Mubobobo: The Bluetooth version of rape

(Demystifying Chivanhu/Isintu/African Tradition with Mbuya VaChinjanja Muroro)

In recent years, there have been numerous stories in the media, involving cases that have been alleged to have happened around the country, where spme men have been lynched by crowds or chased from villages after being accused of practicing mubobobo. Simply put, mubobobo is a form of witchcraft where a man possesses a charm for the purposes of magic that gives him power to have sex with a  woman without her consent and without any contact. The latter has earned mubobobo the nickname ‘bluetooth sex” or “wireless sex”. Some charms that have been in the press involved use of women’s underwear.

There are two types of mubobobo. The first type is practiced in broad daylight where the victim, (a woman) feels sexually aroused in a public place, or like there is someone having sex with her. The second type of mubobobo is nocturnal, the victim dreams of sexual intercourse taking place near her by people or animals or sees a man masturbating.

The nocturnal type should not be confused with the goblins we discussed in a previous article on spiritual husbands. The theme is the same, there is no contact whether by day or by night.
Daylight mubobobo should also not be confused with perverts who ejaculate in queues, masturbate in public or steal women’s underwear from washing lines.

The men who possess these charms do it for a variety of reasons that include but are not limited to enhancing wealth, exercising power over women or a certain woman (and their male partner/s) or to gain extraordinary physical strength to execute manual jobs.

The bottom line is that mubobobo is witchcraft. Some women are not affected by it because they have the spiritual protection against witchcraft. Interesting though is that if a man fails to execute their mubobobo they end up hating their target and one can catch them  unhappily staring at her.

The consequences of being attacked are the same as for witchcraft. As a general rule a person’s life or body should not be interfered with by juju. Witchcraft blocks your good spiritual protection and blessings.
There might be a case to revise criminal laws to include this Bluetooth rape!

-Mbuya VaChinjanja Muroro is a Development Practitioner with a passion for Cultural Heritage and can be reached at

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