Signs you are poor, but you probably do not even know it

Signs you are poor, but you probably do not even know it
If your bills always give you a scare, then you should know you are poor.

If your bills always give you a scare, then you should know you are poor.

IT does not matter how rich you are, how good your salary is or how well you are currently living, you could be poor and think you are rich same as people who think they are poor but they are actually rich. It all boils down to lifestyle.
If you inherited something from your parents or family and think you are rich, sit back, think deep and ask yourself, if what you currently have were not to be flowing in right now, could you even survive three months based on your current lifestyle? If the answer is no, then you are probably poor but you do not know it yet.
Here are signs you are actually poor but you probably do not even know it.
1. If you lose your source of income, you cannot survive beyond three months.
Now, go over this and ask yourself if the money you have can keep you going for three months if you were to lose your source of income right now. If the answer scares you, then you should know you are poor. You’re only rich when you have reserves and so if you don’t have what can keep you for over a year then it is obvious you are on the highway to poverty.
2. If you spend more time to get to work.
You might not see how this translates into how poor or rich you can be but what you are failing to notice is that time is money. If it has to take you two hours to get to work, then you are probably poor and you do not know it.
Want to know why? It’s the reason why you have not been able to do anything for yourself or set up your own business. Let us break it down for you. You have to wake up at 4 a.m. because you have to get to work at 8 a.m. and knowing how heavy traffic is on your road and the distance, you know you will get to work in about three hours’ time and so instead of using your time for other important things, you have to use all your time to get ready to go to work.
3. You struggle to pay your bills.
If your bills always give you a scare, then you should know you are poor. It is a sign you are not doing well financially because no matter what you do, you have to pay bills and so that should not be something that scares you.
It doesn’t matter how much money you have right, your lifestyle can determine why you are scared of bills. There are many people holding expensive mobile phones but don’t even have airtime on them because they cannot afford it.
4. You always target cheap products.
In your mind, you are trying to save money and so you always look out for cheap products but what you do not know is that cheap products do not last and so you spend more at the end, keeping you in a circle that makes you poor all the time.
So for example, you bought a cheap TV, in less than a year, you had to send it to the repairs 10 times and you finally drop it and buy another cheap TV.
5. You depend solely on food vendors all the time.
If your sole source of food is vendor foods then you should know you are on the highway to poverty, why? This is because, you will spend more on unhealthy food that will send you to the hospital all the time and you will spend most of your income on hospital bills
6. You are addicted to something.
It does not matter how much money you are making if you have an addiction, you know you are on your way to poverty. Addictions are known to drain finances and so no matter how rich you are, if you’re addicted to drugs, alcohol, women, etc. then you should know you are not a rich man, you’re probably poorer than the beggar on the streets, you just happen to have a source and the moment you lose it, you will run down to zero in seconds because you will not have what it takes to maintain your addiction.
7. Your car is over 15 years old.
Owning a car is not a sign of richness because it could be your downfall. If you own a car that’s not for commercial purposes and it is over 10 years and you are just using it for splendour, then you should know you’re poor and someone who doesn’t even own one is better than you. This is because that person could be saving towards a better project that will earn them something big in the future but unfortunately, you’re spending all of that on maintaining your car. What you need to know is that, your car is not an asset, it is an expense unless it is monetised.
8. You depend on government to change your life.
If all you depend on is for a new government to come to power to turn your life around, then you are poor. What you need to understand is that, there is no politician out there who can make your life better. One clear sign you are poor is when you always want someone to take care of your problems and when they can’t, you blame them and in this case, the government.
9. You depend on loans to survive.
You own the latest Mercedes Benz and so you think you are rich, no you are not if you took a loan to buy it. This is because that Benz is not earning you any income but it is taking a lot from you in terms of fuel and maintenance, a clear sign you are not saving much to live on.
Because of this attitude, there are many people living flamboyant lifestyles but are hungry. If you have to always depend on loans to survive then you should know you’re not a rich man, you’re actually poor. Managing your money and improving on your financial situation is key to success.
10. Thinking education is the only key to success.
Do not get us wrong on this one, education is important but it is not the key to success and the reason why we have a lot of poor graduates. A lot of people struggle to go through University with the assurance that they will get a job after that but end up being disappointed because after spending most of their time and money on education, they end up working underneath someone who dropped out of school to work and gained an experience you are yet to acquire. If you have a good business plan, pursue

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