Monday , 21 April 2014
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Gvt should do the right thing

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has released its revenue performance figures for the first quarter of 2014. As expected, the tax collector surpassed targets — Gershem Pasi, the ZIMRA commissioner-general, hinted about this outcome in Parliament last week. But he warned that even though revenue targets had been surpassed during the first quarter, the country was headed for difficult times ... Read More »

The lost years

IN their pastoral letter, whose excerpts were published in our last week’s paper, the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) had this to say to the nation: “As we celebrate our political independence which coincides with Good Friday, which is also an act of God’s liberative work, we declare that the forces of evil and darkness will indeed not prevail over ... Read More »

Winter of discontent

EDITORIAL IS Zimbabwe bracing for a winter of discontent? The free fall of the economy is expected to continue unabated. Civil servants who constitute the biggest workforce in the country remain underpaid. And the services of teachers and nurses are under appreciated. ZANU-PF’s answer to the people is their economic blue-print, Zim-Asset, which they proclaim will bring everything under control. ... Read More »

What results?

EDITORIAL WHEN the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education decided at the beginning of this year to dub 2014 ‘the year of results’, every citizen thought this was indeed a commendable and well-meaning gesture to achieve better Grade 7 as well as Ordinary and Advanced levels end-of-year results. However, what everyone seemed to have missed or failed to see was ... Read More »

This is a disaster!

The rot in our body politic is manifest in other facets of our lives. We may not want to care about the goings on at the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) House but the decisions or lack of leadership at the football mother body over the years has been adversely affecting all of us. Gradually our Warriors have turned the whole ... Read More »

Mangudya has a job to do

The appointment of John Mangudya, the current chief executive officer of banking group CBZ Holdings, as governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) with effect from next month should surely have brought closure to the uncertainty that had gripped the markets. Ideally, a new RBZ governor should have immediately assumed office the day former governor Gideon Gono’s term expired, ... Read More »

Abortion of the intellect

EDITORIAL HOW did Zimbabwe, once described by former Tanzanian president Julius Nyerere as the ‘jewel of Africa’ become a crisis country? Today, Zimbabwe holds records of crises – leadership crisis, economic crisis, health crisis etcetera. One of the constituencies that has let Zimbabweans down has been the public intellectuals. Most Zimbabwean intellectuals just do not matter as they do not ... Read More »

Interbank support commendable

EDITORIAL Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa last week unveiled a US$100 million facility to resuscitate the interbank market, which went away with dollarisation of Zimbabwe’s economy in 2009 when the country ditched its own worthless currency. The facility was made possible by assistance from Afreximbank, which had been engaged by government to help develop a solution that would ensure convergence and ... Read More »

Talk time over Mr President

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe made shocking revelations last week to the effect that one of his Cabinet ministers and a woman legislator had demanded bribes from a prospective investor in order to facilitate a meeting with him. He has previously made similar disclosures about some of his ministers who ask for inducements from potential investors in order to unlock the doors ... Read More »

Govt must act on power crisis

EDITORIAL Zimbabwe’s economy is showing serious signs of contraction, and this is certainly worrisome given that the country recently emerged from an unprecedented economic crisis and should logically be heading north after touching what looked like its bottom in 2008. The need for urgent intervention to arrest any deterioration is apparent, but we note that if the country is serious ... Read More »