CABINET FILES: Our detractors now stranded, Cdes

CABINET FILES: Our detractors now stranded, Cdes

VP Emmerson Mnangagwa

Dear Cabinet and Politburo members

COMRADES, accept revolutionary greetings from the Far East. I notice with satisfaction that our detractors are now stranded…I mean to say they have run short of negative things to say.
Traditionally, it is that time of the year again when bad things would be said about us. They even wish some of us dead. I notice, however, that one is now a thoroughly worn out story that dismally failed to achieve the purpose for which our detractors in the West originally planned it for … to cause alarm among our people and therefore chaos. They tried it several times until they got tired of it.
They are now trying something new.
In their imaginary eyes, they see the country burning in a myriad of crises… you have seen the opposition lot joining the bandwagon.
They have even accused the government of such wild things like causing the cash crisis after it was purportedly abused.
I notice that these detractors have been trying one mischief after another… they tried to mobilise teachers, nurses and other civil servants into mass demonstrations after feeding them with dangerous misinformation that Treasury had been looted dry and therefore government was not going to be able to pay their salaries… this turned out to be a white lie that it was, and the planned demos naturally flopped.
And a daily that is funded by the West tried to cause despondency among the security forces by claiming that senior members of one of our intelligence arms had their bonuses secretly paid, a claim they could not corroborate with any shred of evidence… and this naturally resulted in the law taking its course.
The same detractors have been trying to mobilise our people to see something wrong with our Vice President, staying at a modest hotel while final touches are being put on his official residence… these people have been making lots of noises; yet I have never heard anyone ever organising a protest against Morgan’s continued stay in a multi-million dollar government mansion when he no longer has anything to offer to the people of Zimbabwe and worse still when he has no capacity to buy the property outright.
All they see is our VP’s alleged wanton profligacy, and nothing else… yet this is the same VP who has mobilised the people into convincing God and the gods that they should give the country rains… and I am told the rains came in abundance this week. If a leader can get the attention of God and the gods, what else can a people ask for?
Now I notice that the focus has shifted to imaginary factional fights in our party… which factional fights the same detractors claim resulted in this week’s move to transfer the Acting Presidency from Cde Report to Cde Emmerson. What nonsense!
All of you Cdes know this has always been a tradition over the years.
These people are behaving like this because they cannot find anything around which they can mobilise our people into disliking us.
Anyway, they can continue trying, but the truth of the matter is that they are wasting their efforts… we are ever popular with the masses.
Something else has been harassing my mind when I am supposed to be resting here… this issue of the late Cde Aguy “Georgias”, this wily chap who managed to fool everyone all the way to the National Heroes Acre!
I still cannot believe that the chap hoodwinked everyone of us for so long to the point of some seeing him as the bona fide representative of the coloured community and even going to the extent of being appointed a minister of government right to declaring him a national hero yet he was just a genuine fake chap from out there in Chivhu and of the Mhofu totem. I wonder how we could not pick this elementary information over the years. Such lapses are dangerous, especially when we have so many enemies trying to infiltrate our rank and file.
Let us always be on our guard, Cdes.
Kindest Regards
Yours Sincerely


So after Health Minister David Parirenyatwa reportedly re-paid the over US$70 000 that he had illegally blessed himself with from the hopelessly depleted coffers of the embattled Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS): Was that the end of the story? Nothing will ever happen to him? Really?
In other countries, as we speak the brother would already have started doing time at Chikurubi Maximum Prison, and in China to be more specific, he would already have been executed because the type of crime he committed ranks among those that have capital punishment as the minimum sentence. Small wonder why many people want to be Zimbos… this is really a free country!
Now that government is unable to pay the bonuses that it promised to dole out to its bloated civil service, debate has started raging on whether annual bonuses are an entitlement or just a privilege that an employer can decide to give or not to give.
We are happy that some very senior government officials are questioning the rationale of paying these bonuses in the first place.
For once, Dr CZ happens to agree with High Education Minister, Jonathan Moyo, who wrote on his Twitter account: “Well, I’m sympathetic to the view that a bonus should be for extra performance & not an entitlement!’ and ‘Leaving your jacket in the office to go & booze is not a legitimate basis for expecting bonus as an entitlement!’”
Once in a while, Moyo talks a lot of sense!
Dr CZ actually thinks it should not only be bonuses that are performance-based… but even civil servants salaries as well!


Health Minister David Parirenyatwa

Selling out
Still on voices of reason, patriotic as he has always been, Dr CZ is naturally worried that his brother in patriotism, Australia-based columnist, Cde Reason Wafawarova appears to be selling out.
We arrived at this considered conclusion after following the brother’s unpatriotic comments on the social media platforms.
At the start of the year, Cde Wafa — who was a senior commander at the National Youth Service (Green Bomber) project years ago — wrote on his Facebook wall: “My resolution this year is to end the nonsense in Zimbabwe once and for all. Nothing will stop me!”
Then there followed a series of uncharitable posts: “There is no greater danger to a country than a generation that cannot pay off its debts, and that cannot feed itself. Cursed is whoever who leaves an inheritance of poverty and suffering for the generation of his own children!”
Another one read: “For Africa election time is the time people elect hyenas to take good care of the goats.”
Another one: “Notwithstanding the devastating effects and after effects of slavery and colonisation, Africa is poor because of poor leadership!”
Then this one: “We create our own government. We are responsible for its beauty and for its ugliness. As it is right now the only beauty in our government is that we have something we are calling a government — a sorry excuse for a people’s administration. We also have a spectacularly pathetic pretend opposition for whose hopelessness we are collectively responsible. We are responsible for our country’s glories and for its failures and, most importantly, we are responsible for amending those failures no matter who are their most immediate architects. I will not allow my lifetime to be wasted in hopeless adoration of unbridled failure in our politics across the divide. I will stand up as the voice of reason of our time… a time where the primary call to national duty is to return Zimbabwe back to its people.”
He also wrote: “The most fatal mistake being made by ZANU-PF is the perpetuating of the laughable denial that says there is no factionalism in the party, and that the People First project is non-existent and non-material. Equally unhelpful is the puerile assertion that it is the fault of the private media that factionalism is being reported and publicised. ZANU-PF has almost successfully created a monster far bigger than its power can vanquish.”
With the foregoing, can anyone blame Dr CZ for seeing someone becoming a turncoat?

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  • Charles Frizell

    Poor Cde Treason – living in a democratic country is obviously wearing him down. Or is he in fear of being exported from that land of Milk and Money?

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