LETTER FROM AMERICA: Is it Sister Oprah Winfrey

LETTER FROM AMERICA: Is it Sister Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

I RECENTLY returned from a County Convention of the Democratic Party. The state chairperson was in to strengthen the troops.
Of the 300 people in attendance, 80 were white and the rest were black. This is confirmation of the fact that the Democratic Party is becoming a minority party. The presence of a divisive President Donald Trump in the Republican Party may further exacerbate this dichotomy.
After all, Trump has proved that he can win an election with less than 15 percent black and Hispanic support.
Nevertheless, Americans are creative and are scouting for a candidate who can revive the Barak Obama coalition in order to defeat Trump in 2020.
A possible coalition can be built across party lines. Congressional Republicans in both houses, including the speaker and the senate majority leader, are part of the “Never Trump” wing of the party.
These Republicans need only support a Democratic insurgent with money and know how. They need not desert their party. Trump carries with him a Sisyphean rock behind his back. He is crude, a spoiled rich son of a billionaire, a Scots-Irish street fighter, a man without the blessings of a civilised habits, learning, erudition and rhetoric. Yet, it was this crudeness which makes for social desirability factor (SDF). He is like the sweetheart one does not bring home to mother.
John Podhoretz, a New York conservative thinker and writer for close on fifty years, has suggested a solution.
Trump defeated all the 18 governors, senators and politicians by throwing dirt around. These nice men could not return the bull feathers (a new word) they were receiving. They did not know how.
The solution, says Podhoretz, is Sister Oprah Winfrey, a black woman.
Trump will say; “I am rich, very rich, I can tell you that.” Trump flies in his personal TRUMP luxury jet.
Oprah is very rich and she made her money the clean way. Trump is a tax evader. Oprah, a globalist, has built 60 schools all over the world. If Trump plays dirty, Oprah, with 30 years on television, can handle it. If Trump plays the women card, or the racist card, he will look a fool doing such stuff on a black woman.
Oprah is not entirely new to politics. She presented Barack Obama to a $3 million fund-raiser party in Hollywood and offered her support, her jet, and presence in five crucial states. She is credited with having handed over South Carolina’s black vote to Obama by standing by her man in that state. All told, she is credited with sending one million voters into the Obama camp early on in the primaries.
While licking its wounds, the Democratic Party is concentrating on “taking out Trumpkins” in the media and in government. This “Resistance Movement” has been coming home with a scalp each week of the Trump residency.
I have written about the media goliath Bill O’Reilly, an anchorman, who was accused of misogyny.
The beauty of this plan is that with the New York Times, (a Never Trump newspaper) they do not need to bring these Trumpkins before courts of law. Allegations are enough to take them out.
Health and human services secretary, Tom Price, a lynch pin in the repeal and replace Obamacare fight, has been taken out.
In his previous life, Price is alleged to have managed “evil insurance companies.” The NYT sent Katie Rogers and Eric Lipton, young bright reporters, to stalk the man. In the six months he was on the job, he made 28 trips on private jets, including one to tourist attraction Alaska.
On another trip, he stopped by to have dinner with his son.
What came out on the front page of the NYT is a nightmare for any Trumpkin. Union boss, David Cox, an Obamite, is quoted as saying these words.
“This is someone who wants to throw people out of nursing homes, take millions off Medicaid and deny children and the disabled health care, but is riding around in a private chartered a jet, at times taking his wife. This is like an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”
Price offered to pay $50 000 of the $1 million spent, but the damage was done. He was forced to pack his bags for good.
The connection with Sister Oprah is that she can run on the narrative that Republicans are mean spirited, while, like Price, they run around in luxury jets at taxpayers’ expense, they remove sustenance to poor widows, orphans and urchins. Oprah has a gift of empathy.
Oprah has a huge support among young upward mobile white women under 50, (Yuppies). White college kids might be persuaded to believe that it is cool to vote for a black woman.
Oprah, like Obama, is physically attractive. Trump can be made to look like a Halloween monster, especially with his hair style.
Oprah’s personal observation is crucial in this equation. She observed loudly, that an ignorant, rough and loud street fighter New York billionaire had won the office. Surely, and she did not finish the sentence.
The missing link in this narrative is that voters knew Trump’s weaknesses which they overlooked in exchange for a sense of patriotism.

