LETTER FROM AMERICA: Mnangagwa: Be bold you have nothing to lose!

LETTER FROM AMERICA: Mnangagwa: Be bold you have nothing to lose!
President Robert Mugabe on Monday dropped the bombshell on his deputy and wartime personal assistant, Emmerson Mnangagwa

President Robert Mugabe on Monday dropped the bombshell on his deputy and wartime personal assistant, Emmerson Mnangagwa

INTRODUCTION: I passed through the Zimbabwe immigration at Harare International Airport without incident. About five yards away I heard two well-fed individuals in conversation. “Yes, he is the one,” the man said to the woman. “He is a professor,” answered the sister.
The two then approached me and whispered in my ear. “See what you see, and keep your mouth closed, temperatures are high in this country.” I took a few steps away from them and thanked God for the graciousness of my people.
There were at least four such incidents in the few days that I was in the homeland. A former minister said to me; “Ken, there is no democracy in ZANU-PF.” He explained that the so-called Congress will elect the leader, who will then fill in all substantial positions in government and the party. That, of course, is both cause and symptom of a dumb party. It explains the predicament in which Zimbabwe and ZANU-PF finds itself today.
This is where Brother Emmerson Mnangagwa comes in. I am reading Margaret Thatcher’s biography for the tenth time. A leader should have a bold plan for the future, and win the arguments well before coming to power. In short, he stands for something. Even the mad billionaire New Yorker Donald Trump, knew that much. He stood for something. Kick out the Mexicans, and build a wall so they don’t come back. There are several arguments which Mnangagwa and the liberation war veterans must win.
Because of their fearlessness, the war veterans are beginning to strike a chord with the populace, even though their past has much to be desired. Politics is the art of conflating different interests, and the primary interest of the Zimbabwean populace is to dislodge a family dynasty that has captured instruments of state.
The future belongs to the bold, my dear fellow. In the stupid arguments surrounding a 93-year-old leader, possible successors have forgotten to build platforms and say what they stand for.
The telling argument is State capture. People have eyes, they can see; they have ears, they hear what is going on. When Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos’s wife was found to possess 1 000 pairs of shoes, in a country mired in poverty, Marcos lost the legitimacy to govern.
The stories that surround Mukuru’s sons in Johannesburg, the purchase of Rolls Royce automobiles, the conversion of Air Zimbabwe into a family enterprise, the expulsion of Interfresh Agricultural Company from Mazoe Estates, and now the capture of Women’s League, all these serve to emphasise the purpose of the state has been diverted to serve one family.
Mnangagwa’s failure to repeat the success of the Command Agriculture should be turned to his advantage. That scheme, favoured by heavy rains is one of the success stories since year 2000. It was aimed at spreading agricultural wealth among the tenant farmers.
The upcoming December Congress is a cooked up affair to solve problems which do not exist. All the odds, except time, are stacked against him.
Mutsvangwa has toyed with the idea of a new contract with all Zimbabweans, including the expelled white farmers. That idea is not treasonable. It goes back to Kumbirai Kangai’s proposition that: “All those who want to farm, who can farm (with some training) should be allowed to do so.”
Thus, Mnangagwa should boldly announce, with the help of the veterans, that he stands for three things. ZANU-PF must return to democracy. All positions in the Politburo and the Central Committee should be elective.
The president of ZANU-PF is a leader, not a master of this new contract.
Secondly, Mnangagwa should announce that the future belongs to those who pay attention to economics, not those who create voodoo economics and hope that refined diesel will ooze from Chinhoyi Caves.
Is Mnangagwa acceptable as president?
Apparently, Mnangagwa is acceptable enough to ZANU-PF (or Mukuru) as Vice President of the Republic. We assume that he is acceptable to ZANU-PF followers as of this moment.
Unless one brings in Simba Makoni from the cold, all the old guard has been complicit in some gruesome manner of wickedness, Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina and now the daily fleecing of the populace by highway patrols.
The most damaging allegation is that he is a cold hearted operative, giving no quarter to his opponents or even rival lovers, causing permanent paraplegic status to a rival.
Whether Mnangagwa is acceptable as president is only meaningful if it assumes that ZANU-PF will hold a free and fair election. ZANU-PF has not won a free and fair election since year 2000.
The question is therefore moot.
ZANU-PF is in a state of lawlessness. It will need a cold-hearted man of steel, like China’s Deng, to bring sanity into the state apparatus.
Mnangagwa should ignore the attacks from intellectual prostitutes and their ilk. These opponents are surrogating for Mukuru himself.
Mnangagwa should seek a speaking slot at the conference. He can then lay out his platform for the future.
Boldness, boldness, my brother is what the urgency of the moment requires. I may have misspoken by assuming that at 75 years you have more time than Mukuru. Next time, there will be no helicopters to fly you to Johannesburg. Be bold, own up to your ambition. The New Contract, Command Agriculture, and New Democracy in ZANU-PF is a dream worth dying for. Peace be with you. Brother Ken Mufuka

