LETTER FROM AMERICA: Breaking news! Jesse Jackson ‘outed’

LETTER FROM AMERICA: Breaking news! Jesse Jackson ‘outed’
Reverend Jesse Jackson

Reverend Jesse Jackson

THIS is really “big stuff” as Americans call it. A young researcher says he has found evidence from recently released archival materials that the Reverend Jesse Jackson, an acolyte of Dr Martin Luther King, was in communication with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Memphis Police, in Tennessee during and after the murder of Dr King.
The researcher, Ole Dammegard, received a peace award from Prague in 2016. If the researcher is anyway near the truth, serious issues arise. Government cannot be trusted when it releases information with such significance. Government is involved in so many shady deals that it is almost part of the underground. The sum of all this is that government is the master of fake news.
Polls have consistently reported that the majority of Americans believe that Dr King and JFK were murdered by people connected with the secret agencies in government itself. Therefore, government is the master of fake news.
Americans have been losing faith with their once revered sources of news. Government and the news media were two sides of the same coin. Both need each other.
A young researcher spent years “digging” up materials related to the death by a sniper of JF Kennedy and Dr Martin Luther King. In the first case, government set up a commission. The report said that JFK (as he is lovingly remembered) was murdered by Oswald who was acting alone. An inquiry into Dr King’s death by shooting said that he was shot by a deranged white supremacist.
Ole Dammergard says that there is “probable evidence” that Jackson was the contact man between the Dixie Mafia and Dr King’s organisation on April 4, 1968. The Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Memphis Police were all involved. Dammegard says on the fateful night, the wife of the Memphis Dixie Mafia called Jackson saying that the ground floor room 206 where Dr King was booked did not give a clear view. Dr King should be moved to Room 306 on the second floor.
The second piece refers to Dr King’s team wearing ties. Dr King was very strict in requiring that his followers be properly dressed in order to avoid the accusation that they were barbarians trying to disrupt the functions of society. Dr King’s dream was a total disregard for colour which would be replaced by talent.
Twice, Jackson refused to wear a tie when King asked him to. Those wearing ties were King, Andrews Young and Ralph Abernathy. By a pre-arrangement, the sharp-shooters would pick only those wearing ties. This “tie sign” is almost similar to the Jesus betrayal ― the sign of a kiss.
Such a person is called a “sleeper”.
“When one wants a carpenter, I hope that he shall not ask what colour the carpenter is, but whether he is a good carpenter or not,” King once said in one of his many famous speeches. In another quote, he argued that his hope was that his children shall be judged “not by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character”.
But King fell out of favour with President Lyndon Johnson and Federal Bureau Chief, J Edgar Hoover. Johnson felt that his efforts in civil rights legislation merited black support for the Vietnam effort. To Hoover, King’s association with a white women merited death. Hoover had a long gay relationship with one of his FBI agents. In the eyes of white supremacists, Dr King’s movement would bring about racial integration.

Martin Luther King

The late Martin Luther King Jr

Even those who supported him, JFK and Lyndon Johnson, thought the pace of integration King called for was too fast. Unfortunately, according to Dammergard, King and JFK were tarred with the same feather.
Dammergard goes beyond the killing of Dr King. After King was shot, Jackson remained at the motel, receiving inquirers and thus became a spokesperson for the black movement. He formed his own organisation, People United to Save Humanity, which was financed by liberal white corporations. Their unfailing support came from the Ford Foundation.
Jackson became a “national black leader” in all matters relating to black advancement. Demmargard insinuates that Jackson and other “national black leaders” are in the pay of secret services and that their usefulness to the black cause is limited.
Conservatives say that black leaders are not impressed by full-employment agenda. Evangelicals, who align themselves to conservatives, allege that black leaders are not responding to the call to strengthen black families as a way to alleviate poverty. They were also surprised that Jackson, a Baptist, would be on the non-gender programme.
Brother Jason Riley’s five-year research reported that black leadership sincerely believes that all the advancement in equal employment and minority businesses is directly related government intervention. Only Democrats see intervention as a useful tool in government, thus they deserve unqualified black support.
Nevertheless, if the Trumpkins are correct, the more serious allegation is that money is channeled to black leadership, in such a way as to sustain their lifestyles. Jackson has never worked outside PUSH and flies first class everywhere with two assistants in tow.
Another question not yet answered is if the US government has stooges in the black community, why are Trumpkins exposing them now? Why is Jackson a main target of these Trumpkin stalwarts?
A possible reaction from blacks may be a total rejection of this new information as part of a Trumpkin fake news campaign. We are yet to hear a reaction from Jackson himself.


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