LETTER FROM AMERICA: Fear of mad billionaire Trump grips Washington

LETTER FROM AMERICA: Fear of mad billionaire Trump grips Washington

Fear of mad billionaire called Donald Trump grips Washington

BOTH Republicans and Democrats are running around Washington like wet chickens in fear of mad billionaire Donald Trump. The subject: Stop Trump at any cost.
Some unusual suggestions were made. Republicans blamed United States President, Barack Obama, for the rise of Trump. Obama denied any wrong doing. He thought that such an idea was “novel”.
The brother has a way with words. But the problem is now looming over the horizon. The possibility of a Trump victory is now within the range of possibility. He has swept everything before him, leaving opponents bitter and their shirts in tatters.
The Democratic spokesperson was Senate minority leader, Harry Reid. He called a press conference to denounce the Republicans for their policy of gridlock, blocking everything Obama proposed to congress. Lately, Republicans have refused to approve a judicial nominee to the Supreme Court.
In return, Obama has proposed far reaching measures, allowing five million “dreamers” (juvenile immigrants) to stay in the United States. There was no congressional approval of this measure. The straw that broke the camel’s back was Obama’s unprecedented measure to allow another 12 million, largely Mexican immigrant population to stay.
The rise of Trump was predicated on the immigrant issue. To the working class, they depress the wage market. To commoners in general, they provoke anger because they are entitled to welfare assistance. At US$200 per child, a large immigrant family of six can live very well, especially if a free house is thrown in.
The straw that broke the camel’s back is the Democratic retort that anybody opposed to a compassionate and gentler policy of immigration tolerance is a racist.
Blue collar workers who voted for Obama in two cycles believed, sincerely, that action alone had washed away their sins of past racism. This seems to be Trump’s appeal.
Revelations of police brutality were blamed on nascent racism, thus tarring all white people. Their courageous act of voting for a black President had failed to redeem them from blame. Instead racial animosities increased.
The plan is to ask Obama to campaign for Clinton.
Trump has attracted “huge” (his own words) numbers of Democrats. Trump has also attracted some appreciable numbers of blacks who are the first to be replaced by Mexican cheap labour in the building and road construction industries.
Republicans, who met in some private club, were sober and had just suffered serious bruises in previous encounters with Trump. There were two “Stop Trump” meetings, but word leaked. Nebraska Senator Ben Sass and for Republican candidate Mitt Romney are the leaders of this “Stop Trump” movement.
A shadowy lawyer, Ben Ginsburg, who specialises in “calibrating elections” is advising them on how to do a Trump on the billionaire.
There is a sense of utter dismay among these establishment types, deservedly so. Republicans, like the Movement for Democratic Change party in Zimbabwe, have been satisfied with being in office, but not in power. They prefer Hillary Clinton to their own Trump.
Racial policy, called the Southern strategy, is the hallmark of Republican politics. White voters are frightened about black lawlessness, and fear of white women being raped.
Trump, however, has placed emphasis on illegal Mexican criminals involved in the drug trade crossing over. Trump has used the death of Kate Stienli, 31, a beautiful white woman at the hands of reprobate Mexican drug peddler Juan Lopez, as an example of Obama’s complicity. Lopez had six bench warrants for his arrest and deportation, but the system was lax.
Trump repeats such incidents to his followers, who become enraged at Obama’s failure to enforce immigration laws. In 2015, over 120 000 unaccompanied Latino children presented themselves at the border and were taken in.
Here is a sample of what Trump thinks of these people in his own words.
“We are governed by very stupid people in Washington. Look at those reporters (print and television media) in the back of the room. They write lies, 90 percent of the time. They are disgusting. America is no longer winning. It can’t fight Isis. Our trade treaties are disgusting. We are beaten by Mexico, US$58 billion, by Japan US$100 billion, by China US$1,3 trillion. We are losing folks. America must start winning again, folks. Win, win, win, yes, we will build the wall on the Mexican border.”
That kind of speech is common among blue collar New Yorkers. None of the 2 000 audience in South Carolina was left with a dry eye from laughing.
Trump says the unvarnished truth is like a child snitching on a sibling. Clinton said: “We are going to put a lot of coal mines and coal miners out of work. I am the only candidate with a policy to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy.”
Trump’s retort was: “Our country is run by very, very, stupid people. They don’t know what they are doing, folks.” In the Clinton case, in typical Washington style, she has no sense of human suffering caused by their stupid policies.
Economies in nine states are based on coal production which is then used to power thermal power stations. The windmill replacements are manufactured in China. Lifestyles, property values, whole towns are destroyed because some stupid politician has decided that coal is no longer acceptable.
To crown the foolishness, China is the largest user of coal.


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  • Matsimba

    My feeling is that Trump, by building a wall on the border with Mexico, he will cut the life blood of the beneficiaries of illicit drug trade running into billions of dollars. These are not small people, street peddlers as people might think but those in high offices and indeed the wealthy. Their hate of Trump is definitely not for the love of Mexicans but selfish posturing to protect ill-gotten wealth and its source. As long as Trump does not stoke the flames of xenophobia, racism and religious intolerance, what he proposes is entirely for national interest and it’s therefore up to the Americans to decide who should lead them. I don’t think Trump will arrest Latinos and put them in concentration camps like what Hitler did to the Jews. Besides American institutions will prevent that from happening.

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