Fawcetts alarm systems, panic buttons and reaction services

Fawcetts is already well-established in the provision of alarm systems, panic buttons and reaction services in Bulawayo and Harare and is expanding these services into the rest of the country.

Alarms systems and panic buttons are effective means of defending any property. Panic buttons can be installed independently of alarms systems.  Reactions services can be provided in response to an alarm activation, panic button activation or in response to a phone call from a client.
In the event that a Fawcetts panic button or monitored alarm system is activated, a Fawcett crew will attend. Their function would be to search the immediate area for suspicious persons, and temporarily secure the area.  In the event that emergency medical assistance, the fire brigade or police are required, these will be summoned through the Fawcett Control Room.  Panic buttons are a cost effective method of security assistance in the event of a break-in, however, they rely on the occupant hearing or seeing activity that is of a suspicious nature.
Alarms can be installed with or without a monitoring feature.  Where alarms are installed without a monitoring feature, any incident that occurs will be reacted to by the occupant.
Alternately, Fawcetts Emergency Reaction Service can be contacted.  This would require that a phone call be made by the occupant summoning a Fawcett reaction crew. In instances where an alarm has been installed with a monitoring feature, any activation will send a signal to Fawcett control room which acts as the advice that an alarm event has occurred at the site.  As a result, a Fawcett reaction crew would then attend.
It is also possible to contract a reaction service without an alarm in which case the occupant makes a call to Fawcett control room to summon the reaction crew.  This is a cost effective service and is referred to as the Fawcett Emergency Reaction Service.      
Alarm and panic button systems must be properly maintained to ensure proper function when they are needed.  Ensure that you regularly check the system by setting it off. Ensure that you place rat poison in your roof to reduce the likelihood of rats eating the wires. Frequent and extended power cuts have an adverse effect on the life of alarm batteries; ensure that you replace the battery should this be required.
Make sure that all members of your family know your alarm code and service provider’s reaction procedures — remember it is often difficult to think clearly when in an attack situation.
Always arm your alarm when leaving the property, irrespective of how long you will be out.  Criminals take just a few minutes to empty a home of the high value items it has taken you years to acquire.   
Should you require a personal discussion on how Fawcetts’ services and products can solve your security problems, please contact any of their offices.

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