CABINET FILES: ANC has a lot to learn from us, Cdes

CABINET FILES: ANC has a lot to learn from us, Cdes
President Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe

Dear Cabinet and Politburo members

COMRADES, I should admit that I was surprised in fact, shocked at the levels of hostility shown by the leadership of the African National Congress (ANC) after I mentioned that ours is true independence unlike the dummy that South Africa got after Nelson Mandela sold the people’s struggle in return for fake global accolades.

Leading the pack of these attack jackals is none other than the ANC secretary general, Cde Gwede Mantashe, who chose to avoid the pertinent issues that I had raised to instead make a thinly veiled attack on my person. Being the “mafirakureva” that I am, I was only telling the truth.

Like what one saint once said, if the truth causes an offence, it is better that an offence be caused than that the truth be denied. Who doesn’t know that all black South Africans lionise me? How many times have I stolen the show when I have appeared at public events with other leaders in that country? That is what makes all South African politicians quite uncomfortable with me.

The affection that ordinary South Africans have towards me shows that they can tell when they see a good leader and when they see a sell-out. You can all see my Cdes that I fall in the former category, which is why the South African leadership gets worried when I start giving advise to people of that country. I have never been jeered at a public event or banned from addressing public events by the very same people that I purport to be leading … nor have there been any attempts to pass a vote of no confidence on me, unlike other leaders that I will not mention now, for the sake of protecting whatever could be left  if anything  of their dignity.

What then qualifies Mantashe to speak on behalf of South Africans as if they cannot express their own opinions? I am being excoriated just for telling the truth as it is … that South Africa is not free in the true sense of the word, like our people here are. How can a country be free when its leadership is being hectored daily by whites (including even ex-Rhodies!) from all angles … from the judiciary, from business, from the farms, from the media, from the diplomatic community … from every direction?

A leadership of a truly independent country should be able to make decisions that are in the interest of its people without thinking twice about it, like we so ably do here. Not what we see with the current leadership of that country. That one is a sorry apology of a leadership. In fact, this is exactly what is called mis-leadership. Despite their so-called independence, I am even told there is still a whites-only town in that country … that should explain the anger within the youths in that country, which anger sometimes ends up being unfortunately vented out on foreigners.

When I say Nelson Mandela sold the people’s struggle, I am not being malicious or jealous because this is the truth. Those of us in the know will tell you that Mandela was never in jail for the 27 years, he was at Robben Island for only 18 years, after which he was moved to a plum mansion in Cape Town where he spent the next nine years in jaw-dropping luxury. It is from there that he single-handedly “negotiated” that country’s “independence”.

He used our Lancaster House template as the basis of his negotiations, but most of the clauses on land and the economy were rejected outright by the Apartheid regime and these secret talks kept on dragging for years until he realised that there was a real possibility of him dying without tasting power. So he decided to sell out, resulting in the fraud that exists as South Africa today. This then makes South Africa incomparable to us.

Julius Malema Launches EFF

Julius Malema

When it comes to democracy, it is like trying to compare a jellyfish and a guitar … there is nothing to compare because we are streets ahead. Results from surveys by some respectable regional think tanks have shown that our people are among the happiest people in the world because of the leadership that God and the gods blessed them with … a leadership that has empowered them beyond the wildest dreams of Croesus. On a pro rata basis, we have the highest number of US dollar millionaires in this country, compared to any other country in sub-Saharan Africa.

Obviously, they will not admit it. What type of democracy allows a country to promote laziness by dishing out money to single-mothers as a way of encouraging girls to go into premarital sex? Besides, what sort of democracy demands that people be given these State hands-outs without their party affiliations having been double-checked? What sort of democracy allows mere court judges to boss a President around … or opposition members to insult a whole President and get away with it? What sort of democracy is it that sets up commissions to investigate how the President has spent money on upgrades on his home?

