Democrats plan for 2016 elections


An Achilles’ heel for any Democratic Party candidate is the security of the nation. Americans generally place their trust in Republicans if they feel threatened by foreign enemies. Democrats are reluctant warriors.
If the war against the Islamic State  surge across the world continues, Hillary Clinton, their preferred candidate has a poor chance of winning against a warlike Republican. So the Democrats have come up with a fail-safe plan to win the election.
The first issue is about scaring women against a boogie man called rape. As more and more women live independent lives, or disengage from married life to live apart from their former husbands, there is a prima facie case for increased desire for protection. Only Democrats have sufficient empathy for such people. In November 2013, United States President Barack Obama signed Violence against Women Reauthorisation Act. Republicans say that a report from the council on women and girls was entirely made up of feminists and activists.

These feminists started by redefining the word rape in general terms as sexual assault. Pinching a woman on her buttocks; squeezing her in the corridor when too many people are trying to pass through a door; making a chauvinist remark (which makes her uncomfortable in the workplace); hanging a picture of Marilyn Monroe in her swimming suit at a work place, and actual physical contact, whether forced or not could all amount to sexual harassment. Vice President Joe Biden gave a new definition.
“If a woman says YES, it means No. If she says YES, and then she says NO, it means the guy must withdraw (sic).” I did not make this up. A man can still face rape charges for failure to execute a timely withdrawal. The rules that follow are designed by feminists to make sure that male misogynists do not escape. The victim’s name shall remain protected. The name of the accused shall be broadcast. The woman shall be he own judge, because in such cases only the victim can understand the horrific nature of the violation.
Now, you will say: “Ken, how can Democrats win an election with such a plan?” It seems easy to them. Any Republican who dares to challenge their statistics or their definition is obviously a misogynist (a hater of women). The report says that 22 million women have been raped. That is a very safe margin of victory if say three out of five of them vote Democratic. They have now added Native Americans to the pot. Native Americans can influence elections in two states, South and North Dakota.

Lincoln University president, Brother Robert Jennings, has come to the defence of men. He blames some victims of unfair accusations, when they enticed men into their beds, hoping for favours. “We will use you up, if you allow us to use you. When it comes to making a final decision, we are going to marry the girl with the long dress on. That’s the one we take home to mama.”
Jennings is now fighting for his job. Faculty has voted to throw him out. Men are forbidden misogynist talk. The prosecutor is looking into his case.

Model Barbara Bowman was hired by comedian Brother Bill Crosby in 1986. She was allocated a pent-house hide-out in New York, all expenses paid. Then 17 years old, she went on ski-holidays and got some acting contracts on Cosby’s show. Now 59, her modelling career deteriorating, she has renewed the charge against Cosby. When she first reported the matter in 2006, her attorney said that she had made up the story.
Jennings said that many of these women have lied. When Cosby placed her in a pent-house hide-out, one wonders whether she thought that she had received a scholarship. If she was raped once, she continued the relationship, which enabled Cosby to rape her several times (sic).  Republicans have no answer to these questions because the rules have been changed. No defence is allowed whatever as Jennings is now experiencing.
Republicans are losing another battle. Obama has allowed five states to experiment with marijuana. Arizona had 6 000 medical marijuana users in 2006. Since marijuana was legalised in 2013, the number of users jumped to 200 000. The issue is very simple.

No person in his marijuana sense will possibly vote for Republicans who place emphasis on traditional values of family, law and order and throwing people in cells. There is no debate.
Democrats have cleverly ambushed Republicans on another issue. Obama legalised five million illegal Hispanics. These Mexicans constitute substantial numbers in five states, New Mexico, Arizona, New Hampshire, New York and Florida. It really does not matter what Republicans can say about legal migration. Almost every Mexican has relatives who are here illegally. It is a question of self-preservation.
So the election of 2016 is already being fought. Democrats are saying that Republicans support misogynists, they do not give protection to our girls in colleges, and that they want to drive out Mexicans who overstayed their visas. They will not mention that most non-Christian colleges have co-ed dormitories. In some cases boys and girls share same bathrooms and toilets, and even same bed-rooms.
They will not mention Biden’s redefinition of rape from forcible penetration to “I said YES, and then I changed my mind.”
Voters are being programmed to vote in a certain way before the elections, no matter what the real issues are.

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