Wednesday , 17 September 2014
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Editorial | RBZ initiative needs support

FORMER Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor, Gideon Gono, whose tenure was characterised by an unprecedented economic meltdown, had what later turned out to be a very familiar phrase to all his monetary policy statements — failure is not an option. Then, the economy was on a downward swing. The trajectory it had taken was discomforting to every Zimbabwean, and ... Read More »

Editorial | The mega denials

IT was reported in the State media that President Robert Mugabe and “a high powered delegation” travelled and signed “mega deals” with our friends from the east. No figures were given. But after all the analysis and calculations, China offers little hope as the Zimbabwe government still refuses full responsibility. The economy remains in a sorry state. It is caught ... Read More »

Editorial | Govt should save POSB

THERE is a potentially devastating financial situation at the People’s Own Savings Bank (POSB), created by government to mobilise savings and promote a savings culture across the country. With the widest network in the country, POSB, for over 100 years, served both urbanites and rural folks, particularly those within the low income range. There are many people who will testify ... Read More »

Editorial | The fear of Ebola

ZIMBABWE’s state of preparedness against the rising tide of Ebola has been questioned in many quarters. It is a legitimate concern considering the country has failed to deal with cholera and typhoid in the past.  Our health delivery system is currently in shambles — poor staffing, brain drain and lack of funding are some of the perennial issues that our ... Read More »

Editorial | Chinese bailout doubtful

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe this week left for China “largely looking for investment of an infrastructure nature,” according to his spokesman, George Charamba. Reports earlier had suggested that President Mugabe would embark on this trip to seek an economic bailout package from what his government, buffeted by sanctions from the United States and her allies, has considered an all-weather friend. The ... Read More »

Editorial | The succession debate

SUCCESSION is a matter of national concern, especially when it affects the well-being of the nation. The bane of our political leadership whether it be in ZANU-PF or Movement for Democratic Change has been over succession. Personal attacks, back-stabbings, bloggers secretly working alongside politicians — these have all been factors eating at the core of the Zimbabwean body politic. Daily ... Read More »

Editorial | Tourism policy inconsistent

TOURISM Minister Walter Mzembi is determined to bring back the shine and goodwill of Zimbabwe and make the country an attractive place for all visitors. For this to happen, there must be unity of purpose and harmony in all government departments. Indeed it is not a secret that Zimbabwe is endowed with a diversity of world class tourism attractions that ... Read More »

Editorial | NSSA decision right

PLANS by the Ministry of Finance to wrestle control of the compulsory pension scheme, the National Social Security Authority (NSSA), from the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare were long overdue. For a long time, NSSA has been dogged by controversy and has acted as an errant player on the pensions market, insulated from statutes that govern the ... Read More »

Editorial | Govt should bail out economy

ZIMBABWE’S economy is still nursing a troubled past and the economic wounds inflicted by a decade-old crisis, which subsided briefly but took a new trajectory after dollarisation in 2009, and these are yet to heal. This was evident from President Robert Mugabe Heroes’ Day address this week, in which his admission that the economy was in a quandary was veiled ... Read More »

Editorial | The silent invisible heroes

THE war heroes who fought for the liberation of this country from the yoke of colonialism deserve recognition and respect by the generality of Zimbabweans in their tribal, racial and political diversity. We will forever salute these sons and daughters of the soil. But that should not be our only definition of hero. It is sad that we now live ... Read More »