LETTER FROM AMERICA: Progressives caught in their own conceit!

LETTER FROM AMERICA: Progressives caught in their own conceit!
US President, Donald Trump

US President, Donald Trump

PROGRESSIVES are the vanguard, which fights on the side of the Democratic Party. Since Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to a white businessman, they are on a warpath.
Their narrative put forward the argument that rich white men rule the world. They use their wealth to oppress white women and minorities. They also enjoy the pleasures associated with beautiful women in return for promises of career advancement, fame and fortune. They use devices like gender differentiation and heterosexual activities as rewards to those who accept their evil regime.
President Donald Trump is their ultimate target.
In the meantime, they are on a witch-hunt for malefactors; those who by any chance are associated with this behaviour must be “taken out.”
The brilliance of their strategy is that they do no need a judicial writ that their target has committed a crime. An accusation published in the New York Times is enough to drive a man out of his company.
Recently, the plot misfired terribly. A woman made an unsubstantiated allegation against one of their men, an absolute gem in the Progressive movement. He found himself surrounded on all sides by people he had served and whom he regarded as friends out to hang him.
Harvey Weinstein is a Hollywood liberal mogul. In 30 years, he has produced iconic film after film. His office is studded with trophies and memorabilia. He raised $3 million for Hillary Clinton. He joined the Barak Obama bandwagon early on before black candidacy was considered viable. Just last year, he employed Malia Obama (former president’s daughter) at his office as an intern. He received a Commander of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain for his humanitarian outreaches.
He has so many honours and medals for being on the forefront of human progress that he has an archival room for storage.
He was kindly regarded even across the ocean in Britain, where he advanced many a young British actress on their way to fame and fortune.
Nobody could wish for a better friend in liberal circles.
But Weinstein is human. A woman complained that Weinstein had molested her. His empire came tumbling down, and all the kings’ men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again. The story, in our opinion, shows liberal conceit at its worst.
Weinstein is now a “subject” (no longer a person). He has been “outed” and, as such, loses all his human protections. Further, the rule of law, which insists that no man is guilty until a judge says so, is overthrown. Thirdly, these hypocrites insist that the statute of limitations be lifted so that accusers can resuscitate cases dealt with thirty years ago.
When Weinstein went to his office, he found a letter of dismissal from the chairmanship Weinstein Company, an organisation he founded.
The procedures further demand that all his friends denounce him. The man has not been convicted of any crime. It never occurs to these hypocrites that accusers may be posturing and have no personal knowledge of the case.
Obama had to issue a statement denouncing his former friend.
Weinstein’s British wife Georgina has taken their two children and disowned him. Hillary Clinton has disowned Weinstein. When Hillary was faced with 23 charges thrown against Bill Clinton, she said she was going to stand by her man.
Here are some of the accusations. British actor Emma Thompson issued a statement but confessed that she did not know very much about the sexual side of Weinstein. Nevertheless, she feels compelled to denounce him.
The British Prime Minister was also called upon. The narrative assumes a choreographed pattern. Of course, Theresa May found the allegations “deeply concerning.” Women who come forward with accusations must be applauded for their courage. “Any unwanted sexual activity is completely unacceptable.”
Weinstein, in his defence, pleaded with reporters. “Remember, I am the good guy. In America, people are supposed to get second chances, remember.” It was as if he was speaking to deaf ears. Weinstein says his relationships were consensual.
Another issue is whether Weinstein is sexually sick. He has admitted himself into a sexual clinic in Nevada. Part of his treatment is in observing pictures of pretty women while suppressing “desire.”
He reminded reporters of the hundreds of young female actors he had set on brilliant careers, fame and fortune. An English girl arrived at his studios at age 19, played a part called Emma.
Brother Terry Crews did not find such luck. At a party, one of these moguls approached him and began fondling his private parts. The narrative is that the athletic brothers have everything they need in body parts. Of course, Crews receive no sympathy. Crews finds he is helpless. Progressives see gay love as a protected area against religious bigots. Their narrative is about removing the scourge of gender banalities and heterosexual behaviour as a norm.

  • Bob

    Prof Mufuka! This peice reads like it was written by a contributor for Fox News. Perhaps you could explain to us what conceited means in your world. Recently, you were defending Bill O’Reilly and Ailes and I am not sure whether this piece is supposed to be a defence of Weinstein. If it is, I think I have reason to worry. I understand that you have a daughter(s) and I am not sure you would give benefit of doubt to the “alleged” if these despicable acts were done to someone you love.

