FOUNDING FATHER’S MEMOIRS: February 21st is not a public holiday, Cdes

FOUNDING FATHER’S MEMOIRS: February 21st is not a public holiday, Cdes
Former president Robert Mugabe

Former president Robert Mugabe

COMRADES, I notice that the junta-boy and his hangers-on are trying to continue mocking me, this time making a show of celebrating my life when, in fact, they are celebrating what they see as my downfall.
Let me make is very clear and loud that there is nothing called the Robert Mugabe Day on the national calendar, so there is no public holiday to celebrate next week. They have treated me like a monkey in a zoo for long enough. Now I have to make the truth known. I was not going to address you this week, had it not been for the need to clarify this issue of this purported February 21st holiday.
I feel like resting, resting and resting as someone who worked so hard for so many decades and would be coming back to continue the hard work.
I will be addressing you fully next week.

Kindest Regards,
Your One and Only Leader


Same change!

THE more things appear to change, the more they remain the same. This is a lesson that has taught Dr CZ not to expect anything good to come from criminals plying their trade in the lucrative field of politics. One would hope that if only the new self-imposed owners of the country could do things differently. This business of disrupting productive work during weekdays should not continue from where Robert Mugabe left it. Those political campaign rallies, disguised as government business, should be held over the weekend, or after business hours into the night, not for government business and even schools to close because some politicians are hunting for votes.
The country has no cash, yet the leadership — more precisely those who purport to be the leaders — are busy mesmerising themselves with mere scarves that are, in fact, a jumbled up sequence of our dear national colours! A scarf will never make one a patriot! Foolish!
Not to mention those women that are hired to make a show of crying upon announcement that Auxillia Mnangagwa — who is showing all signs of becoming another First Lady-and-a-half — has ceased to be a legislator for Zvishavane-Zibagwe constituency in order for her to fully concentrate on her newly-found role as a drama queen!


DR CZ read the following statement somewhere. It is a statement that is now sadly ringing true in this country.
“Destroying any nation does not require the use of atomic bombs or the use of long range missiles. It only requires lowering the quality of education and allowing cheating in the examinations by the students. Patients die at the hands of such doctors. Buildings collapse at the hands of such engineers. Money is lost at the hands of such economists and accountants. Humanity dies at the hands of such religious scholars. Justice is lost at the hands of such judges… The collapse of education is the collapse of the nation.”
Last week, the Minister of Education, Paul Mavima, announced the cancellation of the Ordinary Level English Paper 2 set by the Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) after it emerged that the paper had leaked and many students had accessed it via the social media.
How the paper leaked is obvious. In a country where integrity is so lacking that the wife of a whole former president reportedly awarded herself a PhD degree, it comes as no surprise at all that anything can happen. Dr CZ has always suspected that children of many influential people in this country, especially those of politicians, have been regularly cheating in these local exams, under the full supervision of exam authorities.
The question now is which other papers leaked, considering that record passes of 30 points at Advanced Level are being registered, that only the results of English Paper 2 should be peremptorily nullified?
How about papers of the other subjects that most students dread… like Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology et al? What would stop them from leaking them ahead of the English Paper 2? So why should the results of all the other subjects still stand?
What lacks in this country is integrity. You see it by the way people want to be what they can never, ever, be. People who can barely read and write insist on being addressed as “Dr”. We have reached the phase that Nigeria reached in the 1970s and 80s when there were more people with fraudulent qualifications that those with bona fides.
Dr CZ has noticed that in his interactions with many people with high-sounding qualifications — including even Dr CZ’s own loyal fans — can hardly tell their left from right. Being a part-time criminal that he always has been, Dr CZ has observed that more than half of the lawyers in this country behave way below borderline. The same is also true with the men and women that are sitting importantly on our judiciary bench, especially those that came from the era when they were just hand-picked by politicians. The public interviews for judges have given the public rare glimpses into the professional capabilities (in this case lack of them) of some of these so-called judges. It was really pathetic to see supposedly experienced lawyers and judges failing to explain what a first year law student is expected to take for granted.
That is what happens when you become a nation of fraudsters. Sadly, to our collective shame, this is the reality of the society we live in today. There are many people masquerading as medical doctors — the late war veterans’ leader “Dr” Chenjerai Hunzvi was one such — there are chartered accountants, engineers, professors, pilots… anything one can think of because we are a hopelessly depraved people.
The latest outbreak of exam paper leaks has not been helped by the proliferation of private schools and colleges that exist primarily for the purpose of making money at all cost. The business of private schools and colleges thrive on “good” results and many of the owners go out of their way to do whatever they can to ensure that they give the parents and guardians the results that justify the extortionate fees they charge. The surest way of doing that is to induce officials at ZIMSEC to give them the exam papers in advance. With the resultant 100-plus percent pass rates, they can be assured of bounteous intakes every year… and lots of money into the back pockets. Dr CZ knows many of his journo colleagues that got bogus results from this college in Harare. Too many of them!
Suppose in August last year Dr CZ approached ZIMSEC senior officials and or directors masquerading as a somebody at the “Dr” Amai Grace Mugabe High School and indirectly ask them to help ensure that the results at the school — that charges a cool
US$4 600 per term — are in the top 10 nationally, would it be unimaginable that entire exam papers would be readily made available? Who would want to look the way George Charamba looked that day in Chinhoyi?
Anyway, this is a matter of individual conscience… it is well for as long as one can live comfortably with that in the private forum of their own conscience… the same way women who lie about paternity do, or the way some killer doctors happily relish the number of people they have killed. We once had a president who lost elections dismally, but went on to declare himself winner and made the real winners his subordinates without bating an eye. These are the matters of conscience that we are referring to… where stark naked people look at themselves in the mirror and still find nothing wrong with their dressing!
Dr CZ has told himself that he will never cheat or waste time pretending to be what he is not or can never be… rather he may actually pretend not to be what he actually is… like pretending to know nothing when he knows, or to be unable when he can, rather than to want to be seen to be the other way round… no matter the monetary and other rewards!

