Saturday , 30 May 2015
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Knives out for Ndanga


CHRISTIAN Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) president, Johannes Ndanga, has come under fire from some of the churches under his leadership that have since passed a vote of no confidence in him. Read More »

Design Zim: The Traditional Kitchen


Out & About with Jeke & Friends The National Gallery of Zimbabwe — in Harare, situated on Julius Nyerere with its back to Harare Gardens, is an airy space full of light, high windows and white walls. When I visited tha place on Sunday morning I was almost alone — except for a prominent local lawyer appreciating the art and ... Read More »

Be a fruitful disciple of Christ


Resolving Personal & Spiritual Conflicts with Pastor Mairos Ezekiel 15:2 What is the vine tree more than any tree? The vine tree has a special purpose which is to bear fruit. And the only one best use for the vine is to bear fruit. If a vine tree succeeds in producing wood like any other tree but fails to do ... Read More »

Powertel introduces CDMA mobile WiFi device by Huawei. Priced at $76

By L.S.M Kabweza It’s made by Huawei and a staff at the operator says this has so far meant stronger and more reliable signal. Powertel’s selling this at $76 which is way cheaper than prices for the same on the market. Pricing on the actual broadband service doesn’t change – it’s sort of unlimited broadband. Ofcourse, however sort-of-ish the pricing ... Read More »