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Mugabe International Plc…

mugabe nicest

Cyril Zenda “CHOKWADI mudhara akasiya basa vamwe tinofa nenzara (truly speaking, if the old man retires, most of us will die from starvation),” mused a visibly distressed colleague, Tonde, dejectedly shaking his head as he approached this writer who was warming himself in the generous African sun while waiting for a guaranteed hefty salary at the end of the month ... Read More »

It’s Paris, or never!


  AFRICA set the tone for the countdown to the pivotal climate conference in Paris, France this December, by boldly taking a unanimous position supporting the idea of establishing the Green Climate Fund (GCF) at the Africa Climate Talks (ACT) meeting held early last month in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Read More »

Landmark ruling gives glimmer of hope


Cyril Zenda “GREETINGS! Whereas under the terms of Section 50 of the Law and Order Maintenance Act… Blah-blah … certain powers vested in me… Blah-blah… now, therefore, I hereby direct that you be detained in Salisbury Maximum Security Prison until this order is revoked or otherwise varied by me. God save the Queen!” Read More »

CABINET FILES: Unable to address you in full, Cdes


Dear Cabinet and Politburo members COMRADES, I have to sincerely apologise that I will not be able to address you in full this week as you are all aware that I had to travel to New York where I had to dutifully remind humanity what sort of world that we are being forced to live in by mainly the Americans ... Read More »

What has happened to Harare?


Farai Siebert Mabeza HARARE used to be called the “Sunshine city” because of its clean streets and clean atmosphere. Much of this has changed during the economic downturn the country has suffered. Waza blogger, Farai Siebert Mabeza, writes about one particular spot in the “Sunshine city”: the Fourth Street terminus. Read More »

EDITORIAL/Show the commitment

Last week, Finance and Economic Development Minister, Patrick Chinamasa, said measures put in place by government to turnaround the failing economy had begun to bear fruit, as he responded to concerns by legislators over his mid-term fiscal policy review made in July. Read More »

EDITORIAL/Govt must swallow pride

GOVERNMENT lost one of its properties in South Africa last week to a group of former white commercial farmers who brought a lawsuit against President Robert Mugabe’s administration over the compensation of farmlands expropriated from them as part of the land reform programme. Read More »