Gweru dam levels critical

GWERU — Council’s main water reservoirs, Amapongokwe and Gwenoro dams have reached critical levels.
Fearing the worst, council is urging residents to use the resource sparingly as the city braces for disruptive water rationing.
A fortnight ago, director of engineering, Praymore Mhlanga, revealed that water levels at Amapongokwe had drastically declined from 90 percent in June last year to 60 percent last month, while Gwenoro is 46 percent full.
Council will therefore, soon begin the excruciating process of water rationing to stretch supplies until the next rainfall season, around October or November.
“We are yet to commence water rationing because of the hope that we might receive some rain during this rainfall season. But in the event that we don’t, the unfortunate exercise would begin,” said Mhlanga.
“We are already in the middle of the season, so we don’t expect to receive much rain”.
Gweru has embarked on strict measures to save water which include a ban on gardening and the washing of cars using council water.
Some parts of the city have gone for days without water, mainly due to power cuts at Gweru’s major pump stations.

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