LETTER FROM AMERICA: Death of a dream!

LETTER FROM AMERICA: Death of a dream!
Former vice president Joice Mujuru

Former vice president Joice Mujuru

I WAS minding my own business, as is my custom, clearing some grasses in preparation for a spring garden. I have a three-acre “grab” farm and like most Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, I grow some corn (maize) as was the custom in my ancestral home.
I was engaged in this dream that one day I will see Zion when a caller told me that Dr Joice Mujuru has dismissed Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo from the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) party.
It really does not matter what crimes these two have committed, it is common sense that a hired servant cannot dismiss the two principals who hired her.
The implosion of ZPF marks the death of my dream.
ZANU-PF cannot reform itself from within without outside pressure. Political parties, because they are human formations, institutionalise themselves; institutions perpetuate themselves at the expense of their followers. ZANU-PF is corrupt because it is human and lacks outside checks and balances.
The same was the case with the United States Democratic and Republican parties. They morphed into one, half a dozen in one and six in the other; that is, until billionaire Donald Trump smashed both parties.
For many decades, ZANU-PF has benefitted foreign countries with brain-drain, illicit financial outflows and subsidised armies of other countries in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique, while allowing a sad depletion and degradation of our roads and railways.
As a researcher in Malawi in 1991, I was told that after graduating, Malawians seek out their relatives in Zimbabwe, their first stop in search of jobs. Revisiting the country in 2011, I was surprised that taxi drivers and vendors in Blantyre spoke Shona, a result of the exodus of Zimbabwean entrepreneurs.
An unstable economic system attracts predatory fly-by-night enterprises, particularly in the extractive industries. Former US secretary of State, Henry Kissinger advised Angolan corporations, in a memo in 1971 to give themselves a maximum five-year window. Such companies have no time for social responsibility and building communities of love. They keep an eye on the exit window.
All our great companies such as Hwange Colliery Company have fallen victim to the predatory political system. Mutasa shed light on this predatory political system in 2008. “We would be better off with only six million people (half the population) who supported the liberation struggle. We don’t want all these extra people.”
Death of a dream
Mutasa, a kingpin in ZANU-PF, was one of the architects of a predator State. Once ZANU-PF had morphed into a predator organisation, he was responsible for the enforcement of the MIATA (silence). Legal documents show that activists Shepherd Maisiri, and Itai Dzamara and many others were brutally murdered or caused to disappear into thin air.
Mutasa’s presence in the ZPF was important, not because he commanded a virtuous reputation, but precisely because he knew where the skeletons were buried. His humiliation at the hands of Mukuru was total. The possibility of repentance, and exposure of the internal workings of ZANU-PF was invaluable to a new party.
If the accusations are anywhere near the truth, that at heart Mutasa was in love with ZANU-PF and yearned for an embrace from Mukuru, there are only two conclusions.
ZANUPF stalwarts drink a special muti which turns them into zombies unto death. Secondly, no party has been spared infiltration. This leaves Morgan Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) with only a remnant to fight another day.
Organisations cleanse themselves only under threat from external forces. Democracies therefore need two parties in order to self-correct. The implosion of ZPF, coming at this time, brings into question the timing. There is very little time left to repair the damage before the election. If at all Mujuru has lost negotiating leverage with the MDC-T.
A weakened People First and a weakened MDC are not likely to dislodge ZANU-PF.
British researcher, Ian Scoones, has shown that, even without coercion, 300 000 resettled families translate into one million votes. My estimate is that there are 5 000 chefs who enjoy the fat of the earth on account of their positions in the party and government. A chef’s influence in his immediate family translates to at least 100 people. That translates to 500 000 votes, by hook or by crook.
Add the fact that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission employs a turtle to count the votes if Mukuru loses, and a rabbit if Tsvangirai loses. Whether it is half a dozen or six, the opposition loses.
This method of infiltration was used to destroy Margaret Dongo and Kempton Makamure’s party. It originated in Kenya. A key opposition figure is bribed. A week before elections, that figure denounces his own party, guarantying loss of the election.
Without an alternative to ZANU-PF, the economy will continue on its predatory path; serving only the chefs.
South Africa has given notice that 200 000 Zimbabweans under special dispensation will lose their status come December 31. There is a new mindset throughout the world that foreigners who cannot be absorbed pose insoluble problems. Zimbabweans fleeing negative economic downturn have few opportunities abroad.
Only a madman would consider standing for election under these conditions.
Similarly, no party in power ever gave up power voluntarily. To play and abide by rules written and refereed by one’s opponent and arbitrated by a judge chosen by that opponent is futile.
We are in the same situation we were in 1965 when the late Ian Smith refused to negotiate.
My dream is dead.

