Forensic audit underway for “missing” US$15 billion diamonds – Chidhakwa

Forensic audit underway for “missing” US$15 billion diamonds – Chidhakwa

Mines and Mining Development Minister Walter Chidhakwa

A FORENSIC audit is underway to establish the quantity and value of gems that Zimbabwe lost through leakages at the Chiadzwa diamond fields Mines and Mining Development Minister Walter Chidhakwa said on Wednesday.

Last month, President Robert Mugabe said that the country had lost diamonds worth $15 billion, a revelation that rattled a country whose government is entirely funded by taxes and is struggling to provide basic services while millions of its population are jobless.

Despite frequent reports of smuggling from the vast Chiadzwa fields where institutions such as the police, army and some Chinese firms were involved in the mining activities, the value of the loss had never been quantified since operations began over five years ago.

And parliamentarians on Wednesday asked Chidhakwa if he had any knowledge about the disappearance of the diamonds and the people who were involved.

Chidhakwa appeared to cast doubt on Mugabe’s claim that $15 billion worth of diamonds vanished saying “the figure is in the process of being established.”

“We have started a process of establishing why and how it happened and how much it is,” Chidhakwa told the national assembly.
“Once the forensic audit is done, we will bring it to Parliament.”

Most of the leakages are said to have occurred during the tenure of Obert Mpofu, who was mines minister between 2009 and 2013, and there have been calls from civil society and the general public for him to be called to account.

Chidhakwa was appointed to head the ministry in September 2013. Last month government ordered diamond miners in the Chiadzwa area to cease operations to pave way for its wholly-owned Zimbabwe Consolidated Mining Company (ZCDC) as part of initiatives to improve transparency and accountability in the sector.

Government said its new model has been successfully applied in neighbouring countries such as Botswana to improve earnings from the mining and marketing of the gems. The Source

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  • gutter poet

    All one can say to this tripe and trai- comedy is hahahahahaha. Does the Minister himself even believe this twaddle he is peddling here?

  • ziv12

    Just how many forensics have we carried out and how many more do we have to do.?
    Just where was Mugabe, Mpofu, Gershom Pasi(and his kutora mari Zimra) when this was happening?
    Where you not warned by the then minister of finance Biti that your systems at Chiiadza was a shambles? Now this?

    And you claim to be champions of empowering Zimbabweans when you let such huge amounts haemorraging through your fingers? Please can you for once take the hard working Zimbabweans seriously.

    Mukuru wenyu nemwi mese you re at fault. Makadhakwa mese!
    The poor suffering Zimbabweans demand an answer from you. Maakunyanya kudherera vanhu manje.

    To Gershom: Do you still feel Companies and Individual still have obligation to pay taxes shuwa? Kana wakazvitarisawo wega hako? ndiwe unoti wakaita zvefundo yemari yepamusoro. Kana kunyanya kufunda kuchikonzera kuti vanhu vaite madofo semwi saka ndavakuregesa kuendesa vana vangu kuchikoro!


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