FOUNDING FATHER’S MEMOIRS: My wife targeted for persecution, Cdes

FOUNDING FATHER’S MEMOIRS: My wife targeted for persecution, Cdes
Former first lady Grace Mugabe

Former first lady Grace Mugabe

MY dear Comrades, as I have previously warned, the persecution that we have been looking forward to has started in earnest. Because of the immunity that I am supposed to enjoy as the Founding Father of this nation, the junta-boy cannot harass me directly so he has decided to target my dear wife with the primary intention of giving me sleepless nights so that our new party is completely denied my important attention.
After the fake degree charges failed to stick on my dear wife, the junta-boy has decided to manufacture ivory smuggling charges against her. Only recently, his relatives and hangers-on that are masquerading as judges ordered my wife to let go of the properties that she has been holding against the crook that duped her of her hard-earned money in a botched diamond ring deal.

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  • Tafi

    Not fair

  • Tachiona Machaka

    You abandoned fellow compatriots in favour of bookish scholars who misled you. Carry your cross now. You cut the branch on which you are hanging above a flooded river, the tidy is getting more and more turbulent everyday.

    • gutter poet

      I could not say it better meself…

  • Marcus Garvey Lives

    Not all of us have access to the hard copy of this paper as we are abroad. Why are you still hiding the rest of this article from last week? Either put a paywall up or simply dont bother with an online version. What you are doing will drive online readers, and in turn, online advertisers, away.

  • Mukotami

    Lets have some payment plan here please, I cant get the physical version as I am not in Zim. lets play fair please

  • Media Backwards

    The strategist for this media house are thinking like stone age people. They do not fully grasp the modern media business environment and models.

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