ZANU-PF prove Baba Jukwa wrong or shut-up

EDITOR — One cannot deny people freedom of speech or expression. We are not living in the 1980s or 1990s where ZANU-PF could do anything with impunity.
We, the young generation live according to the dictates of our conscience. Trying to take that right from us can only be construed as reckless and mischievous.
If ZANU-PF feels they have been treated unfairly, then they should prove to the contrary of what the so-called Baba Jukwa has explicitly expressed in the public dormain, otherwise, they should contemplate the true meaning of the phrase, ‘As quiet as a grave’.
Stanley Mauro Jensen

  • soothsayer

    Asijiki !

  • MaiDanai

    I wonder if Baba Jukwa is not actually working for Zanu-PF after all. He seems to be on a mission to increase his likes, all at the same time that we are being told that the voters’ roll is being tampered with. How does Zanu-PF know, just by looking at names, who is pro-MDC or pro-ZanuPF? Maybe that long list of friends on the Baba Jukwa facebook page??? As for me, I’ll read him but you won’t see my like on that page. I’ll also go check that my name is still on the voters’ roll, and finally I will make sure I go and vote for my preferred party, in private – my vote is my secret is my voice – Asijiki!

    • Danisa Tshawe

      kikikkikikiki active imagination.

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