  • Mafira

    Amen Professor, your last three paragraphs have hit the nail on the head. Zimbabwe needs a Third Chimurenga.

    • In Zimbabwe

      I beg to differ. War does not resolve anything. Libya is in flames right now due to war. God the Creator of the Universe hears our prayers.

      • Mafira

        The Bible talks of Wars against evil and the unjust. Prayers alone will not help the long suffering masses.

      • Mafira

        The Bible even talks of wars to fight the evil and unjust. Prayer alone will not help the long suffering masses.

        • Patrick Guramatunhu

          We had the opportunity to implement the democratic reforms during the GNU that would have ended Zanu PF’s dictatorship. Why did we waste that chance and failed to implement even one reform. Tsvangirai et al sold-out by failing to implement even one reform during the GNU and yet the people still have them as leaders.

          There is a chance to implement the reforms but you are naive if you think the likes of Tsvangirai will ever do it.

          You go to war as a last resort and not the first thing! The last war did not accomplish much other than install this corrupt and tyrannical regime we are stuck with today!

          • Mafira

            Bra Patrick, I am no that naive. Tsvangirai is not the leader who will take us out of this mess. His short comings and lack of vision are well documented.

            Definitely, war will have to be our last resort. Hence my reference to the last three paragraphs of the Professor`s column. Even if we are to have Obama leading the opposition in Zimbabwe, Zanu PF will rig its way into retaining power in 2018. Zanu PF is not going to relinquish power voluntarily as has been well documented.

            We have to coalesce around a new way, led by people who are all about serving Zimbabwe and not people who see leading Zimbabwe as their ticket to riches through plunder.

          • Patrick Guramatunhu

            Even Jabulani Sibanda and President Mugabe himself in their hour of tyrannical madness they would have told you they are serving Zimbabwe!

      • Patrick Guramatunhu

        I agree with the first bit about the war “not resolving anything”. I do not agree with your praying; what exactly do you want God to do here? Remember, God does not help man what man can do for himself! Our Professor here, for example, set himself up for failure by electing leaders whom he should have known by now were corrupt and incompetent! What do you want God to in this case?

        Zimbabwe’s economic and political mess is man-made, President Mugabe and his thugs including Joice Mujuru and Mutasa (the very people the Professor was putting his trust in) made this mess. It is up to us to sort out the mess if we wish or suffer and die – it is that simple.

    • Patrick Guramatunhu

      And what did the last one achieve other than land us this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship!

  • Tokonye

    sad indeed.

  • wilbert

    It was a very well written article and one would be hard pushed to disagree with except for one glaring fault. Professor Mufuka very naïve to have placed his hopes and dreams of a better Zimbabwe on likes of Joice Mujuru and her ZimPF friends. These guys have 34 years of proven track records of being corrupt and incompetent already, for Pete’s sake. What else did he expect from them other than to prove once again that they are incompetent – this time by imploding!

    • mk

      Wilbert Prof Mufuka is not placing faith in the competence of the Mujuru cabal. He is saying fear of existential threat from the likes of MDC and ZimPF may force ZANU PF to morph into a better creature if not dislodged, just as the 70s war forced Smith to Lancaster House.