  • Monty

    Dear Mukoma. I am writing this slowly as I believe you cannot read
    fast. This piece truly rambles. The infection of Donald Trump/American
    Conservative Propanda in your brain may require urgent surgery, provided
    we can find the root cause ! Yowe. Nhandi, nhandi. Where does one
    begin. Bob, above, touched on Fox News and that crowd of religious
    zealots who are of the same angelic hue as Weinstein.

    predators no know labels – progressive, conservative, religious,
    atheist, whatever. They do not conform to strict social constructs as
    you are trying to paint here. The are crooks and liars of all religious
    and ideological stripes. So what you’re trying to say in this post
    baffles me, unless it is just a way for you to bash the progressive
    voices of the left whom you obviously dislike for the LGBT social
    enhancement. Like I mentioned last week, being a conservative does not
    mean you will throw away your child because (s)he brought home a
    same-sex partner. I gave you Dick Cheney.

    “The story, in our
    opinion, shows liberal conceit at its worst.” What conceit, Comrade ?
    When the Fox News men were being villified by the left, the Conservative
    punditry, politicians, religious leaders were nowhere to be found
    condemning them. Nowhere. I have not heard of one come out and say Bill
    O’Reilly should be fired, jailed, etc. And give back the money they got
    from Fox News personnel. Kungoti zwwiiii…Now that Weinstein has been
    found out and he was a Democrat donor, the conservatives are out in full force like you are !
    BUT…so are the PROGRESSIVES you’re railing on. As you have said,
    Obama, Clinton, all actors/actresses, senators, congressmen of the left
    are condemning what Weinstein has been accused of. Like they did with
    O’Reilly and friends. UNLIKE the right wing, unlike yourself. So who is
    the conceited side in this argument ? I would posit that it’s the right
    wing hypocrites.

    Garayi zvakanaka

  • DJ T the POTUS

    Monty and Bob please understand what brother Ken is trying to say here. Hanzi shumba yavakudya vana vayo asi let’s not judge before the courts munhu wese ngaende kuCourt and if found guilty bho, but, as you said Bob.Bill O’Reilly, Weinstein or D.J.T if they did rap those woman they should go to court or get investigated for the crime, nekuti vakadzi ava mazuvaano they just say that I was raped true or false munovharirwa baba. Its a new world. Tomboti girlfriend or mukadzi wangu oda kundi fixer for the wrongs I have done to here or not anogona kuno repota kuti ndakarepwa neboyfriend or husband then me muchitorongo. Kana ndikabata garo reGay man then its OK but ndikabata remukadzi ndavharirwa mujeri asi parikunzi hatibvisei Zita rekuti mukadzi kana kuti uyo murume. The family union is being taken away bit by bit.The dark world is coming.

    • nyamayro ken

      DJ- I owe you more than a chicken, perhaps a “full cow.” I do not know why my brothers Magomo and Bob fail to follow such a simple story. Zvokwadi, mukdzi wako has a year to report that you raped her. The cases against Weinstein (1985) are 30 years old. Does that make sense to you? I have no problem with LGBT. Six states held referendums (including California) and the idea that same sex people can get married was defeated. MY brothers Bob and Magomo, fail to see that the old family has been destroyed?
      THANKS DJ. You are a better professor than I am. A professor is supposed to simplify ad inform, obviously I have failed in this instance.
      Bless you my brother.
      Brother Ken

      • Monty

        Brothers Ken and DJ T…it may be a simple story, but that’s now how it
        was written here. The attack brother Ken was on progressives for whom
        you continually blame on the fall of civilisation as we know it and for being on a witch hunt. Because you know, bringing down sexual predators is a witch hunt. And Trump is a self-confessed predator, but because he is a Republican he should be excused coz he stands for pro-life, and all good Christian values ! I heard no outcry about Bill Clinton’s witch hunt which was played out all those years ago – between 2 consenting adults I may add, not a rape case as in Fox News men or Weinstein…my entire point in the past post was simply this: the so-called Christian right, conservatives in America are HYPOCRITES. They will defend to the death anyone of their ilk or who they consider like them but if it is a progressive/liberal/left winger person caught committing the exact same transgression, then they will go all out guns blazing. Which is exactly what comrade Ken did in his post. There are no courts, no trials but quick judgements by the conservatives and yet they hide their dirty laundry. There is no statute of limitations on rape allegations, that’s why Bill Cosby is being prosecuted from 40-50 years ago. And yes all players should have their day in court, no one is taking that away. All I was saying is that there is an outcry from right wing America because uyu abatwa is a liberal. When it’s a conservative vhanu iwawo keep their mouths shut !! Or defend the indefensible. Hypocrites. Liberals condemn all stripes of indecency from their own side or the other side.

