CABINET FILES: The West looted our diamonds, Cdes

CABINET FILES: The West looted our diamonds, Cdes



“Zimbabweans just need to be patient as I work very hard to make sure that this matter is solved to the best of their interest”.

Dear Cabinet and Politburo members

COMRADES, I know most of you were shocked by my revelations last week of the value of the diamonds that were wantonly looted from our country. I am also still in shock and I can perfectly understand it when our people appear to be angry that such looting took place right under our noses.
This is exactly the reason I have tried to keep this matter under wraps for a few years. I knew how our people — most of who are suffering — would take it, which is the reason why I decided to take action before bringing this matter to our people’s attention.
The truth of the matter is that ever since I discovered that diamonds worth in excess of US$15 billion had been looted from this country, I started my own private investigations that did not involve Cabinet or Politburo member, because all of them were suspects from day one.
I started the investigations shortly after our 2013 election victory, and the investigations went on for sometime, until my sleuth work started linking the missing diamonds to the British and the Americans… at which point those members of our party whom I had always suspected of being the conduit that was used to siphon away the resource realised that they were being investigated and to forestall the investigations, they started plotting all sorts of shenanigans to derail the investigations.
That is when all hell broke loose within the party resulting in the several dismissals that have been taking place under the disguise of succession politics. The truth of the matter is that each and everyone of those people that have been suspended or outrightly dismissed from the party and the government have for many years actually been working with the British and Americans in facilitating the ransacking of our diamond chest.
Very senior members of our party and government were working for the British and the Americans… I think you are all aware of the WikiLeaks cables that confirmed this.
When these people realised that the dragnet was fast closing in on them, they started making noises about succession, so that when time comes for them to face the music, they would appear like innocent people being victimised.
All this was meticulously planned in London and Washington, but because of my solid network of contacts the world over, I managed to get to know of it.
Which is the reason why I decided that it was high time for a root and branch shake-up of both our party and government.
I see many people are mistaking the repeated rounds of suspensions and dismissals as the effects of a protracted succession wars in our forever-ruling party, but this is not. I am just weeding out the bad apples.
The truth of the matter is that our party and government were infiltrated by Ango-Saxon enemies and these shameless sell-outs agreed to give our enemies access to the family treasure, which diamond treasure was resultantly looted in reckless abandon.
Infiltration is something that happens to any government that is worth something, but the question that people should be asking is whether that government realises this hazard on time or not, and if it does, what action it takes. If all governments that get infiltrated were peremptorily thrown out of office, I can tell you that there would be no single government anywhere in the world today.
Instead of blaming the powers-that-be as some of the totemless are now doing, they should be very grateful that I was so alert as to notice that something was amiss in the diamond sector and started my own secret investigations.
Did anyone expect me to announce that I was investigating members of my party, if the investigation was to cover as much ground as it did?
The fact that I can confidently give a good estimate in real figures of the extent of the looting means I have done my homework very well, and I have leads as to who should explain what their role was in this scandal.
Zimbabweans just need to be patient as I work very hard to make sure that this matter is solved to the best of their interest.
You see, after realising that God and the gods had intervened on our side by blessing us with diamonds — which blessing is sure to help burst the illegal sanctions these evil-doers had imposed on us — they devised an elaborate plot of making sure that the diamonds do not benefit us. This plot was just an extension of their regime change agenda, but I remain unfazed by it.
Apart from those of our former members who connived with our detractors, a good portion of the looting took place during the inclusive government, after we made a grave blunder of giving the key ministry of finance to the MDC-T.
This made the looting even easier as the MDC-T worked with saboteurs in our party.
In hindsight, I am only realising that most of the mining firms that we allowed to mine our diamonds — including those that purported to be Chinese — had links with the British and the Americans. You see, the most difficult thing about infiltration by your enemy is that it is not done directly, but through those people that you trust most. Which was the case here.
What I can assure our people is that I am angrier than they can ever be combined. Not even the smallest of the culprits will go scot-free.
Just watch this space!

Kindest Regards
Yours Sincerely


Strangely true
Life is very, very funny, Dr CZ has realised. Political developments in the country have reminded Dr CZ of the days when the former editor of The Herald, the now late Bornwell Chakaodza, was ratcheting insults at his most favourite chew toy, the then editor of The Zimbabwe Independent, Trevor Ncube, whom he at one time described as a cat on the kopje. Only a few years down the line, the same Chakaodza was one of Ncube’s employees as the editor of the Standard newspaper!
Dr CZ this week loved a number of quotable quotes in the private media emanating from former and outgoing members of ZANU-PF.
“They seem to know what is happening at State House (Mugabe’s official residence) that all other citizens do not know,” said Chris Mutsvangwa after being dismissed as war Veterans minister.
“They seem to have the privilege of proximity and there is a gradual subversion of the State… they are using the analogy of a frog — that you cannot capture it and keep it in a bath tub—it will escape, but if you are clever you gradually add warm water into the tub. Being an amphibian, it will adjust and as the water gets hotter, the frog will adjust itself to death. That is what is happening in our country now.”
Didymus Mutasa (DM): “I was joking with (Morgan) Tsvangirai (MDC-T leader) the other day that how could he run away from his victory
QUESTION: You think he won the (March 2008) elections?
DM: Well, that is what the President said. He said it at a party meeting. I do not know why you did not hear it, that Tsvangirai won by 73 percent.
QUESTION: We all thought it was a slip of the tongue.
DM: No it wasn’t, you cannot allow your tongue to slip three times in the process of saying something. He said it three times, that Tsvangirai won by 73 percent. That is what the man at the top is saying now. Why would I not believe it?
Joice Mujuru: “We don’t promote hate speech and we don’t retaliate. Mind you, President Mugabe is not a young person. He is 92. Your grandfather of 92 would not even be looking after goats or making any serious family decisions. He would not be involved in anything.
“That is where the mistake is. To me, he is a spirit. That is why I don’t agree and sometimes I wonder that people of this country almost believed that I wanted to kill him. In my culture, you don’t raise a finger to a man or a woman who is your mother or your grandfather’s age. It is spiritual, he is now a living spirit and we are lucky to have him alive.”
All this was given in a string of fulsome interviews given to the private media. To think that Mujuru was once minister of government (including minister of information, post and telecommunications) which once made it a point that the birth of these newspapers was as complicated as it could ever be… only for these very same people to become the chief beneficiaries of newspapers’ coverage. Shona sages have a saying seka urema wafa, which saying enjoins one to only laugh at other people’s misfortunes from the safety of the grave, the only place where nothing untoward can ever happen to one.
However, this wisdom does not apply to Mutsvangwa… every well-meaning Zimbo should be celebrating the downfall of an arrogant person whose idea of the role a war veteran only served to make Zimbabweans thoroughly hate their liberators.

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    How apt! Hunzvi gave the war veterans TEETH they never thought they had…Mutsvangwa pulled them ALL out!


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