Friday , 1 August 2014
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Media ban from Fiscal Court unconstitutional

ON July 21 High Court judge, Justice Samuel Kudya, barred the media from covering the Fiscal Appeal Court, after an application by South African-based lawyer, Advocate De Bourbon who cited Section 65 (7) of the Income Tax chapter 23:06 which protects private companies from the media. Such a pronouncement cannot go unchallenged.  While we are always demanding that public institutions ... Read More »

EDITORIAL: It is our policies!

THE business community and the general public were last week disturbed when Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa blamed the US dollar regime for Zimbabwe’s current economic woes. The fear was that government, getting desperate in its failed efforts to turn around the fragile economy, would abruptly bring back the Zimbabwe dollar. Nothing is as detested as prospects of an early return ... Read More »

EDITORIAL: A disaster in the making

ELSWHERE in the current edition of Financial Gazette, we carry the story about Zimbabwe’s dwindling wheat production figures, which will this year hit an all-time low of about 10 000 tonnes. This is sad for a country grappling with a liquidity crunch and which desperately needs to ramp up output in all its agricultural sectors to either earn foreign currency ... Read More »

EDITORIAL: Let’s get real

EVERYONE knows that the Zimbabwe government is bankrupt and has been in this state for many years. It is not just financially bankrupt but bereft of ideas and solutions to the prevailing economic crisis.  To sum up the situation, given its precarious position and the perceived political forces working to worsen it, the Zimbabwe government is facing a completely impossible ... Read More »

EDITORIAL: Mzembi’s bhora mugedhi

WHILE it is every country’s right to bid and host the world cup tournament, Minister Walter Mzembi’s proposal for Zimbabwe is full of mischief and arrogance. For a man who comes from a party known for its bhora mugedhi slogan, this time, he is scoring a spectacular own goal. It was not so long ago that we failed to host ... Read More »

EDITORIAL: Tollgate fees hike unjustifiable

THE DECISION by government, through the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development, to increase tollgate fees on the country’s motorways is unashamedly heartless and insensitive to the plight of long-suffering Zimbabweans. The country is going through what could probably be its worst economic crisis in history, exacerbated by a liquidity crunch over which it is helpless because it cannot turn ... Read More »

EDITORIAL: More needed for dairy industry

ELSEWHERE in the current issue of Financial Gazette, we carry an article about milk production having marginally gone down during the first quarter of this year, despite having been on an incremental trajectory since the economy was dollarised in 2009. That drop in milk output is worrying for a number of reasons, the key one being that it might indicate ... Read More »

EDITORIAL: A desperate govt’s unthinking

AN increasingly desperate government can be very unpredictable and reactionary in its decision-making. It will do whatever it takes to seem in control even when the economy says otherwise.  With almost no foreign budgetary aid, Zimbabwe funds itself relying entirely on what it collects from taxes from companies and individuals. But as company closures and job losses increase, government’s traditional ... Read More »

Taking Ownership

EDITORIAL : Zimbabwe’s  political leaders are becoming infamous for talking and not implementing policy. For a country that was previously committed to a form of State socialism, the path Zimbabwe has taken is leading it back to the Stone Age. There is a disconnect between the view from below with the politics at the highest level of the State. How ... Read More »

The future of tobacco is small scale

EDITORIAL: The tobacco selling season ended on what should have been a high note last week, had it not been for the disappointment experienced by a number of emerging farmers who tried their hands on the golden leaf but burnt their fingers due to poor crop quality and consequently poor prices. As reported by the Financial Gazette last week, 106 ... Read More »