Monday , 24 November 2014
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Editorial | Harare abusing motorists

HAS the Harare City Council (HCC) not abused motorists enough? Recently one of our journalists highlighted his disgust at what he felt was an on-street parking system “open to abuse and clearly tailored to fleece motorists”. He is not alone. Ever since the country adopted a hard currency regime after ditching its defenceless currency in 2009, the HCC has, with ... Read More »

Editorial | Life in the dark

THE Zimbabwe Power Company plans more power cuts in December due to maintenance being carried out at Kariba South power station. These chronic power problems have since escalated into a semi-permanent crisis. It is no exaggeration that they have adverse effects on our economic growth and productivity. Our country continues to experience power shortages and regular interruptions in service, leading ... Read More »

Editorial | Need for balance

AT the inaugural Financial Gazette Executive Dialogue on November 6, which tackled the current debate on the revenue collector’s role in a turbulent environment, delegates were struck by two scripture readings from the bible by Pastor Mairos Mubvumbi, who gave the opening and closing prayers to a largely successful event. The first reading was from Romans 13:7, and it reads: ... Read More »

Editorial | The cost of not caring

ZIMBABWE needs action and less talk. The country’s hospitals are in a shut down mode as more than 400 doctors downed their tools in demand for a respectable salary. It is a joke for a doctor to take home less than US$300 a month. In other words, they are living on a pittance of US$9 a day. The effort is ... Read More »

EDITORIAL | Struggles within struggles

WHEN the late Masipula Sithole penned his famous monograph, Struggles within the Struggles, little did he know that it would have prophetic overtones.  Experienced commentators recognise the danger that under these unhealthy circumstances, public divisions within ZANU-PF threaten the political stability of the government. As it prepares for its congress in December, the ZANU-PF machine is in trouble. Ministers, officials, ... Read More »

EDITORIAL | A terrible situation

THE reported push by creditors for the liquidation of crisis-torn, Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed starafricacorporation is a clear indication that the country should brace for the demise of its once-powerful conglomerates, both listed and unlisted. starafrica, a food and beverages manufacturer with interests in the packaging and transport industries, avoided liquidation after creditors, owed US$19,7 million, agreed to an arrangement that ... Read More »

Editorial | Conflict of interest

PAUL Chimedza is a medical doctor, with a thriving practice in Avondale. He is the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care. His boss is David Parirenyatwa, also a medical practitioner. Both men preside over a ministry that has oversight on medical aid societies, with whom they are currently in dispute over a new tariff medical aid societies allege will ... Read More »

Editorial | When elephants fight . . .

IT is quite true that when elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. When ZANU-PF trounced the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formations at the July 2013 polls, it was everyone’s hope that the governing party would live up to their word. Ahead of the polls, ZANU-PF officials criss-crossed the provinces, brandishing an election manifesto that promised citizens an ... Read More »

Editorial | The cost of factionalism

OUR politics has been hijacked by factionalism and self interests. It’s no longer “what I can do for the country but what the country can do for me” for most politicians. Surprisingly, the issue of succession has not been about the future of the country but securing the political futures of a few individuals. Zimbabwe is suffering from a generation ... Read More »

Editorial | Chinese arrivals a let down

THE Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) chief executive officer, Karikoga Kaseke, made a stunning admission that the country’s bid to lure Chinese tourists into Zimbabwe had failed dismally. This was as surprising as it was shocking. Over the past decade, Zimbabwe has splurged enormous resources trying to lure Chinese tourists into the country under its “Look East” policy. That policy, apparently, ... Read More »