Submit to the Holy Spirit for success

Submit to the Holy Spirit for success

Isaiah 59:19 When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.
Success in the spiritual life of a Christian comes along the line of co-operation with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God has the divine ability to raise the standard against evil spiritual forces. Sometimes trials, temptations and attacks of the adversary come flooding into our lives and we find ourselves lacking the strength to withstand the evil. However, our cooperation with the Holy Spirit and submission to His leading and direction will always ensure our success in spiritual warfare.
Spiritual warfare refers to the ongoing controversy between Christ and Satan. We know that Satan was defeated on the cross by our Lord Jesus Christ but he was not destroyed. There is a future time appointed for his total destruction. So the defeated adversary still poses a challenge of opposing God and tempting and harassing God’s children. Therefore the warfare is no longer just between God and Satan; it is also between Satan’s evil spiritual forces (demons) and God’s children (born again believers).
This spiritual struggle is real. To win in this warfare requires great strategies and effective weapons. Also, victory is assured them who possess necessary spiritual warfare knowledge and intelligence. But there are two things which you need to understand as a Christian believer that constitute the key to success in this warfare. Firstly, there is a human side to this warfare.

This simply means that you are involved in the spiritual warfare as a human being. Your involvement is in the sense that you are a target of the adversary and you are also a fighter. You can come out of the spiritual battle as a victor or as a victim. Whether you are a victor or a victim depends on your preparedness and effective use of the weapons God gave you. You are expected to fight seriously, intelligently and with great tenacity because your adversary, the devil prowls around seeking whom he may devour.
Secondly, there is a divine side to this spiritual warfare. And the divine side is handled not by God the Father and not by Jesus Christ either. It is the assignment or work of the Spirit of God. Now you need to understand that the human side, though very necessary and vital, plays a minor role in spiritual warfare. The Holy Spirit plays the major role in this spiritual warfare. You may ask why. The answer is simple: the warfare is spiritual and not physical. The Spirit handles spiritual things better than a physical man. Spiritual battles fall within the territory of spirits and not human beings. Satan is spirit, his agents the demons are spirit beings. Spiritual beings have more intelligence than physical beings. Furthermore, spirit beings are not limited by space and time whereas human beings are subject to these limitations. Finally, the Holy Spirit is God and God is stronger than the devil.
It is the Holy Spirit that can outwit the devil. It is the Spirit of God that can raise the standard when the enemy comes in like a flood. This means no matter how fierce and sudden the coming or attacks of the Satan can be, the Holy Spirit is never defeated or caught by surprise. Satan is always at the mercy of the Spirit of God, every trick or tactic he can use can be easily thwarted by the Spirit of God. Christ Jesus defeated Satan when he came to tempt Him.
The secret was that He was led into the battlefield by the Spirit and He used the sword of the Spirit (God’s word) against Satan. Our victory in spiritual warfare comes in no way other than submitting to the Spirit who can raise the standard against the enemy and put him to flight.
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