*Editor’s note ― This installment was written before former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s sacking by President Robert Mugabe on Monday.



  • Shumba

    Not Mnangagwa of all people, he has been a very important cog in the collapse of the Motherland.. Zimbabwe`s future will never be bright for as long as ZANU PF is in power. Zimbabwe has to move away from ZANU PF. That`s our only way to a proper and meaningful Renewal Agenda. Ngwena = Dzvinyu will never cut it, he was just another of Bob`s Wife as Dongo said way back.

    • AJ Mtetwa

      You could not have said it any better Shumba. I agree with everything you wrote

  • kwv

    Our problem is that our country is run by and for the exclusive benefit of Organised Crime.

    I have watched the Rule of Law slowly crumble, starting with the attacks on the judiciary many years ago. I remember writing at the time that I feared that Organised Crime was plotting something diabolical. And I was right.

    We are now in a situation where a woman is locked up for making a correct comment on our president. And where in a real democracy is it illegal to to criticise the King and his family?

    I dare not return to my land; I had to leave in a hurry in 2002. I have made one trip since then and kept a very low profile. It is no longer possible for me to live safely in my country. Nor for Ken Mufuka and thousands and thousands of others who desperately want to see the Freedom and Justice that we once had, so long ago. We want to see the prosperity that the country can bring us if governed properly.

  • zanda shumba

    Whenever I read Ken Mufuka’s article I fail to understand what message he would be trying to put across, always. Ever since he was putting a juvenile picture on his posts, until now his head is white I have read his articles, but there is no ideology I can attach to Ken from reading his writtings. He appears contradictory, I wonder why he has had permanent space in Fingaz for close to a decade or more. Having stayed so much out of Zimbabwe, in the process losing touch with what is happening in Zimbabwe, he still wants to comment and give direction to what Zimbabweans should do, and urging Munangagwa not to lose heart. Ken you must not forget that Munangagwa was at the helm of Zimbabwean politics for the past 37 years, witnessing and orchestrating all the election rigging and oppression that ordinary the ordinary Zimbabwean has succumbed to. No doubt, ED was a pillar of Zanu pf gvt. Now that he has been fired from gvt, should this transform him into our savior and hero at the same time. Whilst he was in gvt, enjoying the looting, he was indifferent to the plight of the Zimbabwean. It would be difficult for sane Zimbabweans to trust this fellow who has amassed incredible personal wealth whilst the economy collapsed and many got poorer.
    So Ken, your love or sympathy for Munangagwa is misplaced. After his promotion to VP post, the only person he thought of to replace him was Auxillia his wife. He used all state apparatus to arm twist the people of Zivagwe to vote for her. How suddenly now can he embrace and employ democracy in Zanu pf. He should have championed and exhibited democratic traits whilst still in Zanu pf…

    • Monty

      I too sometimes miss his point. But I think it is great that all different voices be given space to express their story so that those of us reading can think of things from different angles and even if what we read does not make sense or is contradictory. I enjoy such reading, so maybe I am one of a few who thinks this space is well-afforded by Fingaz despite our differences of opinion with the honourable prof.

