Galloway residents rise against ZAHA

Galloway residents rise against ZAHA
 Killer Zivhu

Killer Zivhu

THE Zimbabwe Allied Housing Association (ZAHA) has come under fire for failing to provide title deeds to Galloway Park (Galloway) owners, four years after they purchased stands in the Norton suburb.
The Galloway Residents Association Trust told The Financial Gazette that the stands, which measure between 2 500 and 3 000 square metres and were unveiled in 2013, are yet to be fully serviced.
“Four years have lapsed since ZAHA acquired Galloway but nothing of note has transpired. Most, if not all, Galloway stands have no title survey and they are not listed with the Surveyors General’s office owing to unpaid surveyor’s fees,” the Trust said.
Information gathered by this newspaper shows that 345 residents bought stands from Norton Brooke between 2011 and 2013 before ZAHA took over the project in 2013.
However, according to documents from Galloway Residents Association Trust, the land developer has failed to avail title deeds to people who had paid their dues as far back as 2014.
“Numerous approaches to ZAHA by both the trust and individual residents have not yielded any fruits as ZAHA is arrogant and evasive, using the Allied Bank case as a scapegoat for non-development yet residents continued subscribing through Ecobank and CBZ after the closure of Allied Bank on December 6, 2013,” the Trust said.
It noted that requests made to Norton Town Council to force ZAHA to comply with the requirements for development permit “have not yielded any fruits due to interference and unethical motives by both ZAHA and Norton Town Council staff”.
The Trust blamed the Killer Zivhu-led real estate firm for failing to provide standard roads, water reticulation systems and electricity at Galloway’s phases C and D.
“Residents are also struggling to get finance and mortgage as ZAHA has failed to comply with agreed terms of development as detailed in the Parallel Development Permit,” the Trust said.
Zivhu, however, said title deeds for Galloway would only be availed in three years’ time following an agreemen between ZAHA and the Norton Town Council.
“We will only avail the title deeds to residents in 2020 as per our agreement with council. We are also in the process of servicing the stands as we speak, so there is nothing amiss in Galloway,” he said.
Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa, has raised concern over ZAHA’s purchase of 700 hectares of land in Norton for property development.
“It has been brought to my attention that a litany of irregularities may have been perpetrated in the allocation and administration of land in Norton by ZAHA. Some of the alleged allegations appear to be criminal and as a result, a full investigation should urgently be carried out so that accused persons be brought to book,” Mliswa said.

  • Jj

    Its was long over due that the truth be told, at least we have other journalists that have Morals and Ethics of the trade. Imagine if Killer Zivhu’s journalist’s had been approached they would have Sanitized this article in your favour.

    The save a dollar Build a house scheme you intend to set up its on of your schemes of stealing from unsuspecting Zimbo’s,if those interviews were transparent why on earth were you there during the interviews, why did your team eg Trevor, go around households requesting people to speak good about ZAHA to the herald crew.

    My hope is that the responsible Council and local authorities do a proper audit and evaluate if such developers like Zaha have the capacity to handle yet another developmental project when they have failed deliver PaGalloway and his other project in Chiredzi.

    How many lawsuits against ZAHA are there for non compliance ,failer to deliver ,reimbursements and yet alone the much talked about VAT which they have teamed up with NTC not to inspect nor approve yet they still demand rates and endowment fees from the same residents.

    All the same we as residents of Galloway we just wish sanity would prevail paGalloway.i.e.

    1. Norton Town Council Housing Committee be sensible and be transparent in their dealings ,how can these crew and councilors connive and rubber stamp that development is above board yet nothing has been happening for the past 4 years.

    2. NTC Engineering department head Maramba, please do your work and inspect development work in progress on site rather than just signing for substandard work that even a lay man can see that is substandard.

    3. NTC Town Secretary Kizito Muhomba ,soften up to residents and be man enough and stop covering for Killer Zivhu, the man owe councils in unpaid rates which is uncollected revenue lying idle .Engage Mangwana in collecting mari iyoyo panekutumira Machembere ane $200 rates owing summons yet Killer owes a lot.

    4.Killer Zivhu please be man enough and come and meet residents vawakadyira mari .We did not sign contracts with Mangwana or Muhlolo .we want answers from you.

    • Lee Cee

      Killer Zivhu is a criminal period. Don’t you ever forget he swindled cross border traders and was prosecuted (factually correct). What i don’t seem to understand is why is he still at the helm of the so called Cross border traders association. In most countries he would have been banned from ever doing business. But we as citizens are to blame, we canonise criminals. We think if a miscreant puts on a suit then all of a sudden he is clean. Once a miscreant always a miscreant. Killer zivhu is quintessentially a first class criminal, con artist, charlatan and a thief.

      A miscreant masquerading as a businessman shame on you scoundrel.

      We have just started with you we are not chivi peasants. Trust me we are coming after you. Watch the space. You will play ball. We are not manipulative like you trying to change stories and narratives to suit your twisted and insidious motives. We will be victorious because this is good against evil. The righteous will prevail trust me.

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