  • Monty

    Mukoma Ken. You oversimplify everything – yes, I know you have 900 words or less ! Break it up into many posts if needs be, I beg you. Because you generalise so much, it really comes across as “fake news” ya wa Donald Trump – whose father’s side by the way is German, so he is Germano-Scottish.

    A lot of what happened in this last USA election is still unknown, but the Russians had a big hand in the outcome, not Trump’s ability to appeal to the low hanging fruit of racism. Those voters alone were not enough for him to win the election. Yes, a lot of whites who voted for Obama voted for Trump mostly because of the negative press attached to Hilary – the email server issue and Benghazi ! Funny how those Republicans who set up 100s of committees to investigate why 4 people died in Benghazi are silent on the 4 deaths of the soldiers in Niger – but I digress. Hilary as a national candidate was too divisive among white voters and among people of colour led to apathy. There was hardly the turn out of black voters for this last election that there was for Obama’s. Or Bill Clinton. That’s why Trump won with such little support from Black people. I still want to know what Latino/Black in their right mind voted for that idiot. Again, I digress.

    Paul Ryan et al who you call “Never Trumpers” are fake moralists. They are on-board with Trump, support him and his agenda and would never support a Democrat/liberal candidate. NEVER !! If they couldn’t support the 18 other Conservatives that were running against Trump last year, why would they support a Democrat. Trump is a racist and sorry to say, but so are most of the Republican politicians. At least Trump has the guts (or stupidity) to say it out loud- and funny enough it made him popular on the Republican side. The others, like Ryan, are chickens, closet racists without the guts to speak their mind and that’s why they have defended Trump implicitly over the many inappropriate things he has said, and voted for all the things he wanted – repeal Obamacare, the tax cuts coming up for the rich, etc.

    Oprah would not make a good politician and she would be destroyed in that kind of environment. She is too smart where Trump was too stupid to think the criticisms he received were a point of strength and go on with his idiotic behaviour. Being rich does not help in this case – Hilary is a billionaire, didn’t help. She has done more good in the world than Trump. Didn’t help. Was smarter. Didn’t help. More experience. Didn’t help.

    Another untruth you continue to espouse is that the democrats are taking out Trumpkins. It is their corruption, the Trumpkins, that is taking them out. As you explained Price used tax payer money to ride private jets for personal use. An allegation with proof against you is a hard thing to take court – rather just resign silently. Bill O’Reilly your friend was taken out by his own people not democrats. The women that worked at Fox News are the ones who he paid off to keep quiet about his mistreatment of them so not a Democrat take-down.

    Soon we will hear about Zinke who awarded a USD300 million contract to his friends back home in Montana to repair the electric disaster in Puerto Rico. A company of 2 people !! Trump and his friends make Zanu PF look like a good government ! That is what is bringing down the Trumpkins. Not liberals, democrats, liberal media, whatever. Their own hubris. From O’Reilly to Price to whoever you want in that Trump administration. Zvichapera !

    Garayi zvakanaka.

    • Bob

      Well said Monty, VaMufuka’s recent obsession with ascribing the exposure of any misconduct by any person associated with Conservatives to “conceited” progressives/liberals is astounding.

  • kwv

    What disappoints me so much about American politics so much is that they are always “digging dirt” on each other. Long, long ago when we did Debating in my class at Kitwe High School we were warned; once you resort to personal insults, you have have lost the argument.

    Surely what Americans need are politicians who are FOR something they really believe in? And surely in debate it should be the ideas that are attacked, and not the person?

    And a quick correction; Trump’s family are German, not Scottish.

    • Monty

      you are right, KWV, ideas not people – but unfortunately for politicians, they are usually one and the same. So, as person like Jeff Flake, a conservative, resigns and gives a resounding speech on where republicans are with Trump at the helm, but still has the same crappy ideas Trump carries in his head…so it’s hard to separate the 2 when the extremism is entrenched. When a politician can be contrite and accept and admit to being wrong, then yes, the ideas can be attacked and not the person.

      Also, Trump’s mother was Scottish descended – a MacLeod from Scotland. So he does have German AND Scottish blood. No Irish…

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