LETTER FROM AMERICA: Understanding the Trump-Charlottesville disaster

LETTER FROM AMERICA: Understanding the Trump-Charlottesville disaster
US President, Donald Trump

US President, Donald Trump

THIS is heavy stuff, and we plead with our readers to spare some time for reflection.
A fortnight ago, an estimated 400 white racists, armed with machine guns and belts loaded with bullets, marched down the university town of Charlottesville, West Virginia in protest at the proposed removal of the statute of Confederate General Robert Lee.
This state has a long history of accommodating race bigots. The long-serving United States Senator Robert Byrd was Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan. As senate majority leader, he lavished his beloved town with federal grants, creating the most beautiful university and medical school in the mid-west.
I visited the centre for American studies and the centre for poverty studies many years ago. Modern day racists are disciples of South Carolina pre-civil rights slavery apologist, Senator JC Calhoun. He defended slavery as a peculiar positive relationship between blacks and whites, beneficial to both groups. Aristocracy is rule by merit and is strengthened by benevolence. If this was so, argued the commonsensical Abraham Lincoln, how come given even the slightest opportunity, slaves attempted to flee?
The marchers are therefore associated with a discredited way of life, only mentioned in whispers as “our southern peculiar institutions”.
In Charlottesville, they found a perfect target in the progressive Jewish mayor , Mike Signer.
“If we yield, that will be followed by another (demand) and step by step, the final consummation is an end of southern society . . . (they) will destroy us as a people,” the racists had been taught.
As they marched into town, like a Roman legion, they uttered terrible words. “You will not replace us with Jews,” an apparent reference to the mayor. It was a scene from the past, when Alabama governor, George Wallace, locked black kids out of a white high school.
A racist driver drove through a crowd, killing an innocent white woman, 32-year-old Heather Heyer. A police helicopter crashed, killing one of their best troopers, who had been assigned to the governor’s detail.
The situation was made for tragedy. The “Antifa”, an anti-fascist fighter group of white progressives joined Black Lives Matter and confronted the racists.
These progressives want a complete eradication of anything that resembles the old world, in which blacks sat in the back of buses, women gave precedence to men, gays were in the closet and deformed children went to special schools. There are 1 503 symbols, special flags and commemorations related to slavery throughout the US.
Black Lives Matter received a grant of $100 million from George Soros and another $100 million from liberal foundations like the Ford Foundation. Right wing organisations are equally “monetised” from sympathisers like the Kock Brothers.
Trump condemned
After an initial failure to clearly denounce the trouble makers, President Donald Trump was forced by his advisors to do a second speech. “Racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the Ku Klux Klan, neo Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”
Zimbabwean politicians have a lot to learn from Trump. Didymus Mutasa once said that “White people are not humans.” Having won the presidency against the wishes of the elite, Trump (like Mutasa) must learn new language skills and protocols.
In this, he is inhibited by two glaring weaknesses. His Scots-Irish blood boils whenever he sees an opportunity to join a street fight. His ego and intuition have until now proven that his instincts are correct. But governing requires a demeanour and an attitude of humility which is foreign to him.
While giving a third speech, which was about infrastructure, roads, railways and airports, he was trapped by Press agents, knowing that if provoked, he would explode.
“Should the statute of Robert Lee stay up?”a provocateur asked.
“Do you support the confederacy,” another Never Trump journalist asked.
“Are you equating the Ultra-right (white extremists) with the anti-Nazis?” The questions were disrespectful and were unrelated to the topic at hand.
“Excuse me,” Trump replied, his blood already at boiling point. “All those people… I have condemned neo-Nazis. I have condemned many different groups. But not all those (demonstrators) were neo-Nazis, believe me. Not all those people were white supremacists.”
In retrospect, Barack Obama’s reference to the murder of Trayvon Martin as “that boy could have been my son” was linguistically deficient.
Trump, who is regarded as a mad man in the elite world fell for it. The British Guardian’s headline by Richard Wolfe read: “The president of the US is now a Nazi-sympathiser,” adding that Trump had shown “empathy for violent racists”.
The Independent (UK) wrote: “Trump is being celebrated by neo-Nazis for his statements in Charlottesville riots.”
The white supremacists wrote in their Daily Stormer: “Trump defends Charlottesville Nazis against Jew media lies-condemns Antifa terrorists.”
Now the mother of all newspapers, The New York Times wrote: “Despite ongoing rebukes over his defence of white supremacists, Trump returned to his campaign themes on Thursday.”
Surprisingly, Trump has solidified his support among the generality, which sees a man speaking from the heart.


  • kwv

    I think Americans, and others, should Google Citizens
    United, which enables elected office to be bought and sold, and then FCC
    Fairness Doctrine under which broadcast media were obliged to be impartial and
    present both sides of any argument. This was struck down under President

    We in Zim are all very aware of false or ambiguous news and
    the harm it can cause

  • JongweRachembera

    Trump spoke out against bigotry from day one. The Fake media deliberately portrayed Trump as not doing enough. The racist group Black Lives Matter have acted with racist tendencies and was rewarded with an official audience with Obama when he was President, no one in the Fake media complained. Neo Nazi’s and the Klu Klux Klan are an insignificant entity that have never represented the majority of “white” America. On the other hand the alt Left, Neo-Marxists are greater in number and more violent than any white supremacist organisation in 2017. That is what President Trump eluded to in his condemnation of the violence that took place in Charlottesville, both sides acted violently. The militant Leftist group Antifa had its members in helmets and base ball bats ready to do battle while the Charlottesville police stood by and watched both sides go to war. There is much more to the current events in the US than the liberal media would want people to believe.

  • Tachiona Machaka

    I am yet to hear of human mutation. Once a racist always one. Typical of our situation where the freedom fighters are adamant and reluctant to accept all machinations by these former oppressors under guise of donor funding.

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