      Also, seems this column was written before the events surrounding ED this week. So, we have to cut him a lot of slack for this piece – hopefully we get a follow up on this one next week (or sooner, please).

      It is funny how Zanu PF cadres ALWAYS become proponents of democracy, freedom, good governance, economic prudence once they leave the chook chook that is government ! And critique mudhara’s management and style, yet when they were working there did nothing to change or improve those conditions. Now they live up to the ideals of the Chimurenga !

      • tazvi sosa

        Kkkkkk it depends on where one is standing, 6 and 9 debate can goble our precious time to attend to, divergent views are worthy consideration for civilised mindsets, otherwise personalised comments only undresses a once prudent contribution

        • Brighton DeMorgan

          You could not have said it any better Tazvi Sosa, Personally I appreciate such mature and progressive comment.

    • The Engineer

      Well said. Ken doesn’t know what he is talking about. Its the contradiction of terms mired in his writings. Its time for Fingaz to let him take a break or talk about things happening in America where he lives. A visitors perspective is short-term and often misplaced. And in reference to his unbridled love for Mnangagwa, in this instance has put blinkers not only in his eyes but his brain as well. Bye Kenny boy!

      • Simon Rupango

        Ken seem to be going round in circles these days, give him a month or two’s break to refresh and come back more focus

    • kwv

      I think I can say with a fair degree of certainty that ALL the people who have been involved with Zanu have blood on their hands and loot in their banks. As you say, leaving or being thrown out of Zanu does nor instantly transform a person into a saint.

      There seems to be an idea in Zim that if if your enemy is my enemy, then you are my friend. But I would warn against this because if someone has been a crook and a thug for 40 years they are extremely unlikely to be capable of change

    • ken mufuka

      Brother Shumba, listen to what you are saying.
      a. You are talking about my hair turning grey-that is called ad hominem. When adversaries lose the argument, they turn personal.
      b. Are you trying to censor me in a newspaper which does not belong to you because you disagree with my views?
      c. I am more informed about Zimbabwe than you are. Professor Chan from London University has commented on Mnangagwa. Are you going to censor him too? What about Miles Tendi from Oxford? Is he in your censorship booklet too? People who do research merely need to travel with a notebook and visit the archives to check their facts. I am a ZIPRA, I have no brief from Mnangagwa. ZANU-PF is a violent party. I have said that already in my two pieces. My observations are those of an educated man who loves his country, amore patria. PEACE my brother.

      • Shumba

        Mukoma Ken, point of correction. You are addressing zanda shumba here, not Shumba. We are totally different, in a lot of aspects. Ndatenda.

    • Stan Gore

      Zanda Shumba, what are you saying or failing to say. Can anyone interpret for me.

  • Native Commissioner

    the train done left

    • Jacob Murisi

      And the beat goes on

  • Daniel Kid

    I think this is a well written article, those passing negatives comments should take into consideration that this installment was written before former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s sacking by President Robert Mugabe on Monday. The Financial Gazette team highlighted this at the end

  • Mr C

    ED should just be arrested A.S.A.P am failing to single out a crime thats in the book he did not do since 1980.

  • Pumuzile Phiri

    Guess this lad never saw this coming, he must have thought he was untouchable or the next president of Zimbabwe

  • Jacob Murisi

    Mukoma Ken, love your analysis. What do you think will happen to Mnangagwa and Zanu PF between now and say day of voting next year

  • Owen Mudzimwa

    Ender Chiwenga ne statement, hande tione

  • Taka Kumaka

    Rambai muchinyora vaMufuka I am 50 years now(ndachena ndebvu nemusoro) have not missed any one of your articles since I was 12 yrs old.You are indeed a writer worth following.Your style/expression/choice of words is class. The only time you failed me was when you failed to predict a Trump win.

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