Zimbabwe set to import maize this year

Zimbabwe set to import maize this year


ZIMBABWE’s maize output will fall far short of a government projection of 2,1 million tonnes during the 2017/2018 agricultural season, a report by an economic advisory firm released last week indicates.
The Econometer Global Capital report projected output at 745 000 tonnes, far less than the 1,8 million tonnes that government said was required to feed the population.

Read full story in The Financial Gazette paper

  • ZackieBwerawa

    Fact. There will be no imports. Lazy reporter. Have you gone around the country. The GMB storage/holding facilities achakazara nechibage chelast season!

  • Wilson Magaya

    All said and done this may not be the worst thing to happen to us. It costs too much to grow maize and maybe cheaper to import. We are definitely better at growing other things that can compete on the African and global markets ….Lets import if we have to and lets support those other agro sectors that we are better placed to outperform other…..#NyikaVanhu..Lets get our people working

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