      • Patrick Guramatunhu

        I see you point but are we not going round and round in circles here?

        We supported a corrupt and murderous tyrant like Mugabe and his thugs “to dislodge” Ian Smith but only to find ourselves stuck with the tyrant. Now we are giving our political backing to Morgan Tsvangirai and Joice Mujuru, knowing fully well the two are corrupt and incompetent, to dislodge Zanu PF! The two are so incompetent the one has wasted many golden opportunities to dislodge Zanu PF already and the latter’s party has already imploded, a year after it was launched.

        We need quality leaders and, by settling for these village idiots, we are doing ourselves a big disservice! One would expect a great intellectual like Professor Ken Mufuka to lead by example in the search for quality leaders and not be the one leading from the front in the recycling of the same corrupt and incompetent idiots way past their use-by dates!

        • hozhwa

          We need quality leaders…
          Ummmm, unfortunately democracy works on the basis of quantity. More votes.
          Unfortunately in Zim only two men have that “quantity”. Mugabe and Tsvangirai.

          The hope, since 2000 was that any other leader in power other than Mugabe was dislodgable, think Zambia, and would allow the country to move on. The emergency of Mujuru as opposition offered a further dilution of Zanu votes and loosening the hegemony but now it is self destructing.

          …search for quality leaders …Simba perhaps? Mtambara..No?

          Excellent piece prof!

          • wilbert

            Democracy is not just about numbers this is why elections must be free, fair and credible not just on the day of voting but at all times to ensure there is democratic competition amongst the candidates and free flow of information to the electorate on the issues and the candidate.

            If the electorate are not well informed, as is the case in Zimbabwe, then quantity counts for nothing.

            If elections are rigged, as Zanu PF is able to do, then the declared result have nothing to do with what the real people think!

            So contesting elections knowing they will be rigged had nothing to do with democracy. It is pure madness on the part of people like Mai Mujuru and Tsvangirai in this case.

      • Ken Mufuka

        Brother MK- I am regarded as one of the most straightforward writers, no jargon, no big words, but sometimes, what appeared to me to be a straightforward story confuses some brothers. This is unusual because brother Wilbert usually follows my writing perfectly. I am usually constrained by the number of words I am allowed-900 words exactly. No more, no less.THANKS brother for your illustration. Mukoma Ken

        • wilbert

          Brother Ken Mufuka many people in Zimbabwe value your opinion, myself included, because you are one of Zimbabwe’s intellectuals worthy of that title. Perhaps you need to simplify your language just a touch more because in this article I and many others out there would believe you thought highly of Mai Mujuru and other in ZimPF – even if be as the outside pressure to force Zanu PF to change!

          Would it not be better to entrust anything of importance to someone competent to carry out the task in the first place?

      • wilbert

        Zanu PF in beyond “morphing into a better creature” so do even go there. As for building up MDC and ZimPF, this is just a vicious circle of recycling rubbish and hoping some good will ever come out of it.

        We are in this political and economic mess because we have failed to take on the responsibility of defining the qualities we want to see in a good and competent leader and then go out there and find such men and women. Out of sheer laziness we have welcome all sorts. “Kungoti makudo manazvere!”

        People like Mai Mujuru have already proven beyond all doubt that they are utterly useless. It is madness to even given them any encouragement they can be leaders!

    • Patrick Guramatunhu

      Exactly! Ken Mufuka set himself up for failure by electing to follow failed leaders. Kurumwa nechokuchera!

  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    I was surprised that you, Professor Mufuka, supported ZimPF after all we know of their Zanu PF days! They are Zanu PF thugs and thugs do not change their nature just because they were booted out of a party of thugs. They form an new party of thugs and carry on!

  • tindo

    we should’nt be rejoicing over the fall of zimpf. having zimpf and mdc parties is a step up towards multi party democracy. its actually an opportunity to put pressure on the regime. they bring their various experience of dealing with zanu pf.

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