LETTER FROM AMERICA: The FBI has been exposed

LETTER FROM AMERICA: The FBI has been exposed
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

THE Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) consists of super human investigators who are able to cross state lines while investigating matters of national interest.

Their areas of activity are well defined: Drug trafficking, banking frauds, and recently, they have been pre-occupied with terrorism.
Congress, in its wisdom, made the appointment of the director a 10-year appointment, in the hope of removing the position from political influence. Thus, the FBI, if the system worked according to plan, becomes its own guardian. There is nothing perfect on earth which the hands of corrupt humans cannot abuse. Roman author Juvenal asked the question: “Custodiet ipsos custodiet? Who will guard the guardians?”
Republicans hate the FBI, precisely because of its support of Hillary Clinton in the election by Director James Comey confirmed the general feeling that Ms Hillary was above the law. Comey’s shenanigans in an attempt to exempt Ms Hillary from scrutiny back fired and doomed her candidacy.
Comey and the top FBI hierarchy made a decision that Donald Trump was a menace to the system and that they “should do something about it”. This is a typical American reaction to any problem.
If the FBI supported Hillary against the challenger Trump, the motive follows from the argument above. There is a level of self-righteousness in US politics. The FBI hierarchy felt that it was their duty under God to stop Trump.
They hated his hair style. They hated his inadequate command of the English language, especially when compared to Barak Obama. They hated his swagger. They hated his association with country bumpkins and other white outcasts, who had been left out by history. They even hated his love for huge hamburgers. The man weighs 230 pounds and is six feet and three inches tall.
Comey wrote an exoneration memo in May, circulated it within the FBI and then sent arch Hillarite Peter Strzok to interview Hillary.
Comey then held a press conference to say: “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statues regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”
It soon became clear that all this was a pre-arranged charade. Whether to prosecute or not was not his decision to make. He had usurped powers that were not his.
Having played politics in July, the temptation to grasp The New York Times headlines once more was irresistible. On October 28, (election was on November 9) Comey wrote to Congress that he had “learned of the existence of e-mails (50 000) that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.” There is no fool bigger than the self-righteous one. Cable News Network reported, two days before the election, that Comey had disclosed that the e-mails had turned up nothing new. Comey’s actions confirmed Trump’s message that the system was rigged, and that once more Ms Hillary was off the hook with 50 000 emails in her box.
On Sunday January 28, two weeks ago, FBI Director Christopher Wray attended a secret meeting with congressional committee chair, David Nunes, a Trumpkin. The next morning, Monday Andrew MaCabe, Deputy Director was forced out.
McCabe is referred to in internal memos in anti-Trump chit chats with lead investigator Peter Strzok before and after the election. Strzok went berserk as Trumpkins gained ground in the primaries. He off-loaded his passionate hatred of the buffoonish New Yorker in March 2016 to his small house Lisa Page, an FBI desk agent. “God, Hillary should win. One hundred million to zero for Trump. He is a f… (bad word) idiot.” But reality was against him. “Just went to Walmart Stores. I could smell the Trump support.”
McCabe’s wife worked with an anti-Trump crooked researcher by the name of Christopher Steele.
My interpretation is that when Trump became President, he realised how passionate the FBI hierarchy had been in trying to bar his path to the election. By exposing their internal memos, Trump has blown the lid off their corrupt and old boy network.
About July 24, 2014, Ms Hillary came under fire from a congressional oversight committee over her Russia-emails. At the same time, a crook with the name of “Stonetear” posted a request on a Reddit forum, seeking advice on how to make e-mails disappear and never be traced again. These e-mails supposedly contained private deals with Russian oligarchs and the Clinton Foundation. The proof is that, after losing the elections, contributions dried up.
Stonetear was Paul Combetta, Ms Hillary’s IT expert. In any case, 12 devices were placed under the hammer and 33 000 e-mails were deleted.
A press statement from the US State Department in February 2016 said that 2 000 of those e-mails were classified materials. Worse, President Barak Obama had also communicated to Hillary on that server.
In May, FBI Director Comey wrote a memo exonerating Ms Hillary of all the charges against her. Hillary had not been interviewed, nor was she ever interviewed under oath. The fix was on. Strzok edited some words in the memo, one calling Hillary careless but not “grossly negligent” (a legal term).
Another item was the exclusion of the Obama name. On June 27, Attorney General Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton at an Arkansas airport tarmac (pretending to be accidental meeting of old friends). Lynch assured Clinton that Ms Hillary would not be charged with any crime.
Even as Strzok interviewed Hillary, the small house repeated the sentence that Hillary knew that “no charges would be brought against her”.
The interrogation was a cover up for a kangaroo court decision already made.
One of our readers picked up the fact that the last letter was self-censored. The reason for that self-censorship was that the information laid out below, if true, constitutes treason. Very high FBI officials discussed the possibility of annulling an election. Could they have gone that far without our brother President being informed in some way? You be the judge.
Secondly, if the information is true, the FBI used information from a crook Christopher Steele, who had been paid by Ms Hillary a sum of US$160 000 to dig up dirt on Trump.
Thirdly, if the information is true, Democrats involved a government agency in their dirty politics.
“The Carter Page application (for a warrant to spy on Trump operatives) mentions information regarding fellow Trump advisor George Papadopoulos — but there is no evidence of any co-operation between Page and Papadopoulos.”
They fooled the judge.
“The Strzok-Lisa Page (girlfriend) texts also reflect extensive discussions about the investigation, orchestrating leaks to the media, and include a meeting with deputy director Andrew McCabe to discuss an insurance policy against President Trump’s election.”

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