LETTER FROM AMERICA: The centre cannot hold! (3)

LETTER FROM AMERICA: The centre cannot hold! (3)
In the Bill Cosby case, a Philistine attorney ascertained that Cosby was worth $350 million.

In the Bill Cosby case, a Philistine attorney ascertained that Cosby was worth $350 million.

ABERDEEN, Scotland — I am now on my way back home to the United States. I am reading a note from Brother Professor Sorodamba. He scolded me for the last letter, asking the petulant question of relevance to our debate in Zimbabwe.
The professor has enabled me to see clearly what I had seen, but darkly. What I observed in Scotland, after an absence of 40 years from my student days, was the transformation of a mature society into one that is lackadaisical, lethargic, almost indifferent to the human touch.
That’s it. I returned to the Aberdeen Library to find out the meaning of my experiences. Poet WB Yeats asked the question before me.
When the centre cannot hold, things fall apart.
What happens when the falcon can no longer hear the falconer?
For the professor’s sake, let me go about my story, step by step. I was full of remorse when I realised how intense my dislike was for Old Testament Professor Robert Sheppard at Aberdeen University. I was looking for the “academic writings or remains” of my tutor Professor Patrick Walls. Sheppard answered my questions in a robotic manner, and failed to connect; he lacked passion, spiritus mundi.
Yeats had prophesied by asking the question. Citizens who have lost their spiritus mundi are like robots, walking aimlessly like zombies.
I then realised that I was experiencing an advanced society where the human factor and traditions are being replaced by robots. In the time that I was there, I saw only one traffic warden. The parking garages were supervised by cameras. A customer without cash could phone a certain number and enter his bank account. A machine would then spit a ticket.
The same camera registered non-payment and would “generate” a fine to be dropped at the customer’s doorstep by the post office. Similarly, many passengers on the railroad seemed to use seasonal tickets, secured through the internet. I did not see any ticket inspectors on the train itself.
A fellow passenger explained to me that the society worked through a system of trust.
This movement from human services to electronic devices had cost the Scottish people dearly. Man is by nature social. I returned to Crail, a village in East Neuk, where I had rented a house as a student.
On December 10, 2010, the Reverend Michael Erskine, 54, descendent of the Fifth Earl of Mar, had been removed from his manse. After officiating at the funeral of a rich man, he struck a sexual relationship with the rich widow, leaving his wife, Jill, 44 years old.
What happened after has kept the story alive to this day. Erskine challenged the suspension, praying in earnest and supplication. “I am sure that each one of us could name a lot of other men’s flowers that have given us inspiration,” he said in a sermon. The parishioners seem to have supported Erskine (and not the wife). The two teenage children moved out with their father. Erskine was president of a drama club, which had attracted many youthful participants, thus bringing the spiritus mundi which had departed from the church. For this, they were willing to forgive. A parishioner said: “I think he is brilliant.”
Three churches had converted their buildings into pubs. Scotia Hotel, where I stayed, was a former church. The 85 percent, who no longer affiliate with the church, can bring families to Sunday luncheon at the village pub.
Professor Sorodamba will be interested in another encounter. Two men, Allan and Michael, came to inspect a house nearby. They were very much “in love”. Michael was definitely the female, had long hair, made exaggerated feminine gestures, wanted to know where “she” could develop a flower box. “If we buy the house, now we can get married.”
Same sex couples marry in court, and then seek blessings from the church.
This society was imposed on US society by presidential directives, without general consensus. Further, the US government sought to force the Third World to accept this dispensation through tourist organisations.
When the Obama government left office in 2016, it speedily instituted non-gender toilets at all US airports.
The US military has a national unit specialising in non-gender sensitivity training. A Floridian, Shelby Kendal, was born a man and retains male facial features. A highway patrolman saw that his driver’s license indicated that he is a “she”. Kendall filed charges against the officer. The policeman appeared before a citizen review board and was sentenced to a period of sensitivity re-education. Meanwhile, the State may have to pay compensation for pain and suffering to Kendall.
The Obama administration introduced Title IX clause in order to remove due process from men accused of rape charges. The new secretary for civil rights has found that “90 percent of the allegations fall into the category where both were drunk, or they broke up, and six months after the encounter, charges are preferred against the boy.”
The girl’s name remains protected while the boy is scandalised.
In the Bill Cosby case, a Philistine attorney ascertained that Cosby was worth $350 million.
If Cosby could waive his statute of limitations rights, and allow 50 women who slept with him 30 years ago, the attorney would settle $100 million. We have evidence that Andrea Constand, the chief accuser, repeatedly called Cosby who happily shared his muti with her.
Sorodamba, I have seen the future. Give me my old world with Fabian Mabaya.

  • zev_love

    Fingaz i think it is time to scrap this column. This is just rambling nonsense, we have many other young and old writers that you can try but we cannot go on reading this week in week out!

  • Ken

    Zev: I take it you are a gay rights freedom fighter and if I am not in your corner then I must be shut down. I am writing for my own people, expressing an African point of view, I see no problem for discomfort. If you write your own gay freedom fighting stuff, I will publish it for you. PS. Use your own name. Don’t be a coward, hiding under a fig-leaf. Man up to your views. brother ken

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