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November 8, 2019

[Interview] We Chat With Visa’s GM for Southern Africa: “We Need To Think Global & Act Local” When Deploying Payment Technologies

We sat down with VISA’s General Manager for Southern Africa Mr. Jabu Basopo. We had an interesting conversation that touched on a variety of issues including improving the security of payments, implementation of QR codes in African markets and the lessons that VISA is learning from African payments which one…

Telecel To Review Megaboost Bundles

Sad news for Megaboost fans. Telecel will review its Megaboost bundles tomorrow- I’m sure you know “review” these days means “to increase tariffs”. Announcement! — Telecel Zimbabwe (@Telecel_Zim) November 7, 2019 So you would be well-advised to buy your Megaboost bundles today before tomorrow’s new-increased prices. Also read: Telecel…