MDC Renewal Team develops cold feet

MDC Renewal Team develops cold feet
samuel sipepa nkomo

We need time to put our house in order.

THE overly publicised re-unification between the two splinter Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formations led by Welshman Ncube and Sekai Holland appears to have run off course.
Joshua Mhambi, the MDC spokesperson for the Ncube-led MDC this week expressed concern at the slow pace of events as well as at the MDC Renewal Team’s silence in expediting the process towards unification which has effectively put the process into the intensive care.
This development followed after a joint policy conference that was supposed to have been held last month between the MDC and the MDC Renewal Team failed to materialise and the latter party instead held its own policy conference.
“This process was put on hold as a result of expulsion from Parliament of the MDC Renewal Team. We thought we would leave them to sort out their own mess and after that we would resume where we had left off,” he said.
Mhambi added: “To our surprise, the MDC Renewal Team has been issuing statements about going to congress via the media without any official communication to us. By implication, one feels that they are repudiating efforts to unite and we are now at a point where we are saying what is happening?”
Mhambi now believes the MDC Renewal Team was taking the MDC for a ride by skipping meetings, alluding to a meeting that had been scheduled for last Thursday where they did not show up.
“They are putting these talks in ICU … and we don’t want to appear like fools. They need to be reminded that MDC is a complete party on its own; which has a president, a leadership and structures across the country,” he said.
However, in an interview this week, Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, the MDC Renewal Team national chairman said they had every intention to fulfil their end of the bargain to unite with the MDC, but now needed “time to put our house in order”.
Nkomo said blame should be equally apportioned on both partners for missing the set timelines. “The MDC Renewal Team was going through a storm before the expulsion from Parliament. We felt that as a party we were the only ones that had never held a congress. Tsvangirai has held a congress and Ncube has held a congress, but our party is composed of an interim leadership. We feel strongly that if we don’t hold a congress before we go for unification then we are weak. All that we want now is to postpone what was going to take place in April and August, after which we will then bring into play our unification efforts.” Nkomo alleged that Ncube had spurned efforts to meet representatives of the MDC Renewal Team, represented by himself and Lucia Matibenga, his deputy, to explain this new position.
“That meeting (May 7) did not take place…even though we tried to do everything possible to see him. When Ncube spoke to Holland he said he didn’t want to meet with me. What he (Ncube) wanted was for a meeting with five representatives from our side and five from his side. That cannot happen that he dictates things…and we felt he was disrespectful of our efforts to meet him…and that is what we were going to say to him,” said Sipepa-Nkomo.
“But still, we have no intention to miss unification, as we have a written agreement which was signed by both parties. All we are asking for is time for us to put our house in order,” he added.
The proposed marriage has already missed key timelines which are a must before the solemnisation of the two parties’ marriage in August this year.
With the joint policy conference, which should have taken place last month, having failed to materialise and with no plans having been put in place so far towards the joint congress, the deal appears to be dead in water.
The two parties signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) last November which was supposed to pave the way for the re-unification of the two parties. The MoU lists the joint policy conference and joint congress as some of the necessary conditions for union while both parties worked on integrating their structures.
The joint policy conference is meant to outline what the United MDC, as it shall be known, will offer to voters, while the joint congress will pick a leadership meant to drive the party’s election campaign programme for the 2018 poll.
The two MDCs respectively broke away from the mainstream MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai in 2005 and 2014. Among their displeasures with Tsvangirai is his leadership incapability.
Their dislike for Tsvangirai is, however, failing to keep the two parties in harmony, amid strong indications that all is not well within the corridors of the coalition.
Political observers said a collapse of the unification would dent the opposition’s push to dislodge President Robert Mugabe at the polls in 2018. This would play perfectly into the veteran politician’s hands to retain power for another five years.

  • Guranyanga

    RIP MDC RENEWALS.I am not one of those doomsday prophets but hey Mr editor this funny fallacy movement is finished and is now composed of piddling nobodies.Stupidity is very expensive!Biti’s arrogance and the sheep that followed him have now paid the price.Take heed!

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