SOS: Toyota owner gets refund for faulty switch repair

SOS: Toyota owner gets refund for faulty switch repair

Toyota owner gets refund.

NEIL Whiting sounds like one of those conscientious people who buys the extended warranty and fixes minor problems before they become major ones.

Usually, that’s a good recipe for avoiding big, unexpected bills and big, inconvenient malfunctions. But sometimes it means you have to fight for your $100.

Last year, Whiting, of Juneau, was confronted with an overhead switch that wasn’t working properly in his 2012 Toyota Camry.


“I could open the moon roof with no problem, but the close portion worked intermittently,” he said.

He got it replaced on Aug. 31, with his extended warranty paying all of the $272.14 bill, save a $100 deductible.

As luck would have it, six months later he got a notice from Toyota saying it wasn’t just his Toyota experiencing problems with that same switch, and that the company would replace it for free or reimburse owners who had already paid out of their own pocket to replace it.

That wasn’t enough for the company, though, which he said asked twice more for proof from Whiting showing that the bill had been paid. So he provided that. Then he said Toyota wanted proof that the warranty company had paid for the repair. So he provided that, too.

Then he said the Toyota customer service representative he’d been working with, “Joan,” told him the company has a policy against reimbursing for deductibles.

“At no time during the mailings or conversations with Joan was I ever informed of this policy,” Whiting said.

SOS sent Whiting’s story and supporting documents to a Toyota representative in Detroit, and that same week, Whiting reported getting a call from the “Toyota executive office.”

“They are going to cut me a check for the $100,” he said. “Thank you very much for your help.” –

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