        Comrade Ken, how is the “family destroyed” ? You make an accusation and give no arguments ? Simple because gay people can get married ? Because you disagree with that lifestyle ? You’re still traditionally married and living in that place where gay marriage is legal – maybe not in a state that allows it but certainly parts of that country do ! I don’t see how your family is destroyed ? It’s like the apartheid people saying people of different colours getting married is illegal and would destroy the fabric of society – isn’t that what we fought against in Southern Africa ? Your arguments are weak and contradictory and progressives are what delivered us from slavery !

      • Bob

        nyamayro ken If you follow anything from the conversations around rape culture going on, you would know that many victims/women suffer in silence because of the stigma around it and the mentality of people like you and DJ T. Just because a rape has been reported 30 years later does not make the perpetrator innocent. I admit that there may be some women who might abuse the system but keep in mind that there are many who cannot find a voice to to report their pain. IUt ususllay takes one courageous victim for others to finally find their voices as is the case with Weinstein. It’s also quite interesting that VaMufuka and DJ have suddenly turned the thread into issues of gay marriages/relationships and traditional family values. I commented about you (Prof Mufuka) defending a self-confessed sex maniac (Weinstein) and also a man (O’ Reilly) who paid women hush-payments to save his face. I cannot for the life of me understand how you attempt to link sexual abuse to a particular political leaning. By the way, I hope you are not seriously attempting to hide behind the cloak of professorship in this argument (if you cannot explain it simple enough then you haven’t understood it well). it’s one thing to put up a simplified opinion piece that is easy to understand and another to write a lot of rambling nonsense (in my opinion).

  • Jacques Untel

    Even worse, Weinstein adheres to a religion which dominates Hollywood and the mass media, and is always on the “progressive” side. The hypocrisy with which the liberals and SJWs attack him is breath-taking.

    • Monty

      what hypocrisy ? I think you’re talking about the conservative hypocrisy ?

  • Monty

    That fella O’Reilly is back in the news this week complaining about his treatment – zvinondi setsa – by the NY Times and outing him for his sexual misconduct. He was the point of the conservative spear in America, calling out people, blasting them unfairly, being rude to guests on his show who disagreed with him or were giving better arguments than him, etc. This is the man who declared “there is a war on Christmas”, that gay marriage is sick, that he and people like him (conservative Christians) were the true upholders of purity in those there United States of America. Today he is disappointed in God ! Nda shamiswa ! God himself – he is disappointed in God. The cheek. But the truth is out – we know the real god he worships – MONEY ! He still pleads his innocence on the sexual harrasment charges yet he went to great lengths to pay off his accusers – close to $50 MILLION. US Dollars. What could Zimbabwe do with that USD 50 million I ask ? And that’s one man with that money, who is a Christian and who had to pay out SEVERAL women and still pleads innocence. What a man !!! These are the hypocrites Mukoma Ken, you side with ? I will post a copy of the reporting from TPM below so as to split my post as it may be too long…

  • Monty

    Courtesy of TPM:

    Bill O’Reilly is blaming everyone but himself for the allegations of sexual harassment against him, which effectively ended his career at Fox News.

    His latest target? God himself.

    While the ousted Fox News host mostly blames the media for uprooting his cable news reign — by reporting on his sexual harassment settlements with multiple women — he said Monday evening he’s also “mad at God” for the latest reports on his $32 million settlement with an accuser.

    “Yeah, I’m mad at him. I wish I had more protection. I wish this stuff didn’t happen. I can’t explain it to you. Yeah, I’m mad at him,” O’Reilly said during his most recent episode of “No Spin News,” according to CNN.

    On Saturday, The New York Times reported that O’Reilly reached a $32 million settlement with a former Fox News analyst. Saturday’s news followed reports from the Times in April that O’Reilly
    and Fox News had paid settlements to five women over the course of 15 years, at the cost of $13 million.

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