Will Africa forgive Pokello?

Will Africa forgive Pokello?

MUTARE — This Sunday’s Big Brother Africa eviction show proves to be a nail biting moment for the remaining country representative, socialite and fashionista Pokello Nare following her “West Africa” rants that irked viewers from most parts of the continent.
POKELLOSince the beginning of the most followed reality television show, Pokello has proved to be a darling of most African viewers.
Of the three times that she has been up for eviction, she has been saved once by the head of the house and twice by Africa.
She bagged eight and four country votes, making her the outstanding contestant with the highest country votes above her fellow housemates who were also facing the chop in the two eviction shows.
However, it remains to be seen whether Pokello who is up for eviction for the fourth time this Sunday, will still have the support of Africa following her “derogatory” remarks about West Africa, which have irked some followers of the reality show in various parts of the continent.
After last Sunday’s eviction show Pokello who could hardly conceal her anger country housemate – Hakeem was evicted from The Chase accused West African contestants for regionalism by ganging up with their Eastern counterparts to flush out contestants from Southern Africa.
She singled out Nigerian housemate Melvin for masterminding the eviction of Hakeem.
Melvin had saved his regional housemate Selly who had been nominated for eviction and replaced her with Hakeem.
Hakeem who was evicted together with Malawian housemate Fatima joins a galaxy of Southern African housemates booted out of The Chase as compared to those from West and East Africa.
In as much as Pokello’s accusations might hold some water following the mass departure of Southern Africa contestants in The Chase, her remarks might cost her the much needed country votes she has been enjoying before.
Nigerian viewers were already threatening to vote Pokello out by withdrawing their country vote in the forthcoming eviction show.
Other African countries who have previously voted for the Zimbabwean headstrong diva were also threatening to follow suit.
This puts Pokello on a compromising situation, as she cannot afford to fall out of favour from African viewers considering that she has fallen short of support from both the Ruby’s and Diamonds housemates.
Her BBA official Facebook page has been on a fire-fighting mission pleading with African viewers to forgive her as she made the utterances under emotions following the eviction of her fellow country mate.
“On behalf of Pokello we would like to apologise to Nigeria. Pokello was emotional at the time and didn’t mean what she said. She was mourning about her countryman who left in an unexpected way,” reads part of a post on her BBA Facebook page, which attracted close to a thousand comments.
It remains to be seen whether Africa will forgive Pokello and throw her another lifeline in the forthcoming eviction show.


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