What sort of democracy is that? When, as the only elder left in the hereabouts, I try to impart wisdom on these youngsters, they think I am becoming senile, and say a lot of bad things about my country and my person. What manners are these? This is the very same Mantashe (I am told some media outlets in that country call him Mamparantashe because of him being a real mampara) that we deported from this country a few years ago after he had led a Confederation of South Africa Trade Unions (COSATU) delegation that had invited itself into our country on a so-called fact-finding mission, when in fact it wanted to campaign for the opposition. We deported the delegation and declared him persona non grata.

That status has since been reinstated! He can no longer visit this country ever again in whatever capacity! Information from our sources in that country actually suggests that this Mamparantashe chap does not speak for the ANC as a whole, as he is a puppet of the West, just like our own Morgan here. Previously, it was that urchin called Malema, who thought he could grow his political stature by taking cheap potshots at global statesman like me … where did that take him? It is indeed tragic to be in denial about unpleasant realities obtaining on the ground.

This is the tragedy that South Africans find themselves in. Anyway, we have done our part in warning them against the pitfalls that they face … and when disaster strikes in the near future – as it surely will, they cannot say we were cruel as not to warn them. Lets us not be detracted from the crucial work before us. We have an election to win resoundingly again in a few months. Let us remain focused. Challenge accepted.

Kindest Regards Yours Sincerely ME


Very good!

Last week, the South African ruling alliance under the African National Congress finally took umbrage at repeated uncharitable remarks from Harare … remarks that seem to suggest that our leadership does not subscribe to the general hagiography surrounding the late former South African leader Nelson Mandela, because they appear to indicate that he was by no means the avuncular and saint-like figure widely depicted globally, but a selfish individual who sacrificed the future of generations on the altar of expedience.

So mad were the South Africans that many Zimbos, who are refugees in that country, are beginning to fear that if this tiff does not de-escalate, their future in that hideout could be in jeopardy. What Dr CZ and others found to be bizarre is that the South African political leadership that is starting to find the behaviour and attitude of our owners to be unwarranted. This is very, very good! It is called being hoist by one’s own petard.

It is South Africa that has been propping up the dictatorship in Zimbabwe for a long time … from the 2002 sham presidential election right up to bringing about a 2008 coalition government in which the losers became the winners. Half of the problems that Zimbabwe faces today are a result of the cruel politics that South Africa has visited on the country in the name of African brotherhood. It is only now that they start seeing the true characteristics of the goons that they have repeatedly foisted on Zimbos. Anyway, they can only be angry and it ends there because there is very little they can do. They appear to fear us more than they respect us. Let us wait and see!


Zodwa WaBantu


The Carnival and all its nonsense has come and gone, yet Zimbos remain married to their man-made problems. If anything, the problems seem to be increasing by the day, which only goes to confirm what Dr CZ and others have said and will say for the umpteenth time … some of these noisy events are deliberately staged to divert our attention from real issues that Zimbos ought to invest in … the political scandal that this country is. Looking at some pictures from the Carnival, one is left wondering why Zodwa WaBantu was banned because there were many artists who performed worse acts than her.

We are now tempted to believe those who have been swearing that Zodwa’s comments that the owners of this country know that she does not wear panties, which were made at a wrong time when South Africans were not treating us with reverent fear as they ought to, contributed to all this.


Meanwhile, at the rate at which this waffling at political rallies is going on, very soon we will know a lot more than we ever suspected! With dossiers furiously flying from one end to the other, we might even get to know what happened to our brother Itai Dzamara. The last time files were thrown in the air was in 1989, when Edgar Tekere angrily threw some files at the then Prime Minister and dismissed himself from government. We are rubbing our bellies in gleeful anticipation!


This week Zimbabwe Football Association president, Cde Phillip “Fiasco” Chiyangwa, who is a confessed Dynamos supporter, purportedly nullified a red card issued to a DeMbare player for head-butting a Highlanders player in a tempestuous match that took place in the capital. This is indeed a tip of the chaos that that some of us believe Cde Fiasco has introduced to local football.


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    The club boozers’ referee! Yah that one.

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