Zimbabwe to compensate white farmers by September

Zimbabwe to compensate white farmers by September
President Emmerson Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government has promised to compensate displaced white commercial farmers by September this year.
The move, which is aimed at facilitating the country’s international re-engagement efforts and boost investor confidence, will see the new administration coughing up close to $9 billion for the misdeeds of former president Robert Mugabe’s regime.
Mugabe’s government dispossessed at least 4 000 white farmers under his controversial land reforms programme that was aimed at distributing farms to “landless blacks”, but  led to a massive slump in agricultural production. Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa said government is working on a cocktail of measures to compensate the commercial farmers in the next four months.

“The new dispensation has taken the decision to finalise, by September 2018, compensation to all former farmers affected by the land reform programme, in accordance with the country’s Constitution,” he told investors at the World Bank spring meetings in Washington recently.
Early this year government said it was conducting valuations to come up with the total bill, although they are indications that the tab — to pay most of the white farmers who left Zimbabwe for Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa and Nigeria — could come up to $9 billion.
Chinamasa said given the southern African country’s fragile economy, which is currently battling cash shortages, high import bill, power and electricity shortages, and high production costs among other challenges, it had no capacity to fully compensate the farmers from its own meagre coffers.
“Cognisant of the reality that a large number of farmers are still to be compensated, given the limited annual budget capacity, government continues to engage bilateral partners over assistance to mobilise the requisite resources in order to finalise the compensation process,” he said.
In March, Commercial Farmers Union director Ben Giplin said Britain — Zimbabwe’s coloniser for 90 years — could not afford to ignore paying compensation to farmers in line with the 1979 Lancaster House Agreement.
“The Lancaster House Agreement seems to be short on details and that has always been an issue,” he said.
“Britain cannot simply ignore any responsibility, but how they will deal with this is up to the re-engagement process (between Harare and London). We will do our best to assist in this process.
“Zimbabwe will need international assistance in the broadest possible way to ensure the country recovers from the economic difficulties it has been going through. We sincerely believe that compensation can be a part of that process and in this regard are aware of a willingness of international partners, including Britain, to be involved,” Giplin added.
Government will pay compensation according to Section 295 of the Constitution, which reads: “(1) Any indigenous Zimbabwean whose agricultural land was acquired by the State . . . is entitled to compensation from the State for the land and any improvements that were made on the land when it was acquired.
“(2) Any person whose agricultural land was acquired by the State . . . and whose property rights at that time were guaranteed or protected by an agreement concluded by the Government of Zimbabwe with the government of another country, is entitled to compensation from the State for the land and any improvements in accordance with that agreement.
“(3) Any person, other than a person referred to in subsection (1) or (2), whose agricultural land was acquired by the State . . . is entitled to compensation from the State only for improvements that were on the land when it was acquired.
“(4) Compensation payable under subsections (1), (2) and (3) must be assessed and paid in terms of an Act of Parliament.”

  • john

    So Zimbabwe is going to compensate farmers.
    This will mean that this country has paid twice for their land??
    In 1923 the Rhodesian government were made to buy the land from Britain, for those who like the facts and truth as opposed to propaganda, check with the constitution of Rhodesia at that date.
    The amount paid was todays equivalent of over 1 billion dollars, thus like it of not the land was stolen by Britain
    In 1980 the land was taken from Rhodesia and given to Zimbabwe by Britain and Britain stated it would have to be backdated to 1990 to give time for compensation funds to be put together.
    In 2000 Britain stated two things first that it had spend 47 million on compensation which was a lie ,now admitted, as parliamentary minutes stated the compensation fund was established to alleviate the poverty of the rural poor. In 2000 Robin Cook, David Frost and Peter Hain contacted the CFU president, and Tvsangerai to inform them that a new compensation fund had been established by the British government on a willing seller willing buyer basis. As this would have affected funding for CFU and the opposition the ,message to the British government was to put international pressure on the Mugabe government as a priority to effect regime change.Statement taken from sworn investigation in the British Commons.
    The farmers were never told of either compensation fund by the CFU, law society or opposition resulting in violence and deaths. If farmers were told their farms had been reduced to a ten year lease at independence they may have tried to derail the Lancaster house agreement thus it was kept secret from them – all that remains in public view is the ceasefire agreement only at the university library that was only signed when it was agreed to give the land to the new independent government.
    Minutes of the Lancaster meeting have again been hidden relocated to a London university again to try and keep all secret.
    1. Should the country pay twice for their own land and compensate compensation definitely not.
    2. Should the former farmers be forced to accept an improvements only deal 10-20% of their legitimate compensation – no they don’t deserve it and many wish to remain in Zimbabwe thus the compensation would boost the countries coffers rather than deplete it although i understand there may have been agreement by the CFU for incentive to promote a saving to Britain of billions of dollars by supporting improvements only.
    Problem is we don’t have research journalists, all just print western approved propaganda.
    If any journalist is interested in fact and truth contact the writer and ill give it to them.
    Perhaps Fingaz would like a topical factual account with evidence rather than promoting less currency for Zimbabwe and suffering.

