Former ZAPU VP speaks out

Former ZAPU VP speaks out
Emilia Mukaratirwa

Former ZAPU vice president, Emilia Mukaratirwa

FORMER ZAPU vice president, Emilia Mukaratirwa, is still weighing her options, months after quitting the opposition party.
Speaking to the Financial Gazette this week Mukaratirwa said she is still very much into politics and dismissed previous suggestions that she had quit ZAPU because of issues to do with regionalism.
“I left ZAPU on my own insistence because our term as the executive had long expired and the uncertainty of when the next party congress would be held forced me to tender my resignation,” she said.
ZAPU has postponed its annual congress a number of times since last year due to financial challenges.
She insisted this week that her political days are far from over.
“I feel that I have not yet done enough for my country. Also from a gender perspective there are few women in politics and it will not help matters if we start becoming less instead of more. It is the duty for those of us already in the political arena to keep going in order to encourage other women to join politics,” she said.
Mukaratirwa dismissed earlier suggestions by the Financial Gazette issue of March 3-9 2016 that she had quit ZAPU because of regionalism.
She said the quote attributed to her was, in fact, her response to the issue of ZAPU being generally perceived by people as a regional party.
“Whenever I introduced myself most people would start speaking to me in Ndebele and immediately ask me about Bulawayo because they assumed being in ZAPU meant I was from Bulawayo, forgetting that this is a national party,” Mukaratirwa was previously quoted as having said.
ZAPU was re-established in 2008 after some of the party’s leaders opted out of the 1987 Unity Accord Agreement which merged PF ZAPU and ZANU (PF).
Since its revival, ZAPU has poorly performed, losing remarkably in the 2013 election contest and failing twice last year to raise funds to hold its elective congress.

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