LETTER FROM AMERICA: United States cultural wars escalate!

LETTER FROM AMERICA: United States cultural wars escalate!
Alabama Chief Judge Roy Moore

Alabama Chief Judge Roy Moore

ALLOW me to start with the theory. The phrase “cultural war” was first used by former president, Herbert Walker Bush, in 1992 in an attempt to paint Bill Clinton, whom he regarded as a street kid unelectable.
The original idea from the English master Thomas Hobbes was that civilisation requires “notions of right and wrong, justice and injustice have no place. Where there is no common no common power, force and fraud are cardinal virtues.”
Progressives have stumbled upon this idea and realised that the patrimonies ruled by white men are full of bull feathers.
While in public men like Harvey Weinstein espouse virtue, marriage, and patriotism, they actually live outside these norms; their lives resemble that of Hyde and Jekyll, a good man during the day, and a villain at night.
This has always been an Achilles’ heel for conservatives. So, since Americans are by nature extremists, the war is escalating. Progressives are going all out to expose the private lives of these powerful men. This is called “outing.”
Sometimes the war takes weird turns. Ellen Pao, an Asian American, has written a guide book. The idea is that the American dream is fraudulent. Her father earned a doctorate from Princeton and her mother doctorate in computer science from Pennsylvania. She herself has an earned doctorate as well as a law degree.
But she says that all this is smoke and mirrors. She saw her boss looking over the shoulders of a female employee and she realised that he was up to no good. Pao began to sleep with a married workmate. When pictures turned up of a happily married man, Pao sued the company.
The discovery that Weinstein, a paragon of progressive views, had in fact, in private, engaged in a private war to enjoy the bodies of young women whose careers he advanced in public, the war was joined.
So, from Dallas, Texas, former President Herbert Walker Bush, now 93, has been “outed.” During photo sessions, way back in 1992, or 25 years ago, he was in the habit of twicking young girls’ ears.
He must be punished.
All the angels in heaven and earth are circling the sky around Alabama Chief Judge Roy Moore, who is running for a senate seat.
The Washington Post (WP) and the New York Times (NYT) have found a perfect example of what Americans call a nut case hiding under the umbrella of Christianity. He, like former President Ronald Reagan rides a horse for exercise. He wears a cowboy hat but has no cattle. He even “packs” a pistol in his belt. He was removed from the bench twice; first when he refused to take out a Mosaic tablet with an inscription of Ten Commandments. In the second instance, he refused to certify gay marriages.
Like President Donald Trump, he does not follow correct speech. A homeless person is now called a home deprived person.
The WP sent five muckrakers to Alabama and came up with one Leigh Coffman, now 54-years old. She says that in 1979 Moore, an attorney at the time, volunteered to look after the 14- year-old while her mother was attending a divorce hearing. She says that Moore sneaked out, drove three miles to his house in the bush, and touched her.
Three other women were found but said that, while he flattered them, nothing happened.
Progressives are singing from the same song book. “Well, if that is true, Moore must resign.” Or one can say; “Well, Moore must prove his innocence.”
The Republicans have withdrawn their financial support in fear of the Progressives.
“For a 30-year old man to ask an 18 year old girl to have a coke with him is maybe improper,” is now the new mantra.
Republican leader Mitt Romney, who is bitter at Trump’s win, has disowned Moore. “Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections. Moore is unfit for office and should step aside.”
Evangelicals are standing by their man. They are asking the unthinkable. How in hell does a man prove his innocence after 38 years? Isn’t it that a man was presumed innocent in the first place?
Judge Moore must be punished!
The war between Progressives and conservatives has sometimes turned physical.
Rene Boucher, MD., a fellow physician, a Progressive and neighbour to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, got tired of Rand’s “starve the poor” politics. Sneaking up on his senatorial neighbour while on a riding mower, Boucher broke five of his ribs.
The scoundrel Boucher has pleaded a “misunderstanding” and is out on a
$7 500 bail.
After leaving Zimbabwe, I took a break in London, hoping to attend the performances at the Round Theatre, which I could not afford as a student. As a student, we were taught that the British are the most sensible “race” eschewing drama. The proof was that the ship of state has been guided for 800 years by common seines rather than by a constitution.
Lo and behold, the Americanisation of these once lackadaisical people is taking place. A tabloid, The Sun Newspaper, was waging war on Defence Secretary Michael Fallon. Almost 15 years ago, while dinning with a pretty reporter, he had allowed his fingers to touch her naked knees.
The reporter had long buried the hatchet. But The Sun insisted that Fallon must be “outed” and five days later, he resigned.
A witch-hunt committee has been set up in the Commons to smoke out all the felons who touched women in the past. The British Prime Minister has confessed that legal standards of due process and proof will be thrown out of the window.
She receives a weekly briefing on malefactors. I thought she had more grave problems to worry about.
I felt saddened.


