LETTER FROM AMERICA: A tale of two Zimbabwes!

LETTER FROM AMERICA: A tale of two Zimbabwes!
President Emmerson Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

MY great aunt, Mrs Hilda Bulle, took me for a runaround the wealthy areas of Harare that lie north and north-east of State House. I do not know why it had not dawned on me before. There are definitely two Zimbabwes.
These Zimbabwes fit perfectly Charles Dickens paradigm of industrial England. To one group, it was the worst of times, to the other it was the best of times. I was pleasantly surprised that the area which I shall describe first, could rival any of the world class neighbourhoods in New York of San Francisco.

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  • samanyika

    Mukoma Ken

    I did warn you that if you do not move this column to an accessible publisher you will lose me within 14days. we have come to that point today. the sole point of this divorce being that Fingaz has refused, despite our pleas, to create alternative access to their news stories eg a paywall. insisting on providing only spinets of stories and hoping that readers will then go and buy a hardcopy is not only short-sighted and inept, but also downright stupid and totally dump. some of us live where the printed paper will never reach. now, i dont know how much Fingaz is paying you to contribute this column, but i want to put it on record that by sticking with them you are siding with the Philistines. the column i had enjoyed from its time in the Sunday Mail, way back in the 90s when I was in high school, will now belong to Nelson Banya and his superiors at Fingaz. I hereby make my emotional farewell. and purely on principle Mkoma Ken, I am cancelling an order I had made on that Mugabe book you produced last year, because I dont want to be reminded of what I cant have.
    Much respect Prof

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