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  • Dharma Appavoo

    In my capacity as President of the Buddhist Group of North America, I hereby notify the Zimbabwean people that I have today nominated Robert Mugabe to the Nobel Prize Commission in Oslo.
    It is my contention that he is the greatest Patriot and Hero that has ever been recorded throughout human history.
    There is no native Leader that has re-claimed land from the usurpers and sent them back to their own native land.
    Mogabe did so within a brief period. And he did it single-handedly !
    I will insist that the Commission discredit the character delineations and the biases that were broadcast by the colonisers and those who were aligned with them.
    How else could any Patriot have done it ?.

    I may require the assistance of a Lawyer ! email :

  • Loveness Chikozho

    I found the article on Zim’s ranking as the third most corrupt country in Africa interesting but incomplete. The story did not tell us a few things. 1. Who are the first two, 2. What has been our position in previous rankings and whether we are improving or worsening, 3. how do we compare to other countries in southern Africa, 4. Implications on Zim development policy

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