  • Monty

    Mukoma Ken – here we go again !! Your defense of the indefensible is simply astounding ! Zvino shamisa zvekuti ! I don’t see any defense of Weinstein in your story, just mention of his indiscretions. But for each conservative accused, you proffer a defense – which we have come to understand; you’re an American conservative defending your own. But, as I have said before, when it comes to crime and especially sexual assault, there is no left or right – just wrong. “Outing” is not what the progressives are doing – it is women on the left and right who are reporting these things because the men who are touting themselves as “paragons of progressiveness” (Weinstein) or virtuous family men (Moore) and they’re not, they’re predators. In Moore’s case why he is on the “outing” block is simply because he was a grown man chasing little girls ! There is absolutely no defense he can offer that child molesting is ok – and his people offered the Jesus defense kuti Joseph was old when he married Mary. This is not about marriage and Mary was a virgin and Moore is comparing himself to saints ! Even in Zimbabwe we will sort out child molesters the way we used to hit mbava on First Street back in the day.

    To quote you, comrade: “While in public men like Harvey Weinstein espouse virtue, marriage, and patriotism, they actually live outside these norms; their lives resemble that of Hyde and Jekyll, a good man during the day, and a villain at night.”

    I think it should read: “While in public men like Harvey Weinstein , Roy Moore, GHW Bush, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Cosby….”. But you only point the finger at the progressive…and please note, in all your accusations, you have one progressive charged and many conservatives charged – does this show a propensity for conservatives to be lying, cheating hypocrites moreso than the evil progressives they denigrate ?

    The WP sent reporters to cover the senate race in Alabama – a backwater of conservative political swamps – and discovered these allegations against Moore. Like all good investigative journalism the truth came out and they confirmed these stories with over 30 witnesses. And now a 5th has come out and has written evidence that Moore visited the restaurant she worked at and yet he denies he even knows where that restaurant was and that he went there at all. And of course, that’s not his handwriting even though untrained eyes can see that it is identical to his other
    signatures ! Yowe.

    You ask how can Moore defend himself from 38 years ago – I didn’t hear you ask the same question of Bill Cosby whose alleged crimes are even older. And the “I don’t remember” defense of these liars and child molesters is incredible, because they remember some things, maybe not all the details, but certainly the encounters that they had with these girls. There is absolutely no defense here comrade. It is a shame to see you continue this trend and you are slowly losing your credibility in your readerships’ eyes.

    GHW Bush has been pinching womens’ backside from his wheelchair into 2017. Who knows what he did when he was younger and fitter ?

    Your short stories are incomplete in detail. In Pao’s case, did she sleep with a married man knowlngly or only found out after and thus sued the company ? Or did she sue the company because pictures of her and the married man came out ?

    You do realise that The Sun in the UK is a conservative paper ? So if they are outing their own that is good. Again, nothing left or right in sexual assault, just wrong.

    As someone said “the liberals arrest their sexual predators and the conservatives elect theirs”.

    Garayi zvakanaka.

  • chegorts

    Well it serves the conservatives right, they have been at this for years and willing to take the country into the abyss.
    Remember the carry on in the 90’s with Clinton ans Lewinsky? Then we had the shameful behavior of Trump in this last election, not to mention the hypocrisy shown shown by the people looking to make the convictions namely Gingrich (a man who cheated twice in his three marriages no to mention serving one of ex-wives with divorce papers while in bed with cancer).
    So yes what goes around comes around.

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