LETTER FROM AMERICA: Johannes Tomana: I told you

LETTER FROM AMERICA: Johannes Tomana: I told you
tomana johannes

Johannes Tomana

I was reminded by Brother Collence Nyazenga of a prophetic article I had written in November 2014, when the persecution of former vice president Joice Mujuru was at fever pitch. I gave wise advice to ZANU-PF and our readers about dealing with internal dissent. Of course, ZANU-PF is a party that has learned nothing in its 35 years, forgot nothing and remembered nothing.
The shameful arrest of Prosecutor General, Brother Johannes Tomana, his ride in an open white pick-up truck to a courthouse, his subsequent escape from a dirty jailhouse, his placement under conditions which amount to house arrest, illustrate my point.
My point is that ZANU-PF does not follow rules, which tradition and experience deem wise in case of imaginary dissent within its own house. It goes for the jugular in a very public way, like a drama queen, thus destroying all possible sympathy it might have generated for its cause.
In a previous article, my advice was not to disgrace Sister Joice. ZANU-PF would have gained a lot of sympathy if Sister Joice had been called to a private meeting and presented with the evidence of her supposed treachery and given a chance to reply. If the council of elders still found her guilty as accused, she should have been asked to resign. A statement to the effect that she misses her family since the untimely death of her husband, and that she has suffered from severe hypertension for a prolonged time, ZANU-PF regrets her untimely retirement. All these facts are true, and she could have been an asset in the future. By disgracing her, making asymmetrical (primitive) accusations of witchcraft and allowing The Herald to be the jury and the judge in an uncontested case, she gained sympathy from people like me, who have no dog in the fight, but who want fair play.
Granted that Brother Johannes has always been a mambara (translated rascal) who carried a mischievous smile even when grave issues were under discussion, as a Prosecutor General, he held a superior office of State. In the run up to the arrest of four would-be saboteurs, it became obvious that the State’s case was weak. The stupid youths were carrying ZANU-PF propaganda, were driving into an area they should have known was guarded. Knowing what we know about — tamba sinjonjo yeZANU-PF wakabata condom, the case seems to be a made up case, and the youths were trapped into submission.
Johannes, whose position is supposed to be non-political, probably made a tactical judgment but prejudicial decision to the youths by turning two of them into false State witnesses.
It was his call to make, and by arresting him, the arresting agent assumes a superior position to that allowed Johannes by the Constitution. I am amazed by the stupidities of my brothers.
While Johannes has proved himself irascible in the persecution of Sister Beatrice Mtetwa, with malice aforethought (their own words) now the brother has had a taste of his own medicine, with malice aforethought.
It is nevertheless my painful duty to point out that I am conflicted. While my heart rejoices at how the mambara got his just reward here on earth, it is very bad policy for the country. It is this mambara who suggested that age 16 was acceptable for consensual sex. In this case, the mambara in him took precedence over judicial restraint. Age 16 is now the accepted age for consensual sex in the United States and in European countries because girls usually are the aggressors. Contraceptives are given free at school, without parental consent. A wiser man would have kept his wisdom to himself.
ZANU-PF unravelling
When US social workers are making a case for condemning a family structure as dysfunctional, one of their observations is that siblings are at each other’s throats, that they pay no attention whatsoever to visitors or authority in the house. Procedures and rules of decorum are absent and siblings fight as if they are enemies, even to the extent of injuring one another.
Everywhere I look, ZANU-PF is like a house of Babel. Among the protagonists are Professor Jonathan Moyo who is publicly engaged in a fight to the death with George Charamba and Chris Mustwangwa.
Moyo, regarded by my Ghanaian luminary, George Ayyitey, as an intellectual prostitute, mentions “scurrilous and unprecedented political attacks on Cabinet ministers, including myself … by the Secretary in the Ministry of Media, George Charamba.” Moyo says that a meeting “raises eyebrows about what else was plotted, but demonstrates the extent to which Chris Mutsvangwa has gone rogue in pursuit of a factionalist agenda.. .”
All the three are sinners of the worst kind, and my eyebrows were not raised in any form at the attack on Moyo. In fact, I had difficulty restraining myself from committing a sin of revenge by saying Tsvatu, nhasi zvakuwana professor, ndiwe waiti ndini mazvikokoto (translated-good for you, you thought you were unbeatable.)
These three musketeers, Moyo, Charamba and Mutsvangwa, take no prisoners, give no quarter, are experienced and vicious wordsmiths. Now they are at each other’s throats.
Our readers should not lose sight of the big picture. None among these stalwarts sleeps well in the trust that his comrade will lift up a hand of succour in times of need.
I spent time in my prayer tent, offering supplications for these three cut-throats to slay each other.


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    iweka nhasi wandinakidza. ngavadamburane.

  • Guranyanga

    I remember your article Ken advising people to exercise restraint on Joice Mujuru.Ngwena and company were rejoicing in hollow victory,but now guns are pointed at them.Emmerson’s wounds are self-inflicted.He is stupid and as a lawyer should have seen the monster that Eddison Zvobgo created.Kudos to you Ken.Your analysis was spot on.

  • http://www.3dhealthcare.co.uk Dombodema

    mufukaken@gmail.com you missing the plot the hatred of Moyo is blinding you who starter this fight Moyo or Charamba in first pace but you label Moyo as the aggressor here why?

  • God of War

    Well, Moyo seems to have won the battle.

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