whims of factional politics intoxicating the body politic of Zimbabwe, the media should ... Read More »

Editorial | Harare abusing motorists

HAS the Harare City Council (HCC) not abused motorists enough? Recently one of our journalists highlighted his disgust at what he felt was an on-street parking system “open to abuse and clearly tailored to fleece motorists”. He is not alone. Ever since the country adopted a hard currency regime after ditching its defenceless currency in 2009, the HCC has, with ... Read More »

Editorial | Life in the dark

THE Zimbabwe Power Company plans more power cuts in December due to maintenance being carried out at Kariba South power station. These chronic power problems have since escalated into a semi-permanent crisis. It is no exaggeration that they have adverse effects on our economic growth and productivity. Our country continues to experience power shortages and regular interruptions in service, leading ... Read More »