Levy Nyagura

Levy Nyagura


STILL on fake qualifications, last week, University of Zimbabwe Vice Chancellor, Levy Nyagura decided to insult Zimbos by having the chutzpah to defend the indefensible… when he tried to defend his awarding of a degree to former first lady Grace Mugabe. If Dr CZ were him, he would do the honourable thing and simply confess that he was arm-twisted into partaking in the mischief… everyone knows and no sane person would fail to understand him. If others have gone scot free (at least for now), what about him whom everyone knew obviously had a pistol planted into his occiput? But trying to be clever by half will invite the full wrath Zimbos — whose collective intelligence he is equating to human dung! He will pay dearly for this! He should not say Dr CZ was cruel not to warn him! Watch this space!
What foolishness is that? He thinks the former dictator and his clan will return to lord over Zimbos again? Let him live alone in that dreamland!


ALSO still on people with questionable qualifications, last week, the media reported that a Masvingo court ordered a 78-year old Mwenezi man to pay maintenance for his 27-year old son who is making a show of studying a degree at the Zimbabwe Open University. Last year, Isaac Magaisa (78) of Matake Village under Chief Chitanga was dragged by his son, Tavonga Magaisa, to court where he was curiously ordered to pay $150 monthly as maintenance for this idiotic son of his, by a magistrate with fishy qualifications and he correctly ignored this silly order. It resulted in him being brought back to court after the extortion arrears had reached $300. With judicial officers like these, who needs criminals?
Who does not know that there is a certain age beyond which human beings — and surprisingly even animals — ought to have naturally mastered the art of taking care of themselves?
At 27 years of age many normal people will be having families of their own to fend for, not to connive with criminals masquerading as judicial officers to extort money from pensioners. By the magistrate’s curious reasoning, for as long as one’s parent(s) are still alive, it remains their responsibility to provide even the luxuries of life to those of their offspring that may choose to remain perpetual minors. Right? Silly kangaroo court!


DR CZ is watching with great amusement the feral leadership fights that are raging in the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party where people are about to kill each other over who should succeed its ailing leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, whose cancer of the colon is believed to have emanated from the teas that he used to enjoy during the frienemic coalition government days.
The problem in the MDC-T is not Elias Mudzuri, Thokozani Khupe or Nelson Chamisa. It is Morgan Tsvangirai himself. He learnt the art of divide and rule from the grand master himself, Robert Mugabe. So everything that is happening in that party is a direct result of some dictatorial tendencies that Tsvangirai inherited, warts and all, from his role model, Mugabe. He has always been a dictator so it was easy for him to personalise the party just like what Mugabe did with his former ZANU-PF party and even government. All those fights are a result of that.


  • Tavaka Zhou

    Hahahahaha comrade CZ, I can’t afford to lose a single article please

  • ISO-Certified Patriot

    What happened to the notebook?

  • Chikerema

    Seems the author of the memoirs and CZ are one

    • Tjooo!

      Is this a revelation to you?

      I think understanding literature is more important than Maths.

  • Kutonga Kwaro

    Levy Nyagura good riddance, if he was an honest man he should have come clean as soon as the Mugabage g40 cabal fell from Grace. He should rot in prison. Silly old man

  • Bryan Zuze

    Given the cruelty and abuse of power by the Mugabes, I don’t think the Prof had much of a choice unless he was hardcore G40. If he was clean he would be defending now that he is arrested he might see the light. I mboko ye munhu

  • Quan

    R.I.P Morgan Tsvangirai

  • Lovemore

    February 21st is not a public holiday, Cdes, making it would be foolish. Shame this shameless family did not even send condolence messages to the Tsvangirai family. May they suffer

  • Gladmore Jani

    How the paper leaked is obvious. In a country where integrity is so lacking that the wife of a whole former president reportedly awarded herself a PhD degree, it comes as no surprise at all that anything can happen. Dr CZ has always suspected that children of many influential people in this country, especially those of politicians, have been regularly cheating in these local exams, under the full supervision of exam authorities. hahahahahah

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