Zivhu “ZimAsset project” backfires

Zivhu “ZimAsset project” backfires
Zimbabwe Amalgamated Housing Association  Killer Zivhu

Zimbabwe Amalgamated Housing Association Killer Zivhu

THE Zimbabwe Amalgamated Housing Association (ZAHA) owned by Association of Rural District Councils president and Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders Association president, Killer Zivhu’s “ZimAsset project” has drawn the ire of Norton residents whose houses were involved without their concern.

ZAHA last week published a supplement in local media highlighting the success of the country’s five-year economic blueprint by showing Norton’s Galloway Park houses.

“The representations therein, done without the knowledge and consent of the beneficiaries , are to the effect that the housing association availed building plans to the beneficiaries and assisted them to develop the stands,” one of the residents said.

“That is not true and in actual fact misrepresentation to say the least. The correct position is that the beneficiaries bought residential stands and developed on their own,” the visibly irate resident added.

People familiar with developments at Galloway told this publication that Zivhu’s media project has sparked unrest and divisions among residents of the affluent suburb who have been fighting in the same corner against ZAHA for unfulfilled obligations.

“The ones with houses used to paint the whole project a success are now viewed by the rest of the residents as dining with the devil and on the side of ZAHA,” the source said.

ZAHA has for the past few months come under fire for failing to provide title deeds to Galloway residents four years after the stands were purchased.

Galloway Residents Association Trust recently told The Financial Gazette that the stands, which measures between 2 500 and 3 000 square meters and were unveiled in 2013, were yet to be fully serviced.

“Four years have lapsed since ZAHA acquired Galloway but nothing of note has transpired. Most if not all Galloway stands have no title survey and they are not listed with the Surveyors General office owing to unpaid surveyor’s fees,” the Trust said.

Information gathered by this publication show that 345 residents bought stands from Norton Brooke between 2011 and 2013 before ZAHA took over the project in 2013.

However, according to documents from Galloway Residents Association Trust, the land developer has failed to avail title deeds to people who had paid up their dues as far back as 2014.

“Numerous approaches to ZAHA by both the trust and individual residents have not yielded any fruits as ZAHA is arrogant and evasive, using the Allied bank case as a scapegoat for non-development yet residents continued subscribing through Ecobank Chitungwiza and CBZ after the closure of Allied Bank on December 6, 2013,” the Trust said, adding that requests made to Norton Town Council to engage ZAHA to comply with requirements of development permit “have not yielded any fruits due to interference’s and unethical motives by both ZAHA and Norton Town Council staff.”

The Trust also blames the Killer Zivhu-led real estate firm for failing to provide standards roads, water reticulation systems and electricity at Galloway’s phase C and D.

“Residents are also struggling to get finance and mortgage as ZAHA has failed to comply with agreed terms of development as detailed in the Parallel Development Permit,” the Trust said.

Zivhu, however, said title deeds for Galloway will only be availed in three years’ time following an agreement made between ZAHA and Norton Town Council.

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