LETTER FROM AMERICA: Cruel dilemma in the Cosby drama!

LETTER FROM AMERICA: Cruel dilemma in the Cosby drama!
Bill Cosby attends American Comedy Awards in New York

If it is true that 50 women have come out of hibernation to profess that Cosby perpetrated sexual acts against their bodies without their consent, I do not know any sister who is merry-making because of the indictment.

WHILE white audiences are celebrating the indictment of Brother Bill Cosby, people of colour are reminded of the cruel memories of how the United States justice system has worked against them.
Feminist lawyer, Gloria Allred, held a copy of the criminal complaint in front of a Pennsylvania courthouse. “For many women, it is the happiest day in their lives that Cosby will face the justice system,” she said.
If it is true that 50 women have come out of hibernation to profess that Cosby perpetrated sexual acts against their bodies without their consent, I do not know any sister who is merry-making because of the indictment.
We know that the gravest of offences, is for a black man to make a proposition to a white woman. Only last week, Brother Otis Byrd was found hanging from a tree in Mississippi.
Otis was involved in a murder- robbery in 1980 in which a white woman was killed. Having served 26 years in prison, Byrd thought he had paid his dues. Not so in Mississippi, a state which Dr Martin Luther King said was sweltering with injustice.
Similarly, Brother OJ Simpson, a millionaire football player in a defensive line nicknamed the Destroyers, was found not guilty of a double murder of his white wife and her white boyfriend.
The police had manufactured a bloody glove as evidence. For legal students, this provoked the now famous line that: “If the glove does not fit, you must acquit.” Though acquitted, a film about the murder is premiering this week, on the anniversary of the murder. Simpson at 76, suffering from early dementia, is serving a 25-year sentence on a trumped charge of stealing his own memorabilia. He has been denied parole.
It was in Mississippi that 14-year- old Emmet Till’s body was cut up into pieces by white racists in 1955 because he had blown a kiss at a white female store-keeper.
All this does not exonerate Cosby from the alleged offenses, but note that a black man is condemned and sentenced before the trial in the court of public opinion.
Jennifer Flowers and 21 other women accused United States president Bill Clinton of sexually molesting them. The women were called “bimbos” by Hillary Clinton.
Monica Lewinsky, a student intern, admitted an affair with Clinton. Get this straight. Clinton used his influence over Monica to kiss his private manhood in the White House Library several times. Clinton never went to jail for using undue influence, and has remained much beloved by both races. The issue here is that black crimes are exaggerated, over-punished, and cases where adults were consenting turned into criminal affairs because the white bimbos missed out on black-mail money. This is our view of the Cosby trial.
PJ Masten, a Playboy Bunnie, working in a prostitution club in Chicago, has thrown her hat in the ring to accuse Cosby. While Clinton was given the benefit of doubt, Cosby’s story fits into the Southern Boogie Man stories.
In American southern folklore, a boogie man is a big black man who prowls the night looking for bad white girls and boys. The Lord knows what this boogie man will do to white kids as he disappears with his victims into the night. By the same token, no white man was ever found guilty of violating black women, because they deemed irredeemably lecherous and libidinous.
Today, Cosby, 76, blind and in a state of dementia, who can hardly walk up a step, is regarded as dangerous by the system and must be locked up for the rest of his life. Clinton, younger by a few years, is enjoying his retirement. A judge demanded US$1 million for bail.
The lesbian Barbara Bowman met Cosby at the impressionable age of 17 and agreed to be mentored and introduced into the entertainment world. In 1985, she woke up one morning in Cosby’s New York apartment. “When I came to, I was in my panties and a man’s t-shirt, and Cosby was looming over me. I am certain that he drugged and raped me.” It is common among these Philistines to enhance their sexual propensities with alcohol or yohimbe (manhood) pills.
The entertainment world is inhabited by Philistines, who practice the custom of “ndipe gumbo ndikupe basa” (sex for advancement) as part of the package. Sugar daddies like Cosby provided material support and other benefits. It is the price a 17 year old “chick” willingly paid for being introduced into the big world.
The case was reviewed by Pennsylvania police in 2004 and rejected for lack of evidence. Why raise the issue now?
The answer lies somewhere else. Cosby’s cross-over success deserved to be punished. With a fortune of US$100 million he once considered buying the National Broadcasting Corporation, the entity that sponsored his television success. His fame came before Barack Obama, Tyler Perry and Sister Opprah Winfrey. No black man deserves to enjoy his success in peace. That he was a trail-blazer deserves severe punishment. That is the legacy of the slave narrative.
The accuser is a lesbian white. The attorney is a cut-throat lesbian white woman. The case goes before a white judge. Cosby walked on water. With a U$20 million foundation at Morehouse College, we thought at last he had arrived. But alas, the white world is unforgiving. The white world wants us to celebrate Cosby’s destruction.

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