LETTER FROM AMERICA: Americans are an amazing people (2)

LETTER FROM AMERICA: Americans are an amazing people (2)
US President,  Donald Trump

US President, Donald Trump

WE decided two months ago that the “heavy political news” coming out of the United States since Donald Trump’s electoral victory in November has gone too far. So we opted for “lighter news,” which we had ignored for some time.
Once more, we wish to express concern at the number of our readers who may fall while laughing, despite our prior warning and advice to readers to secure themselves before reading.
My friend, Fabian Mabaya, of Masvingo has further volunteered this advice. “Ken, do not write your name. People may get the idea of blaming you when they break their bones laughing.” (kunzwa mabayo nekuseka).
Americans are a most amazing people. Even the great British observer, Winston Churchill said that they will run away with the wildest idea before they return to the centre.”
Brother Charles Hungwe, writing from Kent, in the United Kingdom is one such victim. He brought some attention to himself at his place of work, when, seized by “outbursts of laughter and muffled sniffs, I had to go out of my office and simply let it go”.
The last weeks of May are called pre-conference days because all major religious bodies hold their annual conferences during the first two weeks in June. So, I was visiting with my white brothers in Christ of Presbyterian persuasion.
Oh, the Presbyterians are getting it rough with the devil. I attended the breaking of ground at Church Street because my neighbour was a chief elder (Presbyter) there.
To cut a long story short, a female aggressive emissary, of advanced theological views, was visiting from the bishop’s office.
She ministered to them about love; love is forgiving, love is tolerant, and love is not repulsed even by those who do not look like us, walk like us, dress like us, and now wait, love like us.
Solomon Nyamande wrote me last week: “Ken, therefore what?”
Please Nyamande, do not ask me any more questions. The aggressive lady, who wore a spicy above the knee-tight outfit, apparently practiced what she preached.
Then she prayed with a powerful voice, invoking the goddess of love, Sophia to overwhelm the saints with all manner of gifts. I asked my guide; “Who is Sophia?” whereupon I regretted my ignorance.
A perversion of the gospel is associated with Hillary Clinton and her teacher, Barack Obama. In simple terms, Christians are commanded to love. Therefore, they cannot love the gay person while introducing “hate” in reference to the gay lifestyle.
Syrian goddess Sophia is the central pivot of creation and represents the feminine side of the god-head, mistress of all wisdom.
Of the 440 members at Church Street, only 40 have remained while the majority has formed a new and vital congregation, full of good works.
The last bastion of old-fashioned religion is the Southern Baptist Church, which will be holding its annual conference in a few weeks.
We beg our readers to show extreme restraint.
The overseer of matters doctrinal and political is the “connectional” called the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).
The SBC lays itself open to attack by secular-theologians on the basis that it has a pro-slavery heritage to contend with. Associated with slavery, Jim Crow laws, struggle against school integration, it has lots to be repentant about.
Through these chinks, the devil is having a field day.
Doctor Russell Moore, a gifted secular-theologian, formerly a Democratic Party operative wended his way into the SBC, landing himself the post of president of the ethics and liberty committee.
Moore, an admirer of Hillary, convicted by the support the SBC had given to slavery and racism, used the ethics committee as a springboard to re-orient the evangelical groupings under its umbrella.
Moore, only 43-years-old, does not realise that his views belong to Alice Bailey’s New World Order, of which the Obamas and Clintons are its high priests.
He set out to reverse the US incarceration of black’s syndrome. He invited preachers of colour and commingled easily.
It was Moore’s direct attack on Trump, and his deriding remarks about television evangelists that brought the old establishment to fight him. While he lived in the Obama-Clinton universe, the southern Baptists lived in another.
According to Moore, Trump should not be allowed anywhere near a religious institution, whether it be a synagogue or a chapel. Trump was an exemplar of “sexual decadence and misogyny, (a) broker in cruelty and nativism, with a crazed and public and private temperament.”
Russell suddenly became the voice of reason among atheists and “never Trumpers”.
Both repented profusely, humbling themselves before God. Swaggart who ran a Russell committed the cardinal sin of the Pharisees, posturing and adopting
Russell said that evangelical sympathy for Trump had revealed underlying race bigotry among the saints.
Please Nyamande, don’t start on me (American English) and ask: “Therefore what?”
Therefore: Like most Americans, the Reverend Doctor Russell Moore woke up on November 10, 2016 to find that mad billionaire sexist Trump was elected President.
Evangelicals had delivered 83 percent of their support.
Robert Jeffers, the organiser of the Christian, and the largest contributor the SBC was joined by 10 mega churches seeking for a “separation” with Moore in love.
Nyamande, I don’t have to remind you about the brother who is apologising and reminding the saints of Christian charity.


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