LETTER FROM AMERICA: Natural disasters good for US morale!

LETTER FROM AMERICA: Natural disasters good for US morale!
US President, Donald Trump

US President, Donald Trump

THERE are many times when one feels that the United States is tearing itself apart, even turning innocent words into hurtful arrows. The year 2017 has been the worst. Words like conservative and republican, I have been told by a former chairperson of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean, that they mean a racist bigot. Likewise, old mums are scared stiff when their college kids return home with nomenclatures like liberal and progressive. To old mums these two words mean that one does not believe in God and that one embraces gay marriages.
But, come natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, or Hurricane Katrina, Americans forget their differences and the best comes out of them. Let us take League City, just outside Galveston City in Texas. This region is the centre of chemical plants and oil refineries and even some space related engineering companies.
League City is a desirable city, housing 102 010 citizens, most of them in the high income group. The average salaries for engineers and tech whiz kids, as they are called, start in the $100 000 range. Yes, you heard me, and this applies to YUPPIES (young upwardly mobile people) in their early 40s. Of the 30 192 households, one third of them are under water. The image is not complete until one views the typical home, average sale value at $340 000. These beautiful homes are now under water to window level. Of every 100 households, only 20 had flood insurance, because such a flood as this comes only once in a thousand years.
Such catastrophes help Americans to abandon their daily narcissistic pursuits, making money, visiting the beauty shop and cursing out the conservatives on social media.
The stupid party
The Republican Party is known as the stupid party. Hurricane Harvey has exposed them for what they are, a stupid party, but it is also giving them an opportunity to redeem themselves. The hurricane, which off-loaded 55 inches of rainfall within a period of 10 days, affected six million people in the fifth largest city, Houston. While the Houston-Galveston shoreline is home to oil refineries, the Colonial Oil pipeline supplies 40 percent of fuel in the lower 20 states.
Texas is now the second largest state by population and has a huge delegation in Congress. In October, 2012, a hurricane by the name of Sandy off-loaded 55 inches of rain along the eastern shoreline, affecting 23 states, the worst affected were New Jersey and New York. It was in the middle of an election.
Now here comes the juicy part. The stupid Texas Republicans, 23 Congressmen and two senators, had secretly vowed to bring down Brother president Barack Obama. The Sandy Relief Act, 2012 was a request for $55 billion in emergency relief aid to fellow citizens affected. They said “HELL NO.” My information from the black grapevine is that Senator Ted Cruz and his gang stood on the steps of the Capitol Building, posturing, saying inaccurate words (lies in articulate English) that 66 percent of the money was not going for relief. The matter becomes even juicier.
The Republicans wanted to “get at Obama” but the more civilised Congressmen were ashamed to show their faces. The Republican Party is also known as the “mean party.” So the stupid cowboys from Texas, rough riders, all hats and no cattle, fell for the bait. The commitment to bring relief to Sandy victims won over many New England electors, assuring Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney.
Now, as I write, the cowboy delegation is standing at Capitol Building, posturing, again with these crocodile words (African English). “The accurate thing to say is that I and a number of others enthusiastically and emphatically supported hurricane relief for Sandy.” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie “called him out”(American for cursing).
In all this, Americans are showing their true spirit, as the most generous people on the face of the earth. Every radio station has set aside a few minutes out of every hour to announce whatever items are needed to help Harvey’s victims.
The mayor of League City chokes when he repeats the generous acts of his fellow citizens. If say they announce that there are five hundred people at St. Paul’s Methodist Church who need toothpaste, towels and food; a pizza restaurant may pitch up with a truck full of hot pizzas for free.
A football coach has organised “Athletes for Harvey.” These are nice kids who take a street at a time and clean up, helping the sanitation department.
I am the least of the saints in the Methodist Church. We know that our sister church, St. Paul in League City, has been affected. We wait for Sunday for a word from our superintendent.
If the sister Texas Conference asks for help, we have a squad called United Methodist Volunteers in Mission.
These hurricanes help the US to keep their labour forces fully employed. During Sandy Hurricane, young carpenters drove to New Jersey on their trucks, worked 18 hours a day at $30 per hour rebuilding houses. They took sleeping bags with them. At the end of three months, they returned home with $30 000 in cash or more. Unemployment is already at 4,4 percent (Zimbabwe 80 and South Africa 33 percent).
That is the American genius. Everything has a silver lining to it.


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