Zol To Introduce A New ‘Supercharged Network’: WiBroniks

<a href=https://www.techzim.co.zw/2018/05/zol-to-introduce-a-new-supercharged-network-wibroniks/ target=_blank >Zol To Introduce A New ‘Supercharged Network’: WiBroniks</a>

By Alvine Chaparadza

Zol is upping its game in the provision of internet in Zimbabwe by introducing WiBroniks. Unfortunately, we currently don’t know what WiBroniks is all about but by the end of today you will be in the know as we are going to attend a Zol Event in the evening later on today.

The only information we have so far that we got when we reached out to them is that WiBroniks is a 4G (LTE) product/service. And also, we know for sure that WiBroniks is a pay-as-you-go ‘thing’. On their WiBroniks advertisement,

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