LETTER FROM AMERICA: Bill Cosby and United States justice

LETTER FROM AMERICA: Bill Cosby and United States justice
Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

BEFORE  we can discuss the story of United States black comedian Bill Cosby, there are certain assumptions we must take into account. There is a black narrative that whenever a black man “makes good”, the US system is out to bring him down. It does not matter how well one does, sooner or later, the system is designed to humiliate and bring the black man “down to size”.
As we go to press, Cosby is a free man. Accusations against him by Andrea Constand, a she-man physical trainer, purported to have happened 20 years ago, failed to convince two black jurors, causing a hung jury.
Cosby is a prosperous black comedian; whose worth is estimated to be $100 million. When at first he applied for a spot as a comedian on national television, the media giants laughed until tears came down their faces. There was nothing black about his jokes.
A pioneer black comedian on public television, with a doctorate in education, white women were attracted to him.
In the pre-feminine age, ambitious starlets sought “big men” to sponsor them. Hollywood star Marylyn Monroe was President JF Kennedy’s lover. There is a suspicion that she died from an overdose when she found herself pregnant. President Bill Clinton had a woman in every town in Arkansas.
Senator Edward Kennedy was driving a starlet home after heavy drinking. The starlet was found dead in Lake Chappaquiddick. Kennedy swam ashore.
The narrative therefore is that while the sins of white men are forgivable, black men associated with white women invite the kiss of death, even after courts have freed them. The narrative, which forgives Kennedy and Clinton, condemns black men as sexual devils.
In O J Simpson’s case, he was accused of murdering his white wife, but the glove presented as evidence at the trial had been manufactured. The brilliant attorney pleaded with the jury; “If the glove does not fit, you must acquit.” It really did not matter that he was acquitted, a trumped up charge was made by two white men posing as his friends while working for the authorities. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison for attempting to buy his own memorabilia, to which he had been drawn by the two spies.
Cosby worked in this environment, and he forgot himself. The issue is not that Cosby did not sleep with the 50 women who say he did. The women willingly, in my opinion, were attracted to him in the hope of furthering their careers.
There was a disobedient white girl (supposedly 16) who attached herself to Cosby for two years while attending a dance school in New York. Cosby paid for her private lodgings and supplied her with all her needs.
The girl (and the parents) allowed themselves to enter into a thoroughly disgraceful relationship. Such a woman, whose expenses are paid for by a rich man, is called a “kept woman”. In theory, Cosby could be accused of corruptive influence over a minor, and statutory rape. The issue came up 20 years later-and our readers will want to know who raised the issue of age. It was raised by the girl.
It is possible that her career had not advanced as she had supposed. Cosby seems to imply that she was a lousy dancer.
I have served on juries. I enter the court with my mind made up. If a black man is accused, I will only condemn him if the Holy Spirit tells me to.
So, with this background, a gold digger lawyer Gloria Allred, advised by her daughter, another gold digger, pursued Cosby in the hope of settling “some issues”(out of court). This fire-eating attorney brought spurious charges on behalf of Constand. By poisoning the well of public opinion with pre-trial interviews, Allred thought that convincing a jury of white men would be a walk in the park. There were two brother jurors, full of the Holy Spirit, who, the record shows, “tenaciously fought to review the evidence, which is the rightful way to make a sound decision”.
It is interesting that 10 white jurors were with one accord that Cosby was guilty. Likewise, and I agree with the two brothers, they were convinced that the charges were trumped up “in order to bring Cosby down and take his money away”. In the white narrative, blacks are a criminal race, as well as sexual fiends, and are guilty as charged.
Constand’s accusation that Cosby sexually assaulted her is ridiculous since she confessed that prior, she had admitted to Cosby that she needed a relaxer. Cosby kept a special muti in his pocket for such opportunities, which she accepted kindly.
Cosby’s lawyers overcame the “heinously white exploitative attorney“ by reminding the jury that Constand willingly accepted the relaxing muti.
Cosby was well known for his off-side behaviour. Constand returned for further encounters. Please! Cosby’s victims willingly offered themselves as a prize in exchange for stardom.
The juicy part is that a narrative is based on a kernel of truth. When slavery was abolished, slave masters chose a few healthy Negroes, called studs, whose occupation was to impregnate black women. When police encounter a posse of young black males roaming in a neighbourhood, there is bound to be fireworks.

  • kwv

    It always amazes me that these women who claim to have been grievously affected – wait 20, 30, 40 years before coming out of the bushes. Surely, if it was that grievous, she should have spoken up right away? And if not, why not?

    I cannot recall in detail what might and might not have gone on with women 30 or 40 years ago. I was going to say, “Who can?” but obviously some claim they can. We have the same thing here in the UK with women suddenly claiming grievous harm “in the historical past”. I would propose a statute of limitations – if you cannot make your claim with 5 years, when there is some reasonable chance of determining the truth – then don’t make it.

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