Prophet Passion’s wife speaks out

Prophet Passion’s wife speaks out
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Ethiopian beauty Lily Tsegaye

FOUNDER and president of Kingdom Embassy, Prophet Passion Java, recently got remarried to Ethiopian beauty Lily Tsegaye (LT) in Jamaica. Prophet Java who runs a television station in Africa which has a viewership of more than one million called Kingdom Tv (KTV) is the one of the most sought -after local prophets internationally. His wedding took place four months after an official divorce from his first wife. The Financial Gazette (FG) spoke to his new wife on Skype after his about the marriage, wedding, early life and how she met Prophet Passion.


(FG) Congratulations on your wedding, we understand it was well-organised and is being considered one of the best of this generation. Was the planning of the wedding a surprise from Prophet Passion?

(LT) Thank you so much. It was a surprise from my husband, I felt honoured and special.

(FG) How does it feel to be Mrs Java? Are you mentally and spiritually ready to support him in his ministry and the challenges it sometimes faces?

(LT) It is truly a blessing to be Mrs Java. God has been preparing me spiritually for a long time and I knew I would one day be at this position in the ministry and doing God’s work.

(FG) How did you meet Prophet Passion?

(LT) I met the prophet when he came to preach at a conference which I was invited by a friend in Baltimore,   America, we spoke and became good friends in Christ.

(FG) Can you tell us more?

(LT) (She laughs) That was in 2014, August. We shared different views and ideas. That is how I got to know him more, but not in a sense of love or anything close, we just had a lot of things in common . Last year we became closer as in communication. We mostly spoke about the Bible and Christianity and yes about life in general, but not to the extent of talking about marriage and what he was going through then. As he shared with me how his first marriage was not going right as he would have wanted and that he was heading for a divorce, I was affected or should I say pained. But I understood and respected his decision. Some people think I had something to do with his divorce. That is 100 percent false. But what I have learnt in life is that people   always talk and create stories from the little information they have without   hearing the complete story from all parties involved. But as long as I am clear and clean before God in that regard, I do not need human approval for I know who I am in Christ Jesus.

(FG) What do you admire most about this man of God?

(LT) His heart and humility, he is a friend, a father, a mentor and a great husband. He really is a gift and is amazing. We connect well and are open to each other.

(FG) Have you ever been to Zimbabwe, if yes what was your impression about the country and its people?

(LT) Yes. I once came to Zimbabwe for a church conference in October 2014 at the Manna Feast conference. Zimbabwe is a really nice country. I loved its weather. The people are so friendly, open and they love and serve the Lord in a unique way. Zimbabweans are humble and they serve God with all they have.


“As long as I am clear and clean before God in that regard, I do not need human approval for I know who I am in Christ Jesus”.

(FG) When did you become a Christian and what inspires and motivates you?

(LT) I was born in a Christian family and have been going to church since childhood. I personally made a decision to receive Jesus at 16

(FG) Can you tell us about yourself? Where you were born, school, family, ministry and the kind of person you are.


(LT) I was born in Ethiopia (Addis Ababa) I went to Cathedral school . When I was nine my dad took me to America to further my education. I have been in America for 16 years now. I am the youngest in a family of three. I met the Lord Jesus when I was 23 in a vision and had different encounters in the spirit where the Lord told me what my calling was. I have been serving in my local church in Washington DC. I have been actively involved in the children’s ministry, choir and young adult ministry. I like pets mainly dogs, I grew up very active playing sports and work out a lot. I also enjoy reading. I am a loving person, kind and humble, strict Christian, family person and I am a very. I grew up helping less-privileged people.

(FG) Media reports suggest you started dating Prophet Passion before he was officially divorced and that you were heavily involved in funding his ministry? It is also alleged you are the one who organised the Prophet’s many trips to America, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas and Jamaica?

(LT) I do not have a church to invite Prophet to come and preach. In fact even in our church the one I fellowshipped before my wedding, Prophet Passion has not yet been there. Everyone knows Prophet Passions’ life style.   I am from a rich family but not yet to the level of funding Prophet Passion. I have known the prophet for a long time now and we been real good friends and my wedding was actually a surprise from him. I know many people do not understand what is called separation but when prophet and I met,  he was open to me   about his life and   his ministry. He told me the truth, his past and present situation and I understood it. I am ready to face whatever comes our way be it good or bad.IMG-20160227-WA0017

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  • fuyane

    My my my how the mighty fall. She came to Zimbabwe in 2014, that is the year she met the good prophet. There will be no prizes for guessing who paid for the trip, but the good prophet had to divorce his wife, and please no speculations here. She is beautiful I don’t blame the man of God but if the prophet was any other person would she have married him? That is the question. Shoot me down if you may but when there is a stink of a rat you cannot hide it by an air freshener..old Zimbabwean saying!

  • bruce koffe

    If he was a prophet, he would know that marriage while the living partner still survives is adultery. Hence this prophet is the one in the bible Mat 24:24 false anointed one

  • brooks

    Ruchiva chete apa. Why didnt he see it coming. Temptations.

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