LETTER FROM AMERICA: Trump papers seized by FBI!

LETTER FROM AMERICA: Trump papers seized by FBI!
US President, Donald Trump

US President, Donald Trump

I AM writing soon after midnight Monday. The agreed facts are that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), a super CID (in Zimbabwe terminology) sent some agents to President Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen and “busted” him.

The word “busted” is important because the FBI follows Hollywood scripts by sending agents dressed in camouflage fatigues, wearing goggles and face masks to guard against chemical pollutants. They normally arrive early in the morning, two hours before day break. They knock on the door, but rarely wait for the householder to respond before knocking the door with their rams. Once inside the house, they act like an occupying force, shouting obscenities, throwing things around, capturing boxes of files and running with them to vehicles stationed outside. They wake up everybody in the neighborhood.
We know this from a prior raid they carried out on Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager. Manafort and his wife were thrown out of their beds (some say partly in the nude) while their bedrooms were searched and blankets thrown all over the place.
The issue here is that one does not want, ever, to have those “guys messing up around your house” (American English). It is absolutely scary. For them to do that to a president’s lawyer is even more scarier because it shows the utter contempt they have for Trump.
The Washington Post refers to inside sources which say that the FBI has been “gathering material on Cohen for weeks, including bank records”.
This sentence explains the connection with Trump. Cohen is the lawyer who facilitated the payment of the sex worker, Stormy Daniels, after she had a twist with Trump. The amount, according to Daniels, was $130 000.
In order to understand the contempt Trump is held within the FBI hierarchy, one must imagine the late Morgan Tsvangirayi winning an election and finding that all the senior officers in the Attorney General’s Office were stalwart Robert Mugabe supporters. Worse, over the years, the US civil servants have become the reserve of multi-racial nerds sympathetic to a non-gender, non-racial and global society in which the US is regarded as the supreme bully.
Trump is a red-neck (ignorant white man from the bush) and utterly unacceptable in the same way Tsvangirayi was unacceptable to ZANU-PF stalwarts.
The FBI, beginning with former director, James Comey, was involved in a plot to guarantee that Trump was not elected. When he was elected, they then went on to plan B, called an insurance policy, which would see that Trump is “taken out”.
This, they did by signing a false document, called a FISA warrant, allowing them to spy on Trump headquarters. Rod Rosenstein, the Assistant Attorney General now in charge of Trump investigations, was one of the signatories.
What follows is called a “fishing expedition”. The FBI collects as much dirt as it can on the subject and then goes over the dirt to see if any of it can stick. In this case, having failed to find a Russian collusion between  Trump and the Russian spies, they hope to find something in the one million documents they have seized.
One motif they are following is the $130 000 paid to Daniels for sexual services rendered to Trump. Cohen says that it was his own money. If the FBI’s suspicion proves to be correct, that Cohen received the money from Trump, they can make up a case of bank fraud and misrepresentation. Cohen will be allowed a lighter sentence if he disowns his client.
Having captured one million documents, anti-Trumpkins in the FBI will have a field day leaking juicy stuff. Trump uses bad words in private discussions. I am almost certain that Trump would challenge the price of Daniels stuff (bad word) at $130 000.
Trump also had problems with Internal Revenue for years. This information will now be leaked.
The significance of all this is that Democrat Hillary Clinton argued that she had only one argument against the election of Trump. He was morally unworthy of high office. The FBI hierarchy investigating Trump under Rodenstein’s supervision are sworn stalwarts and they will not leave any stone unturned in their quest to prove Ms Hillary’s point.
The greater issue is that, with all its checks and balances, the US system of government has proved to be unworkable. For instance, the FBI is part of the Ministry of Justice which falls under the president’s authority and yet the FBI is claiming authority to remove its superior.
If, therefore, Rosenstein (or Mueller, his surrogate) can remove the president of the United States, then, he Rosenstein
becomes the king maker and not the voters.
There is yet another problem of equal treatment before the law. Hillary Clinton burned 33 000 e-mails after Congress had requested them. Bill Clinton, her husband, did some terrible things in the White House. If the FBI had seized David Kindle’s papers, they might have found a juicy confession relevant to the Monica Lewinsky affair. Kindle would have said to Bill: “I know you (bad word) that woman, but the jury does not know that.”
I do not find the right to privacy between attorney and client in the constitution. It, therefore, must have developed around the right for an accused to have a proper defence, especially in high crimes and murder casesmufukaken@gmail.com

This article is written in American common English to convey the significance of the event.
  • Bob

    A little less Fox News-like opinion peice would be most appreciated. I ope that you understand that people now have access to internet and can also read about the same news from a wide variety of sources to be in a position to know when you (Mukoma Ken) are peddling propaganda.

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