Clean-up PSMAS now!

EDITOR — It’s really sad reading that the Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube pockets US$250 000 monthly, while his managing director Farai Muchena gets US$190 000, when majority of its membership are denied access to medical services. The medical aid society has been blacklisted by medical service providers for its reluctance to pay for services rendered to its members. Inversely, patients with PSMAS membership are required to pay cash up-front to get treated. Normatively, they ultimately make claims from the society later.

This arrangement defeats the prudent need for anyone to subscribe for medical aid when it cannot work for them, but to create an earthly paradise for selfish executives who are given the mandate to run the affairs of the membership. Such magnitude of abuse should end now, and sanity should be restored at all costs!
As if it’s not enough, if one pays cash up-front to medical service providers for consultation, they also part with large sums of funds buying drugs at pharmacies. The impact of this is to deny life to low-level employees who cannot afford to spare extra cash for their health.

I wonder why the Minister of Health has been watching helplessly all along without taking corrective action to curtail this rot. Sadly, most of the membership is composed of civil servants whose salaries are below the poverty datum line. They are robbed of the little which they earn, and are therefore exposed to possible loss of lives when they fall ill as the medical aid society does not meet its obligation to cater for their needs.
Thanks to investigative journalists for unmasking this scam. The government is therefore challenged to take a leading role in ensuring that the interests of the PSMAS publics are protected from further abuse by these executives.

I would like to believe that what has been exposed  in the press is a tip of the iceberg. There is need for a universal audit of all transactions which were done by this organisation to ascertain its impartiality in executing its public mandate.

Corrupt elements should be flashed out immediately to pave way for sanity so as to save Zimbabweans from unwarranted deaths which are preventable through adequate medical attention.
Right now, there are thousands of members who are stranded as they cannot raise enough cash for them to secure health services. Even if one claims his/her cash from PSMAS, they rarely give 100 percent refund.
Health Minister David Parirenyatwa is urged to clear the mess by following the example set by the Media, Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo who dissolved the poorly performing ZBC board.

Suitable Kajau

  • taona

    If its true that the PSMAS boss is getting this type of salalry, then he can afford to bail out ZIFA!! I always wondered how he could mange to do that. Whatof the other state companies like GMB, NRZ, Air ZIM, etc. This looks like its the tip of the iceberg!!

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