Whatsapp Updates Delete For Everyone And Other Recording Features

<a href=https://www.techzim.co.zw/2018/03/whatsapp-updates-delete-everyone-recording-features/ target=_blank >Whatsapp Updates Delete For Everyone And Other Recording Features</a>

By Farai Mudzingwa

Whatsapp Beta testers (people that test features before they are officially adopted) are now able to delete a message they sent, a full hour(68 minutes) after sending. Currently, you can only delete a message 7 minutes after sending. The feature will roll out to iPhone soon after.

What’s new?

Whatsapp is also introducing a Locked Recording feature which allows users to lock an on-going voice recording such that you don’t have to hold the record button throughout until you finish recording. If you’re in the habit of recording longer voice calls or if you ever need to then I guess the experience …read more

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