LETTER FROM AMERICA: US electors look closely at Hillary Clinton

LETTER FROM AMERICA: US electors look closely at Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton speaks in Washington

Hillary Clinton

THE long drawn-out process for electing the United States president has been going on for a year now. It looks more than likely that Democrats will settle on Hillary Clinton, wife of former president, Bill Clinton, as their candidate.
By general consensus, Hillary is the least likeable among Democrats, but she has the gift of Mike Tyson, she never gives up. For her the journey began way back in 1970 in Arkansas when she set about building up her gifted, but lecherous husband as her passport to power. Clinton served two terms amidst acrimonious sexual scandals until 2001. He survived the scandals, especially the charge that he had turned a young 22- year-old Monica Lewinsky, into a vehicle of his sexual excess in the White House library partly because Hillary led the attack team against her husband’s detractors.
The women who fell for Clinton’s charms, she called “bimbos.” Republicans who sought Clinton’s impeachment, she called members of a “vast rightwing conspiracy” to unseat an elected president.
With a slight of hand, Hillary’s claim to fame is her defence of women’s rights and her mission in life is to advance women’s causes, including the eradication of rape and domestic violence. Those who worked in the White House, including Lewinsky, testify that she was a “shrew” and a “witch” and that she had fire in her belly, which they say, sometimes spilled over in her eyes, when angry. It is generally agreed that she was the Lady Macbeth behind the throne, the brains behind “the Clinton machine”.
It is common cause that the Clintons do not take prisoners and that friends and enemies alike are sacrificed on the altar of power. Vince Forster, Hillary’s law partner, associated with Whitewater Real Estate corrupt deals, was viewed as the one person who could reveal where the smoking gun was. The official record says that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) covered up the “nature and circumstances of his death.”
The 22 women who accused Hillary’s husband of improprieties all came to a bad end.
The most lucrative “game” the Clintons played after leaving the White House was to build a business model whereby those seeking political assistance contributed to the Clinton Foundation for “good causes.” Denise Rich, the wife of an arms dealer mafioso, on an FBI 10 most wanted list, donated a sum of US$400 000. Rich was pardoned and returned from his hideout in Switzerland, a free man.
Clinton accepted speaking engagements in Russia and Venezuela, which paid stipends exceeding US$400 000 per speech. Obviously the stipends were in lieu of services and favours done through government or in the future.
The three Clintons are worth US$200 million since leaving office and live off their foundation.
In fairness to the Clintons, receiving contributions and or stipends for speeches made, is a common political loop-hole. Republicans, such as the Bush family have a slush fund of US$100 million from Arab sheiks and Texan oilmen. It is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
As we speak, Hillary faces a possible criminal indictment for negligently compromising state secrets when she was secretary of state. She circumvented protocols by using a secret personal Internet server while conducting state business.
The renowned journalist, William Safire, frustrated by her inability to separate truths from untruths called her a congenital liar. Early in life, she realised that Clinton was not much of a husband, but was her ticket to power.
The black vote
Despite all these disadvantages, Hillary is the favourite choice for Democrats and retains unflinching support among blacks. President Clinton did more than any other president) except Lyndon Johnson) in integrating black power players into the US polity.
He appointed more blacks to influential positions, even more than Obama (who is surrounded by white boys) and moved the power ball downwards. Clinton increased black employment in the US Marshall and Forest Services.
Office holders’ incomes are in the US$100 000 per year brackets and carry the power of arrest.
It is also possible that because his propensity to promiscuity, Clinton surrounded himself with black women, who adored him. He earned the title of having shared intimacy with more black women than all white presidents put together.
Clinton had a gift of paying attention, explaining problems in the simplest way possible. He was at ease with all humans, at home and abroad, a characteristic that is missing among Republicans. He was self-deprecating, a quality that has elevated sinners into saints.
He was called the first black president. The great black philosopher, WEB DuBois, argued that the primary desire of the Negro is to be considered and treated like a brother by the white man. Clinton was more than a brother, especially to the sisters.
People of colour, taking into consideration the 300 years of slavery in “Egyptland” have a deep loyalty towards the Clinton family.
This loyalty comes from another deeply held belief that the only unforgivable sin in the world is racism, of which the Clintons are completely free.
In any case, husband Bill has advanced the black cause more than any other president since Lyndon Johnson. For these reasons, Ms Hillary (as they lovingly call her) is alright in their forgiving hearts. If she wins the election, she will owe it to the loyalty of people of colour and their steadfast willingness to be reconciled with human frailties.

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