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The Financial Gazette newspaper was first published in April 1969 and is the oldest business and financial newspaper in the country. It is southern Africa’s leading business and political newspaper well known for its in-depth and authoritative reportage anchored on providing timely, accurate, fair and balanced news. It remains Zimbabwe’s most enduring independent newspaper. Its weekly print edition comes out every Thursday while its online version is updated daily.

  • John Zvichapera

    Lafarge Workers being Persecuted with Government Support

    I am an employee at Lafarge Zimbabwe. I would like to register my complaint and am kindly asking it to be published in your newspaper.

    Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe introduced a new CEO in January 2014, who is an Arab by race and was working in Lafarge France before coming to Zimbabwe. Her strategy has been to frustrate local Zimbabwean management by recruiting whites and Arabs and creating positions for them on top of already occupied positions of executives and heads of departments. My complaint is that since January 2014 a total of 9 senior managers of Arab and white descent have been recruited by the CEO and we are informed that many more are coming. the ones already recuited are:

    CEO – Arab (Egypt)
    Operations Director – white (South Africa)
    SHE Director – Arab (Egypt)
    Quarry Coach – white (Turkey)
    CFO – Arab (Pakistan)
    Maintenance Manager – Arab (Egypt)
    Methods Coach – Arab (Egypt)
    IT Specialist – Arab (Egypt)
    Financial Consultant – Arab (Not sure which country)

    Our Home Affairs ministry is issuing out all these work permits for these foreigners for a single such a small organisation in such a short period of time, against the background of high unemployment rate in Zimbabwe, highly educated and experienced local people and the government’s indigenisation program.

    Also motivation levels are at an all time low and the company is now making loses. Some of these foreigners are just useless to say the least. Rumour has it that there are plans this year for massive retrenchment of locals from management level and upwards. The CEO is on record in meetings repeatedly saying that “I don’t have people here”. So what does this mean? Is she saying that Zimbabweans are monkeys? Sure? Such malpractices and racial statements being made in our country? I wonder, I ponder, I yonder….

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