LETTER FROM AMERICA: US president says a bad word!

LETTER FROM AMERICA: US president says a bad word!
US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump

THE US Communications Board disallows bad words on public media unless those words are necessary to tell a story.
During a pauwau in the White House on immigration, President Donald Trump is reported to have said the following words. “Why the hell do we have to take all those people from the shit-countries like Haiti, Guatemala and all the Latin and African countries? Why do we not take some from Norway?”
Since there was no recorded audio, there is a second version which reads like this:
“Why the hell do we have to take all those people from the ass-hole countries like Haiti, Guatemala and the Latin American countries?”
All the Hate Trump brigades have gone absolutely berserk. The Hate Trump brigades come under different names; Obama’s Resistance, Black Lives Matter, Oprah’s Me Too brigade, the Never Trump, Impeach Trump brigade and others.
Parents are sitting their children and counseling them as follows. Trump hates people of colour and Hispanic. We shall survive. We have survived worse hatred before. Thank God, Trump is not God.
Brother Don Lemon is the lead Hate Trump Cable News Network (CNN) anchor man. A black man, he definitely went red in the face. He lost his cool, even cutting off one of his guests who tried to defend Trump. Those willing to denounce Trump unconditionally were humoured.
Lemon made the mistake of inviting a white Trumpkin (Trump supporter) together with Hispanic activist Anna Navarro. Navarro wanted to “jump on the guest” who was putting up a defence.
“You shut up, Trump is an ass-hole himself,” said a voice. I thought it was Anna’s voice, but I do not want to get her fired for saying bad words.
Historian Eric Foner’s narrative was that whenever blacks gain some headway in politics, there is a white backlash attempting to return them to a disadvantaged period.
On the evening of Barak Obama’s inauguration, the Republican Party leadership called their sharpest minds, to map out a failing strategy for him.
Anderson Cooper another CNN anchorman lost his control and cried. I have a secret feeling that these anchormen enjoyed a feeling of release from the norms by repeating every three seconds the words “shit-hole and ass-hole.” One would think that they were children who had heard the “(f word) for the first time and they were experiencing its power by repeating it.
Just say the word “ass-hole”.
White supremacists trace their history from Tennessee Grand Wizard, General Bedford Forrest, a Presbyterian elder and founder of the Ku Klux Klan, an organisation dedicated to the oppression of God’s children. An angel rebuked Bedford by showing him the horrors of a massacre he had ordered. He died a broke and repentant man. Just say the word “shit” .The US President said it.
Now here is the debate. Melania Trump migrated from an ass-hole country, Slovenia in 1996. Yes, she was an underwear model. She was on an HI-B visa, a visa designed for specialty skills. Normally, this specialty is reserved for computer and doctoral candidates.
The argument here is that Trump engages in double speak.
Ed Stetzer, who writes about faith issues, finds Trump’s support among evangelicals intriguing. Stetzer’s parents came from a “shit-hole” country called Ireland. These are his words. He says that his parents were called “filthy” and their homeland Ireland, had just suffered from the worst potato famine in history, 1840-1846.
“The disdain they suffered is nothing like what people from other parts of the world experienced. We hope that such labels are an embarrassing relic of the past.”
Stetzer compares Trump’s attitude towards Mexcicans with the treatment his parents endured. Trump said Mexicans brought “drugs, they are bringing crime, they are rapists, and some, I assume are good people.”
Stetzer is a voice in the wilderness. Evangelical support for Trump has remained unshaken and so does his general support in the country at 33 percent.
Some people of colour have, however, taken an accommodating view. Muhammad Traore from Mali telephoned a talk-show host to confirm that Mali indeed is an ass-hole country — that is why he is self-exiled.
Zimbabwean Jonathan Moyo was interviewed by the British Broadcasting Corporation. He spoke of the tyrant Robert Mugabe whose record of turning a once flourishing Zimbabwe into an ass-hole country in undeniable: 90 percent unemployment, 3,5 million people have self-exiled.
Half the population lives on less than one dollar a day. People cannot access the money which they deposited in banks. The British are too polite to say the word. Trump mentioned Zimbabwe in an earlier speech. Mugabe had turned the country into a (say the word).
Trump is uninformed about immigrant contributions to the US. Dallas boasts of
100 000 Nigerians. Two thirds have Masters’ degrees; they are the best educated ethnic group in the US. Half of them are entrepreneurs, book buyers, publishers, taxi and insurance company owners, automobile sales men, even banking, real estate companies, you name it.
Nevada Governor sends an annual appreciation letter to the African Association Christmas banquet for their sense of citizenship. Kids line up to receive scholarships.
If the truth causes an offence, it is better that the offense be caused rather than that the truth be denied — St. Jerome of Jerusalem. Trump’s inarticulate behaviour should not blind us to the truth.
The destruction of our countries by ass-hole leaders is indefensible.


  • kwv

    Trump is doing an excellent job of destroying America and offending those who are friends and allies. I suppose this is what happens when you put an ethically dodgy TV comedian in charge of a country? Every morning I look at the BBC News for USA & Canada to see what idiotic thing he has done in the previous 24 hours.

    I can quite believe that the White House is like an “Adult day-care centre” with Trump bouncing around sending tweets and making silly statements

    • Holes Up

      Imagine having the same leader in a shithole country at least American systems are more robust and more resistant. Imagine having such loose mouth leader for 37 years. America will just become another shithole lucky they have term limits.

  • Everfaithful

    Hate the man ,not his perceptions .I don’t like T but on that one why can’t we be honest with ourselves ,for once,just take a self introspection ,and then come back and say otherwise.

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