  • john

    Don’t be gullible ask why has the CFU or JAG have never taken a case for compensation through our courts against Britain or the Zimbabwe government.
    Could it be if they took a case against Zimbabwe government they would lose.
    Or if they took a case against Britain the organisations would lose funding.
    Instead, the CFU had a full time lawyer whose job was not as one would think to pursue compensation but to promote new amendments to our constitution to remove Britain is responsible for compensation from our constitution. JAG of course were totally funded by Britain.
    One needs to reason here who paid for this, the farmers wouldn’t
    It’s simply the cheapest way to go if you owe billions in compensation.
    Still think it would be a factual story for fingaz in support of Zimbabwe.
    Expose a cover up and save local tax payers funds by opposing a payout from our government who cannot afford same, why should we all struggle in a society, whilst a few cover it up.

  • Elton

    Is it not a election campaign stance?

    • Mo Salah

      Its obvious cde Elton, nora nora nora vakoma mhururu kuenda nekudzoka mhururu

  • Walter Dembo

    Mnangawa and White people, lets wait and see

    • john

      This the problem with propaganda. stating white farmers is racist.In fact there are black farmers also due compensation. The UDI government passed a law in1970 stating that blacks could not inherit land in white areas. those affected should also be compensated,in fact first on the list at independence.I would be grsteful if they were refered to as dispossed farmers including all rather than racist white farmers.
      In fact, Britain claimed that the UDI government was illegal.
      How may an illegal government make legal laws?
      Clearly this should have been rectifed at independence.
      It was not enough to simply state Britain takes full responsibility.
      Please journalists no more racism and use the term dispossessed farmers.

      • Sabastain

        I agree with you John, my problem is this land issue and compensation always come up in an election year, Politicians should not think we are fools. Can they talk about real issues that move the country forward and create a better future for our grandchild. With this type of stone age thinking they are creating future taxes which are very high for them. Those being born today are already in debt. Less talking and more positive action is needed in Zimbabwe

        • john

          A real issue would be to fund a team of lawyers to claim compensation in our courts.
          after all government and Britain were a party to the land agreement thus they should fund a legitimate claim.
          International law states that the law of the land is the country in which the land is situate, other countries have no jurisdiction.
          In the EU foreign judgements cannot be reargued, provided they have been properly served on the local embassy- what could be more simple than continuing to lose business in the country due to sanctions and the land issue blamed on Zimbabwe instead of Britain.
          If costs are claimed the funding could be returned and the subsequent compensation would greatly assist our current financial position.
          In addition it would reverse propaganda, clear Zimbabwe’s name and lead to compensation for damages as a result of sanctions- no more debt for the future and the resumption of international investment and trade..
          Clearly the business way to go!
          Why is it so difficult to stand up for fact and truth.

  • Farai Badza

    Compensation for what, This ED boy is losing it, when their grandfathers stole our land who compensated us. Makuda kutanga Hondo now. Just coz you are failing to revive the economy you think enticing whites to invest under your illegal regime will work. What Compensation. Get away.

    • throttler

      No land was stolen from you or any black person in the case of South Africa.

      • Honour @ Zim

        Land was indeed stolen/taken by force. the whole idea for chimurenga war was to fight colonisation which was in actual fact land. There would not have been talk of land reform or redistribution if that wasnt the case. Where then is the justice in compensating white farmers who kicked out blacks from the land in the first place. ED is such a fool, first obviously there in no money to do that and secondly the country is cash strapped and needs cash to revive the economy, build infrastructure etc, how then do u revive the economy by prioritising a 9bn usd bill which adds zero value to the economy

        • john

          simple, all races hsd to purchase land effectively from Britain, including blacks, thus compensation is due.

          • Danha Francis


          • john

            and lies if your only fact??
            you need to research and perhaps learn something before you embaress your self with an idiotic comment

      • john

        britain stole the land and it was sold to farmers,
        this is fact.
        a shame you dont understand the issue.
        resultant of a ruling in the lords, land was considered foreign land and no settler could own it hence in Kenya land was leasehold.

        • robert

          @John. you seem to be well versed with matters concerning the land issue. Would you mind sharing some links to some enlightening readings? It would be much appreciated

        • robert

          @john. you provide some great insight!! would you mind recommending some readings for us? links perhaps?

  • Patrick dread

    COMENPENSATION ????????? am I dreaming. Roberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt Gabrieeeeeeeeeeeel Mugabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbe where are you.

  • mugabefan

    9 billion, heh? This Mnangagwa guy must be on drugs and hallucinating and same goes for you who take him seriously. Nine billion dollars by September, right?

  • ndini

    kkkkkk can anyone ask mr President wre he will get the money, already he has a budget deficit ,government bonds and unpaid debts kkkk this is merely a campaigning strategy by september he would have won the elections ………………this guy thnks vry clever

    • JongweRachembera

      They will print Bond notes or an imaginary dollar figure in a bank.

  • rod rodman

    thats alot of grilles

    • john

      Can you prove it, do you have any evidence at all or just a heavy hang over.
      Very stupid comment!

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