Saturday , 25 October 2014
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Editorial | The cost of factionalism

OUR politics has been hijacked by factionalism and self interests. It’s no longer “what I can do for the country but what the country can do for me” for most politicians. Surprisingly, the issue of succession has not been about the future of the country but securing the political futures of a few individuals. Zimbabwe is suffering from a generation ... Read More »

Editorial | Chinese arrivals a let down

THE Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) chief executive officer, Karikoga Kaseke, made a stunning admission that the country’s bid to lure Chinese tourists into Zimbabwe had failed dismally. This was as surprising as it was shocking. Over the past decade, Zimbabwe has splurged enormous resources trying to lure Chinese tourists into the country under its “Look East” policy. That policy, apparently, ... Read More »

Editorial | Delta’s lessons

THINGS are terribly bad in the economy, with Treasury having recently revised downwards economic growth projections and government revenue collectors warning of dreadful times ahead. But nothing is more telling of the direction our economy is taking than recent beverages consumption statistics from Delta Corporation. In a trading update last week, Delta revealed that total beverage volume was down three ... Read More »

Editorial | The ebola question

IT’S a question that has been asked many times: is Zimbabwe prepared to deal with Ebola?  There is no real clear answer to that question. Only last week, another Ebola scare turned out to be a false alarm.  A student from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), who we now learn has malaria, forced a lock down of Wilkins Infectious ... Read More »

Editorial | Service delivery gone to the dogs

IT is quite sad that we live in a country in which the abnormal has become normal under our watch. Service delivery at every level in Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs. Though the job of city councils is to ensure that our monthly rates go towards vital social services such as water, electricity, education, health and social welfare, this ... Read More »

Editorial | IMF naivety

THE International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently issued a statement indicating that government had “re-doubled its efforts to rebalance policies toward a stable macroeconomic environment conducive to private sector-led growth”. This is indeed laudable, but we fear it might have been naive on the part of the Bretton Woods institution to issue such a complimentary note given Zimbabwe’s history of failure ... Read More »

Editorial | On a steep decline

AS we head into the last quarter of the year, nothing points towards redemption for the Zimbabwe economy. If anything, the slow growth of the economy and the denials of the political class of the mounting problems facing the country are sad realities Zimbabweans have to endure. Zimbabwe is a country with great potential to build its own future. It ... Read More »

Editorial | Govt must intervene

WE recently focused on the crisis confronting medical aid societies, in which we reported that claims have by far gone ahead of revenue. Last year, the medical aid societies paid service providers US$342 million, a 50 percent jump on the US$174 million the sector paid in 2012. In 2011. medical aid societies paid out US$155 million. Consequently, the medical aid ... Read More »

Editorial | Govt turning screws

THE economy is now in free-fall. This much was confirmed by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa when he presented his mid-term fiscal policy statement a fortnight ago. Chinamasa’s budget did not take into account the difficulties the country’s hard-pressed population is facing — there was no tax relief for the struggling working population or reprieve for the grappling-to-survive industrial sector. Our ... Read More »

Editorial | Let’s think big, long

THE proposed dualisation of the Harare-Beitbridge highway is a welcome development. This is a project, which was mooted over a decade ago and the need to dualise it only took into account the volume of transport at the time.  There is therefore need to review this position and consider the possibility of having a minimum of at least three lanes ... Read More »