EU bans Air Zimbabwe

EU bans Air Zimbabwe

The airline have been blacklisted for operating out-of-date planes

THE European Union (EU) has banned Zimbabwe’s flag carrier, Air Zimbabwe, from flying to Europe, due to its failure to meet the block’s stringent safety requirements.
This is despite the fact that the troubled airline stopped flying its planes into any of the European countries in 2011 after one of its planes was impounded in London for failing to repay debts.
Currently, the national airline is operating four planes out of an aged fleet of 10.
Three other airlines Med-View of Nigeria, Mustique Airways from St Vincent and Ukraine’s Aviation Company Urga are also included on EU’s no-fly list.
The four airlines have been blacklisted for operating out-of-date planes and poor government oversight in their respective countries, among other misdemeanours.
EU transport commissioner, Violeta Bulc said: “The (EU) commission and the European Aviation Safety Agency are ready to assist them raise the safety standards.”
The EU has, however, cleared airlines from Benin and Mozambique from its air safety blacklist after the airlines improved their safety standards.

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